This video jampacked with celebs will give you goosebumps

Watch Orlando Bloom, Clive Owen, Edward Norton, Jennifer Hudsen and other celebs ask for something only you can give. ...read more

Student accuses UCT rugby player of assault

A student of NWU has made a plea to Carte Blanche because she claims she was physically assaulted by a UCT rugby player. ...read more

Top 10 types of idiotic comments and how to deal with them

We've all come across annoying comments online, but did you know most of them are logical fallacies? Chris McEvoy explains. ...read more

I'm not skinny, but I’m happy

Even when she was thin, this reader experienced fat shaming, and it scarred her for life. ...read more

We are raising ungrateful kids

This reader thinks some parents raise their children to value the wrong things in life. ...read more

A blanket apology to all parents

Lili Radloff claims she can raise your children better than you can. See why. ...read more

‘Angelina Jolie lookalike’ rapes man twice then stabs him six times

Yet the press, prosecution and public deny the seriousness of the charges because a man can’t be raped by a beautiful woman. ...read more

What to do when meeting a lesbian: Step by step tips and advice

The following flyer from a Women’s Studies class from 1988 has emerged – and it’s pretty freaking awesome. ...read more

Fighting sexism makes hitting on women more difficult, says whiny men

You’re probably doing flirting wrong if people are interpreting all your flirtation as creepy, says Tauriq Moosa. ...read more

Traditional wife swapping is rape

Certain traditional customs often clash with human rights and other western principles of civilisation, and in some cases this conflict is unsolvable. ...read more

Women are progressing, whether you like it or not

The backlash against gender equality might seem harsh, but in the greater scheme of things the world is moving on. Thank God. ...read more

Parenting can be wonderful... and terrible!

These readers share their experiences. ...read more

I don't want kids of my own

A reader decided to add her R1 worth of parental advice, because 2 cents is soooo last petrol hike. ...read more

Stop trying to justify fat shaming

If you think it's OK to fat shame because you're just concerned about the health problems that come with extra weight, you need to read this. ...read more

Living with Autism - A disorder, not a disease

International Autism Day, held for the seventh time this year on 2nd April and part of Autism Awareness Month (April) seeks to combat this lack of awareness. ...read more

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