10 tips to stay slim over Christmas

Trying to lose weight around the holidays is tough, but maintaining your weight doesn’t have to be. Check out these tips. more

Meal in a minute

Meal replacements are a convenient and healthy way to lose weight and keep it off. more

Are you a sugar addict? Tip: You might be and not even know it

Is your sweet tooth turning your weight loss goals sour? Here's some advice to help you kick the craving. more

Lose those last few kgs by exercising at your desk

Need to go to the gym, but can't leave the office? Check out these quick and easy tips to working out while at the office. more

4 ways to trick your appetite

Hungry, even after you've eaten? Put those longings on lockdown with these simple strategies. more

Suffer from hypothyroidism? You can lose the weight

If you’ve been suffering with hypothyroidism for any amount of time then it’s likely you’ve discovered just how difficult it can be to actually lose weight. more

Taylor Swift's Shake It Off is in almost perfect sync with this aerobics video from 1989

This mash up is so perfect it will make you wonder if this video was really made before the song. more

Vegetables: 5 per day not enough?

Five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables per day, as advised by nutritionists, seems unattainable for many people. Alarmingly, new research shows that these portions are not enough. more

Do the obese deserve contempt?

Disgust. Pity. Contempt. Obesity is not new to society - yet this is how it is met by a remarkable number of people. more

Hunger busting diet ideas

No one likes to go hungry or feel deprived on a weight loss program. more

Determined Debby loses over 30kg!

In September 2012 Debby Partner started on a weight loss journey that changed her body and her life. more

A healthy weight for a healthy you

Weight loss isn’t only about the numbers, it’s a positive choice for good health more

The Ultimate 30-minute Workout

Check out this half an hour routine which is guaranteed to leave you feeling fresh and fit. more

10 Tips for fighting the festive flab

Ho ho ho! The holiday season is here but the festivities can wreak havoc with your exercise and eating programme. more

This is why you can’t stick to your diet

It takes a lot of time and energy to adopt a new diet plan and to stick with it. Here are some common reasons why you might be tempted to quit your diet – and what you can do about it. more

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