Women's Health

50 breast cancer facts

Heed the warnings and debunk the myths... ...read more

Curb your Christmas cravings

Just because the festive season is around the corner doesn’t mean a feast of carbs is on the menu. Here is how to stay healthy. ...read more

Yeast infections be gone!

Yeast infections are very common amongst women and can often leave us in discomfort. Lady Fay tells us what we can do avoid going through this. ...read more

Swim for Nature in the Bridge House Mile

WWF has joined forces with Bridge House in Cape Town to host this year's mile swim that promises to be a fun-filled family day out, ...read more

So what if I want surgery?

A reader believes that going under the knife is nobody's business but her own. ...read more

Watch: Crazy Russian Tampon Advert

As if women don't have enough reasons to worry about that time of the month! This new Russian commercial for Tampax will leave you speechless! ...read more

Collagen lip disasters

Getting a trout pout is hardly ever a good idea. Just take a look at these celeb screw-ups. ...read more

5 Celeb workout moves

Have you ever envied Rihanna’s hot bod and Kim K's curves? These are the fitness moves that keep the stars bikini-ready. ...read more

10 things you might not know about your vagina

Your fanny, your vajayjay, your woo-woo, your kuku – how much do you really know about it? ...read more

5 things to ALWAYS take on holiday

A mini checklist of the most important items you'll need to take with you on holiday - no matter where you're going! ...read more

7 ways to grow younger!

Ageing is a process and you have to put your mind to it to make every second worth it. ...read more

10 ways to relieve period pain

These tricks are said to reduce the severity of menstrual cramps. Know of any more? ...read more

Cancer survivors triumph on two wheels

We're getting excited for another spectacular Cancer.vive tour. Cancer survivors are set to take to the road to spread a powerful and passionate message of hope and awareness. ...read more

WATCH: 5 hilarious tampon adverts

We've searched the web and found tampon commercials that are weird, funny and just plain strange! ...read more

A battle with muscular dystrophy

Lindsay Sullivan speaks to Women24 about growing up with a mother suffering from Muscular Dystrophy and raising awareness for the disease ...read more

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