Identify and stop comfort eating

One of the best aspects of winter is comfort food, but for those of us who can't draw the line, it's time to kick the habit. more

Who said banting is boring? Oh, you did

This reader wants everyone to leave banters alone and let them brag a bit. more

4 foods you should add to your diet today

How to eat for longevity, energy and beauty. more

Going 16 hours without eating is the latest diet trend

Here’s the deal with intermittent fasting and why you should try it. more

The dreaded D-word a.k.a...the Diet

Blogger Manni Bradshaw comfronts diets and explains the concept of cheat days more

10 tips to stay slim over Christmas

Trying to lose weight around the holidays is tough, but maintaining your weight doesn’t have to be. Check out these tips. more

5 ridiculously easy recipes for when you have to cook but really don’t want to

Lili Radloff loves cooking, but knows that sometimes you're just not up to it. more

You can't eat healthily or ethically when you're poor

Lili Radloff considers the state of our food industry and why eating healthily has been reserved for the upper classes. more

These are 3 of the weirdest weight loss diets

People will do anything to lose weight – sometimes even to the detriment of their health and sanity. more

3 “bad” foods that are actually quite good for you

We all know by now that dark chocolate and avocado can be enjoyed without guilt, but what about drumsticks and butter? more

People who announce how much weight they've lost bore me

This reader can't understand the Banting phenomenon and why everyone is consistently bragging about their weight loss. more

The detox myth: Don't fall for it

Juice cleanses, herbal supplements, colonic irrigation… Is our obsession with “cleansing” our bodies just a dangerous waste of time and money? more

Worst fad diets

In search of a quick fix diet before you hit the beach this holiday? You should read this first. more

Top 5 dangerous diets

When the need to be thin overrides your need to be healthy, it’s time to rethink your diet before it kills you. more

Taylor Swift's Shake It Off is in almost perfect sync with this aerobics video from 1989

This mash up is so perfect it will make you wonder if this video was really made before the song. more

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