Captain America and Hawkeye call Black Widow a slut

Reminder to women: Only men are allowed to have more than one sexual partner in their lifetimes, or even flirt with more than one person. ...read more

Campaign says "no!" to child abuse with new Rape Crisis Center

"Blow the Whistle" campaign successfully raises funds for a rape crisis center aimed at children. ...read more

We are tainting our humanity with hatred

In light of the increased violence we have been seeing in the news, Saffiya Ismail wonders if there is any humanity left in the world. ...read more

A bad case of struggle envy?

Are young political activists really fighting the struggle, or do they just have a bad case of ‘struggle envy’? Susan Erasmus comments. ...read more

'Petty' crime is not ok

A reader explains how the "it could have been worse" stigma simply condones crime.. ...read more

Raped on camera: the new snuff film?

More and more incidents of rape caught on camera shows a shift in how society now views human suffering. Is it all just a game and are we ever more than just characters in this game called life? ...read more

I'm a self-absorbed zombie and so are you

Your precious phone is turning you into an idiot, reckons Lili Radloff. ...read more

Can hiring female bus drivers solve the rape problem in India?

Do you think that hiring female bus drivers in India will improve women’s safety on public transport? Or will this simply attract more female passengers? ...read more

These powerful photographs show the subtle oppression women face every day

Not only will these photographs make you uncomfortable, but they will also make you want to stand up for yourself. ...read more

Seriously dude, not every woman you see is interested in you

After being repeatedly harassed at a bar, Louise Ferreira says men need to learn to back off when a woman is clearly not interested. ...read more

I’m so sick of logging onto Facebook and seeing gore

Laura Shortridge tells us why she is sick of people posting disturbing images on Facebook. ...read more

Can we be BFFs for life?

Cath Jenkin tests whether friendships can survive the winds of change from our 20s to 30s. ...read more

Help, I think I’m having a mid-life crisis

Lili Radloff is getting old and she's mostly okay with it. Mostly. ...read more

Should we shame Mindy Kaling’s brother for “faking black"?

Vijay Chokal-Ingam posed as a black American to get into medical school. Does that make him a racial imposter, or is he facing an identity crisis? ...read more

Will you help blow the whistle against sexual violence?

"Blow the Whistle" campaign aims to protect women against sexual abuse using technology. ...read more

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