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Woman biting nails

4 bad habits we seriously need to change

Take control of these destructive tendencies, FAST! ...read more

Plastic surgeon builds himself the “perfect woman”

This story reminds us a bit more of Dr Frank-N-Furter than Dr Frankenstein. ...read more

A guide to understanding introverts

The problem with being an introvert is that people keep asking you “what’s wrong” when you’re quiet. ...read more

Watch: Hilarious sorority email PG 18

*Warning, not for sensitive viewers:* Alison Haislip reads the angriest email ever, sent by a member of a sorority who really is ‘f*cking upset’ with her sisters. ...read more

Don’ts for depressed friends

So your friend, partner, sister etc. is depressed. Avoid saying the following at all costs. ...read more

Are you too ambitious?

An ambitious reader battles with stress brought on by her desire to be the best. How does she overcome her anxiety without jeopardising her reputation? ...read more

6 Monday blues busting videos

Not feeling ready for the week? These videos will cheer you up in no time. ...read more

2013? I'm just not that into you

A reader breaks up with 2013 in a hilarious way. ...read more

This note will make you LOL

A reader shares a witty note to help you get through a bad day. ...read more

Cape Town women are bitchy

When it comes to making that magical connection with friends, why are some girls such a bitch about it? ...read more

Five reasons why South African Sex Education sucks

Brace yourselves for the understatement of the century: South Africa has a problem with sex. ...read more

Do you take life for granted?

It's time to embrace it while you can, says one Women24 reader. ...read more

How much do we hate this girl?

Check out this hilarious video of the “Amelie type” girl. It made us LOL. ...read more

How to tidy up your cupboard

Closet in a mess? Tracey Foulkes shares her tried and tested tricks for a neater, more organised space. ...read more

Make your own Bath Fizzies

Enjoy a relaxing bath with your very own special creations. ...read more

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