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The unheard voice of certain Muslim wives: when we fail to outlaw inequality

Some Muslim women are being deprived of justice and here is why. ...read more

Do men who cat call deserve forgiveness?

This man apologises for all the rude and so-called 'modern men' out there who do not understand women. ...read more

#FeesMustFall: Patriarchy and The Azania Hall rape case

Why do women always fall by the wayside when fighting for freedom? If freedom isn’t for all, then what is it really worth? ...read more

How I feel as a Muslim after the attacks in Paris

Muslims are under threat and Saffiya Ismail has had enough with being labelled a terrorist. ...read more

Never call a woman a tomboy, it's sexist!

The term is outdated and the stereotype should be debunked. ...read more

The penis protest: women are pawns

Satirical cartoons against our government is often depicted at the expense of women and the ANC Women's League is not exempt from this. ...read more

The bizarre industry that is male grooming

Lili Radloff explores the hilarious world of male skincare products and realises that men are very much maligned. ...read more

R287 million cut to fight violence against women

Does 16 Days of Activism against violence against women and children make a difference? ...read more

7 ways to support the 16 Days of Activism campaign

How you can back the campaign against gender-based violence. ...read more

Will men ever stop cat-calling women?

A former waitress shares her encounter with a very sexist customer. ...read more

5 things "modern-men" still don't get about women

While men have gotten better in understanding gender equality, there are still some things they just don't get. Marisa Crous breaks it down. ...read more

I walked into my house while it was being robbed

After a break in shook her to her core, blogger Tanya-Lee Stewart is slowly learning how to deal with crime that is so prevalent in our country. ...read more

From a life on the streets to the streets of Milan

Meeting your mother for the first time sounds like the reunion of a lifetime. But when Nomawethu's mother showed up unannounced, her life became like a horror film. ...read more

I saved myself for marriage and wish I hadn’t

Girls are often encouraged to make pledges to "save" themselves for marriage, but what are the potential psychological effects of this stigmatization of sex? ...read more

Would you march with thousands of other women against abuse?

Take out your most comfy pair of heels and participate in a walk for a cause with Sisters with Blisters . ...read more

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