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Telling our own stories: Black women from SA using radio & photography

Nolusindiso, a young woman living with HIV, shares her story as well as the challenges she faces in the townships of Khayelitsha. ...read more

11-day cycle challenge set to provide sanitary packs for homeless women

Students commit to an 11-day cycling challenge to raise R70 000 for homeless women who are underequipped during their menstruation cycles. ...read more

The poor rapist had his whole life ahead of him…

Rape culture means that even when a rapist is found guilty, the system expresses concern for his future. This stinks, says Georgina Guedes. ...read more

The father of my children evicted us from our home

After more than 20 years of building and mending a relationship torn apart by his adultery, this man has now chosen to turn his back on his family. ...read more

Infographic: Gauteng has highest instances of sexual crime

It is estimated that a woman is raped every 26 seconds in Gauteng. ...read more

I watched heroin kill my son

A mother’s heart-breaking story of her son’s endless battle with drugs and his last few days on earth. ...read more

He is not a garden "boy"

The way we use language can have an enormous impact in the world. Cath Jenkin shares her views and opinions on how language is used by society. ...read more

Orlando massacre: don't combat homophobia with Islamophobia

It’s time to stop fighting each other, and start fighting those who brought the fight to us all. ...read more

Why are we so hard on millenials?

As we commemorate the Soweto uprising of 1976, Louise Ferreira observes that the youth of today constantly have to prove themselves. ...read more

Drinking and sex: What does too drunk to consent mean?

In light of the recent media attention around the Brock Turner rape case, Jennifer Thorpe gives some information around the legalities of alcohol and sex in SA. ...read more

South Africa on terror alert: #NotallMuslims

We cannot allow radicals to blind us and turn us into hateful people, says Saffiya Ismail. ...read more

#RespekTheDoek sparks debate over ‘appropriate’ work attire

Twitter was ablaze with discussion on what newsrooms deem "acceptable attire" after an eNCA journalist’s story was pulled off air. ...read more

Mpho Tutu van Furth: we must question homophobia in the Anglican Church

This decision by the Anglican Church is an attack on the rights of free individuals to live their lives ...read more

The parody over periods isn’t funny

Columnist Cath Jenkin believes women’s issues are in many ways men’s issues too. ...read more

You should be unashamed about your panic attacks

I have tablets I can take, but when I take it too late, here's what can happen. ...read more

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