Help! It's got me in its grip

Novemberitis is here again and Lili Radloff feels your pain. ...read more

15 sexist statements and how to respond

Cat-calling, street harassment and sexist comments aren’t cool, but they’re a reality. Next time you hear one, here’s how to reply. ...read more

I'm abusing my boyfriend - help

After being abused by her previous partner this woman is now doing the same. How can she stop her abusive destructive behaviour? ...read more

"Poor Mandisa": the plight of the soccer widow

Paballo Molahlehi weighs in on fallen soccer star's love triangle. ...read more

Woman does 'cat-call' experiment in New Zealand

Model agrees to document her walk down the streets of Auckland New Zealand. What unfolds will surprise you. ...read more

Is this ad by Victoria's Secret the worst thing you've ever seen?

We think so. The lingerie brand recently changed their "The Perfect Body" slogan on their latest campaign, after a much-deserved backlash. ...read more

I feel sorry for Dr Matt Taylor

He soared to fame after one of the greatest scientific accomplishments of our time: Landing a spacecraft on a comet. But his clothing choice might have ruined him. ...read more

Are you involuntarily butchering the English language?

Thanks to texting and interwebs, people have come up with every possible abbreviation imaginable to escalate efficiency. ...read more

That time I swore at a stranger

Yet another incident of street harassment that left one reader feeling violated. ...read more

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Transgender Day of Remembrance honours those who have lost their lives to violence because of their gender. ...read more

Idris Elba and Siya Radebe tour South Africa to inspire

Idris Elba and Siya Radebe encourage South Africans to be masters in anything we do. ...read more

Hey Southern Suburbs, get out from Under the Dome

After another incident of unprovoked, race-fueled violence in Cape Town's southern suburbs, once native, Chris McEvoy tries to understand this worrying coincidence. ...read more

Why don't men do charity?

This writer probes the absence of men at women-run charity events. ...read more

"Your voice is useless"

Young talented Durbanite gets second chance at music. Watch and be inspired. ...read more

Is feminism the new branding strategy?

Feminism is not an old fashioned movement but rather an opportunity for brands to create inspiring, meaningful content that gets people talking, says Native VML Head of Content Natalie Pool. ...read more

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