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Getting legal support after a sexual assault or rape

In a society of rape culture and very little justice for women, there is only one thing that can give us power, and that is knowledge. Here are a few important things to know about your rights. ...read more

5 things never to say to your pregnant friends

Feel like everyone is breeding? A quick guide to handling your, sometimes sensitive, pregnant friends. ...read more

This is what a panic attack looks like

Inspired by a young woman who showed the world what she looks like after a panic attack, Carmen Williams talks about mental illness. ...read more

Sulnita Manho: We expect young women to be raped

Malini Mohana asks why women must be brutally savaged and murdered like Anene, Sulnita and Franziska before we start caring about rape. ...read more

5 of the worst things Trump has said about women

Proof Republican front-runner Donald Trump is one of the worst unapologetic misogynists ever. ...read more

The curse of being too considerate

Blogger Anja van der Spuy tells us about the struggles of being too kind and considerate to others. ...read more

#RUReference List: 10 voices you need hear

Women are at the forefront in transforming universities’ sexual assault policies. ...read more

#RUReferenceList: A man’s problem

We live in a country where people are ready to recoil at voluntary nudity, but not rape. Where is the outrage? ...read more

Ending institutionalised rape myths. #RUHelping?

A number, especially when it is a big one, doesn’t feel real. Which is perhaps why sexual violence feels like it's happening to someone else. ...read more

3 conversational hacks for 3 awkward situations

Lili Radloff shows you how to change any awkward situation into your favour. ...read more

Community woes prove shaky leadership in government

There are few people who know the history of Overcome Heights. But here is why getting to know this town means understanding the way our South African government works. ...read more

Why China’s “leftover women” aren’t so tragic after all

Opting to be single after 25 is often seen as an abomination. ...read more

Locked up for being a bad housewife

An Italian woman might go to prison for "failing" to take care of her family. Lili Radloff talks about the unfair roles that men and women play in the home. ...read more

Life's 3 guilty pleasures

Whenever you feel down or want to celebrate, you've probably reached for these three things, but sometimes it does you more harm than good. ...read more

A woman's greatest achievement

Lili Radloff says we mustn’t allow others to tell us what we should and shouldn’t be proud of. ...read more

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