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I watched heroin kill my son

A mother’s heart-breaking story of her son’s endless battle with drugs and his last few days on earth. ...read more

Truworths' explanation for their Mother's Day campaign doesn't satisfy

The retailer has responded to bemused and upset consumers by saying their ill-conceived Mother’s Day campaign is “fashionable and aspirational”. ...read more

Outrageous sayings from our childhood

Lili Radloff is baffled by the insidious things we were taught when we were younger and considers how it affects our behaviour today. ...read more

Getting legal support after a sexual assault or rape

In a society of rape culture and very little justice for women, there is only one thing that can give us power, and that is knowledge. Here are a few important things to know about your rights. ...read more

#RUReferenceList: A man’s problem

We live in a country where people are ready to recoil at voluntary nudity, but not rape. Where is the outrage? ...read more

3 conversational hacks for 3 awkward situations

Lili Radloff shows you how to change any awkward situation into your favour. ...read more

7 things we can do to help the homeless

No matter who, where or how old you are, you can make a difference and here’s how. ...read more

How do homeless women handle menstruation?

Sanitary products are a luxury that a lot of women can’t afford. If you live on the streets, what do you do when your period arrives? ...read more

Homeless people in the City of Cape Town

Research by the city reveals that there are over 7000 homeless people on the streets. ...read more

Are you ready to face very difficult realities about yourself?

Saffiya Ismail shares how life can teach you so much and why it's vital to learn life's lessons. ...read more

Two incredibly strong young girls

The way Emma (10) and Karla (12) handled their father's death is an inspiration to everyone, so says their mom, as they have his ability to come out of anything stronger than before. ...read more

15 Twitter truths by Thuli Madonsela

Advocate Thuli Madonsela was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine in 2014. We take a look at some of her top tweets. ...read more

#RUReference List: 10 voices you need hear

Women are at the forefront in transforming universities’ sexual assault policies. ...read more

Ending institutionalised rape myths. #RUHelping?

A number, especially when it is a big one, doesn’t feel real. Which is perhaps why sexual violence feels like it's happening to someone else. ...read more

5 things never to say to your pregnant friends

Feel like everyone is breeding? A quick guide to handling your, sometimes sensitive, pregnant friends. ...read more

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