Eating disorders can affect more than just your weight

Are you or a loved one suffering from an eating disorder? It may be more severe than you think. They can lead to long term medical problems. ...read more

Why the #MCInHerShoes Campaign is a cheap gimmick

People are not happy with Marie Claire's latest campaign and Louise Ferreira explains why. ...read more

EXCLUSIVE: Marie Claire editor addresses Twitter backlash over #MCInHerShoes campaign

Aspasia Karras speaks up on the outrage and debate surrounding Marie Claire's latest gender based violence campaign. ...read more

Rapists, monsters, and Bill Cosby

Laura Shortridge examines why it's so much more important to teach "don't rape" than "don't get raped". ...read more

Lowering the age of sexual consent to 12

Jennifer Thorpe examines the loopholes in the South African law concerning sex between teenagers from ages 12 to 15. ...read more

How to make new friends

Making new friends can be the start of the greatest adventures. But where and how can we start a friendship? ...read more

This new charity is walking in the right direction

Ever wanted to help, but could never find a convenient way? Here’s a charity campaign to let you put some pep in a less fortunate person’s step. ...read more

The future is not set

Despite the fact the we live in a world full of cruelty, mayhem and ignorance, Lili Radloff chooses to look on the brighter side of things. ...read more

'The best part of my day is...'

What's the best part of your day? Our readers share their intimate stories with us. ...read more

Twitter backlash over Marie Claire's #MCInHerShoes campaign

Editor of Marie Claire responds to backlash over ill-conceived Women's Month campaign. ...read more

No-nonsense politician tells tabloid reporter to "f--- off" for asking her about her weight

British politician, and our new hero, swore at a UK tabloid journalist after he asked how much she weighs. ...read more

Things I know now that I’m 25

'Will I get married and have kids?' Paballo Molahlehi reminisces about the 'rocking 20s' and contemplates life after 25. ...read more

17 ways you can tribute your 67-minutes on Mandela Day

Choose from this selection of events you could do as your 67-minutes tribute for Nelson Mandela. ...read more

9 things we all experience when reuniting with our besties

It's been weeks, months, or even years since you last saw each other and now the inevitable will happen. ...read more

10 winter pick-me-ups for less than R100

Feeling a bit down? Here are some instant pick-me-ups that will cost you less than R100. ...read more

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