Why I make no apologies for the way I am

For a long time, we have been living a dogmatic lie which keeps us from discovering who we truly are. ...read more

Why we deny our privilege

Sometimes the most difficult thing to do is acknowledge priviledge, but there is always a solution. It may be in the sand where we bury our heads. ...read more

Is there a gay gene? Should we care?

Why are we so desperate to find an on/off switch? Dorothy Black asks all the right questions. ...read more

Sexodus: Are men retreating from society?

More and more men are “checking out”, giving up on sex and relationships and sinking into solitude. ...read more

‘Tis the season to hate shopping malls

Many people are jolly during the festive season. Anja van der Spuy tells us why she isn't. ...read more

If Apartheid is not a crime against humanity, what is?

If nearly half of white SA people believe that Apartheid wasn't a crime against humanity, where do we go from here? ...read more

Christmas gifts for kids speak louder than words

Laura Shortridge tells us why it is important to think when buying presents for children, particularly girls. ...read more

Get into the festive spirit!

Christmas can be a crazy time of year. Between work and family commitments, parties, holiday plans and present shopping, it's easy to lose those festive feelings. Here's how to get back into the spirit. ...read more

Sexual Assault Survivors Need Better Care and Treatment

GBV still affects everyone and continues till after–as people living in a society where such violence creates a persistent insecure feeling. ...read more

Lithuanian women protest against distorted female image in media

Three Lithuanian women: actress and TV hostess Beata Tiškevic, photographer Neringa Rekašiute and communications specialist Modesta Kairyte; decided to protest against the distorted female image in mass media by launching the social project, We.Women. ...read more

How do you feel about torture?

A little after 9/11, The CIA began a secret program using "enhanced interrogation techniques" (torture) that would go on until Obama officially ended it in 2009. ...read more

Something to consider before you do your Xmas shopping...

Instead of buying expensive gifts in elaborate packaging, consumers are being urged to think green during the holiday season. ...read more

'I’m the designated crook'

A woman explains how she has the face of a criminal. ...read more

Even as a “white traitor”, I'm still white.

Laura Shortridge finds your comments hilarious and explains why as a white South African, racism doesn't threaten her. ...read more

43 things to be thankful for

Saffiya Ismail reflects her 43 years of life by giving thanks the best way she knows how. ...read more

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