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Posted by: cheryl | 2012-01-01


How do I get organised?

I've been divorced for many years. I always had the majority of my life organized however during the marriage & then with small kids & single mom, everything has become chaotic. I know, and want, to change the situation. I'm burying myself deeper & deeper. There are papers, mess everywhere but I don't want to throw away as I may need it & anyway everything must be sorted as their may be important items within any pile /box of items. I also know exactly want I need to do - I have brilliant ideas for being organized. But I have been short of hours each day for past 15 yrs or more hence chaos reigns. Once I get going I quite enjoy it as am an organized thinker /person but I can't cope. The problem is to start & where. I have made a list because everything is top priority. The list is about 2 pages long & I "know" I won't complete what I want to do. I'm a perfectionist at heart hence as been told "all or nothing". I HAVE to make a change, if for no one else my girls. This is not the type of mother I want to be. It's a desperate of shortage of time. I have time now as I'm alone due to girls away, so should be able to do something but can't start. Do I start with office work or home work? Which room should I start with in the home since they're all is as important as each other? HELP. I'm real angry with myself & desperate. My life has been on hold for so many years I'm running out of years hence MUST make a change so to be able to start living!

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Tracey Foulkes Tracey Foulkes
- 2012-01-14

Thanks for your honesty Cheryl, you are definately not alone. You are currently "situationally disorganised" which means that you have derailed for a period of time due to circumstance. Great news is that yoiu can get back to the 'old organised you". Right now you are overwhelmed and rightly so with a 2 page long list as a reminder of what you've let slip. I'd suggest you start in the one area of your home or life that is causing you the most amount of stress and frustration right now - regardless of importance. You can only conquer one area at a time and focusing on the whole shabang is just too daunting. Tip: cut the project list into strips and place into a jar - pick one task out of the jar at a time as a project to tackle and only reach in for the next task once this one is done. Start with what you can see before diving into drawers and cupboards and work shelf by shelf. Make sure you put on some uplifting music, set a timer and get going. This is not about being perfect, it's about getting started. Once you have taken charge of the innitial sweep you can always come back to make it more perfect. There are loads of free resources on our website www.getorganised.co so please pop in there and find what you need. Watching some of the video tips might be a good way for you to get an idea of how to get started in the quickest possible way. Then, if you still need help, you can always give us a shout. Finally, when your girls return home, I recommend that you tell them how overwhelmed you are feeling in your space and ask them which projects they'd take ownership of. The more - the merrier! Dedicating an hour a day or a couple of hours every weekend will get you slowly moving towards a more organised you. May 2012 be the year you move ahead.

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