Get confident!

Do you sometimes feel like hiding away when you're confronted with people and social situations? It's time to develop some confidence girl!

  • Emphasise your strengths: By focusing on what you can do, you applaud yourself for your efforts rather than emphasising the outcome.

  • Take risks: Approach new experiences as opportunities to learn, rather than as occasions to win or lose. Doing so opens you up to new possibilities and can increase your sense of self-acceptance. Not doing so turns every possibility into an opportunity for failure, and inhibits your personal growth.

  • Use self-talk: We all have internal dialogues that reflect what we think of ourselves – use yours to counter harmful assumptions. For example, when you catch yourself expecting perfection, remind yourself that you can't do everything, perfectly, but can only strive to do things well. This allows you to accept yourself while still striving to improve.

  • Self-evaluate: Learn to evaluate yourself independently, instead of taking the opinions of others to heart.

    - True Love

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