Motherhood and pre- and post-natal depression

Post-natal depression is one of many obstacles that tend to stand in the way of the joy of motherhood. You are not alone. Here is how I was affected. ...read more

You might be mothers now, but you’re also mean girls

If you're married with kids, don't assume you can never hang out with your single friends any more. All it takes is a little understanding on both sides. ...read more

#EverydaySexism and Computicket

We deal with issues such as sexism and disrespect in our daily lives. The story below is a lesson on how important it is to be tactful. ...read more

Street harassment: What men can do to help

Street harassment plagues women around the world, and it's time for men to help put an end to it. ...read more

Turkish women post pictures of shoes in protest against sexism

To denounce gender discrimination in Turkey, opposition MP threatened to throw her shoes at fellow deputies. ...read more

Why Robin Williams' suicide touched me so deeply

The death of one of the funniest men in the world has touched us all, but here's why it affects Carmen Williams in particular. ...read more

Helen Zille shows her solidarity with persons with disabilities

The proceeds of Casual Day goes to ensure the sustainability of more than 500 organisations serving the needs of persons with disabilities all over South Africa. ...read more

The Muslim world is in crisis

With the conflict between Israel and Palestine trending on everyone's Facebook news feed, a Muslim woman wonders what reactions to international affairs say about her people. ...read more

Some bridges need to be burned

Not everyone in your life is useful, and at some point you might have to end a relationship or two. It’s a necessary evil. More so if you want to become a successful somebody. ...read more

Building a tolerance for disappointment

You're not always going to win at everything, so you need to get used to it says Lili Radloff. ...read more

My name is Violet, and I’m a Facebook addict

Violet, unable to deny the fact that she has a problem any longer, joins a support group where she can finally admit the truth: She's addicted to Facebook. ...read more

"Oh, really?": 7 dumbest things recently said about women

Whoever said empty vessels make the most noise was right. Here is a compilation of the dumbest things said about women that you won't believe. ...read more

What men are really saying when they cat-call.

This hilarious spoof video decodes what men are actually saying when they cat-call women. ...read more

Fake celeb break-ups: Powerful message or trivial distraction?

Does a celebrity going 'single' for charity send the right message? ...read more

The #Fatkini revolution

Think you don't have a bikini body? Well think again. ...read more

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