I saved myself for marriage and wish I hadn’t

Girls are often encouraged to make pledges to "save" themselves for marriage, but what are the potential psychological effects of this stigmatization of sex? ...read more

#StopTheKnot: Have we perfected the art of schadenfreude?

Judging by the response to the video featuring Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues cutting off the topknots of unsuspecting people, it certainly seems as if we have, says Tammy February. ...read more

This is what happened when I learned to love my body

Carmen Williams has body issues like most of us, but here’s what happened when she decided to work through them. ...read more

Racism is not a sickness nor is it a mental disorder

Dear racist. I’ve let you have this false sense of superiority for far too long. ...read more

Stop hating on Valentines Day!

Haters will be haters, but that won't stop the power of love - or at least the power of Valentines day and 50 Shades of Grey ...read more

"I don’t want to adult anymore"

Because nothing makes you realise just how much of an adult you are than the thought of turning 30. ...read more

"Girls are more responsible for rape than boys"

Malini Mohana examines the worldwide perception that rape is somehow a woman's fault. ...read more

I am what I am - A bisexual

This woman discovered her sexuality did not quite fit into the LGBTQIA spectrum, but decided to figure it out on her own terms. ...read more

Dear Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues. We're sorry.

Laura Shortridge responds to the the "Stop the knot" viral video. ...read more

Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues wants us to publish their full press release

After the internet exploded over comedy duo Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues, the boys want the world to know they're actually good guys. ...read more

Where is our country going?

From unemployment rates to shocking behaviour in parliament, what is the future for the youth of South Africa? ...read more

Atheists are not intellectually or morally superior

Following the shooting of three Muslim students by an atheist, Laura Shortridge feels that atheists, like everyone else, can be real hypocrites. ...read more

Being single is not a failure

Laura Shortridge examines society’s incorrect view that being in a relationship constitutes as a success in life. ...read more

The circus is in town

Susan Erasmus checked twice to see if she was indeed watching the Parliamentary channel and not Disorder in the Court or an extended version of the Jerry Springer show. ...read more

Famous men who identify as feminists

These handsome and talented men support women, and we love them for it. ...read more

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