Women unite against climate change to save their communities

These women stand together against against coal mining and climate change, all to protect their homes and humanity as a whole. more

Climate change affects women more

Rural women should be included in climate change negotiations. Because they are the ones who stand to lose the most. more

Youth go for greener opportunities

Climate change might mean creation of the much-needed jobs for the youths through green economy activities. more

Shorter showers with water saving device

Ever thought how cool it would be if you could tell how much water you use in the shower? Well wonder no more. more

Energy-saving Tips

Follow these really basic principles to save electricity - and money! more

Chemical-free cleaning

Your print-and-keep guide to effective eco-friendly sanitation. more

Glass... the complete package

Consol’s stylish new Grip & Go containers will make your daily activities easy and fuss-free. more

Celebrating Earth Hour

The environmental mass action day will be used to create awareness through art. more

What Hurricane Sandy is warning us about

Global warming and high Co2 omissions are some of the factors that contributed to the devastating storm. more

Treat Yourself Kindly

Awesome premium organic products that are harmless to people, animals and the earth. more

Women, climate change and migration

Because women have dual roles as providers of income and care takers for their families, they are disproportionally affected by climate change. more

Why you should eat insects

Improve your diet, better your health, cut carbon emissions and save money by chowing creepy-crawlies. more

Climate change in Africa

Climate change in Africa creates a lot of poverty in countries that are dependent on agricultural resources. Join the round table to be in the know. more

Climate change: a gender issue

It would seem that in Southern Africa Climate change is a gender issue. more

World's first eco-friendly bra

Now you know the fashion world is really serious about going green. Have you ever thought about whether your bra is carbon neutral? more

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