Routine, colour coding, timers and reminders: Organising your way with ADHD

Keep on track with ADHD as Tracey Foulkes shares her tips to organise a more focused working environment. ...read more

10 inspiring sports women you should know about

These heroes aren’t just winning big in the sports field, but also motivate us to be better people. ...read more

Women, isn't it time we stop apologising for living our lives?

Cath Jenkins shares her personal challenge on how she came to stop saying sorry. ...read more

That man who murdered nine people in America? I know him.

In light of the Charleston massacre, Laura Shortridge finds the hatred and attitude of the murderer too familiar. Here's why. ...read more

Are you a crybaby?

Lili Radloff is always very surprised when she starts leaking from her eyes. ...read more

I now understand why my dad raised us the way he did

A reader shares how her father's determination and faith helped shape her into the person she is today. ...read more

Betrayal is the greatest eye-opener

Saffiya Ismail puts betrayal into perspective, as painful as it may be. ...read more

Don't let divorce stop you from being a dad

There are many factors that likely distance fathers from their children. Jennifer Thorpe shares why divorce doesn't have to be one of them. ...read more

I'd rather have fewer real friends

Real people with real lives make for much better friends than Facebook acquaintances with pretentious lives. ...read more

"I don't need a rainbow to support equality"

With America finally allowing gay marriage across the country, everyone is changing their profile pictures in support. Pamela Simpson wonders if this is real support or another Facebook trend. ...read more

Never tell a woman she looks "fine"

Unless you want to see her literally breathing fire. Lili Radloff explores... ...read more

Why does crying make us feel better?

Why do we cry? When do we cry? What happens in our bodies when we cry? And why on earth does it make us feel better? ...read more

This Ramadan I plan to better myself

Saffiya Ismail shares how she plans on improving different facets of her character while fasting this month. ...read more

The greatest memory of my father is...

Our readers share the best memories they have of their fathers with us. ...read more

How I fulfilled my father's lifelong dream

A reader share's the greatest memory of her father that will always remain in her heart. ...read more

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