Catcalls are not freaking compliments!

Street harassment is not just a woman's problem. Men need to take a stand and stop this. ...read more

So a feminist walks into a mosque....

A feminist walks into a mosque... I know this sounds like the start to a joke. As I am a self-identifying feminist, you can imagine my surprise when I was invited to a mosque. ...read more

What if your son wants to be your daughter?

All children need parents who love and understand them. If your child is showing signs of being transgender, maybe it's time to listen. ...read more

Emily Gray – the art of being brave

This story of South African paralympian and Springbok athlete Emily Gray will inspire you to live your life courageously. ...read more

So what if I am a “Cupcake Feminist”?

With Feminism becoming more mainstream and accessible, some resent the rise of what they call the "Cupcake Feminist". ...read more

What is the point of housewives?

Are stay-at-home mothers and housewives contributing to society? Lili Radloff explores. ...read more

Lynching and blackface: why Halloween really scares me

This recent incident has had me look back at the controversy of Halloween over the years, and this year specifically. ...read more

Reader's response: my thoughts on anti-depressants

This reader shares with us what she thinks about medical treatment for mental illness. ...read more

Dear men who harass women on the street

A blogger urges men to join in the fight against street harassment. ...read more

Woman records 10 hours of street harassment

You won't believe what this woman has to deal with while just walking the streets of New York. Watch and relate. ...read more

During this stress, my children are my salvation

Fulltime menopausal, single mom and a fulltime job? It's enough to make anyone tear their hair out. This is how I survive... ...read more

Why sex workers can’t trust the police

Why would a sex-worker stay silent about being assaulted? There are a few reasons. ...read more

Oscar has turned us into awful people

Are we interested in punishment or revenge? And what does that say about us? ...read more

These little girls say the f-word for feminism

A group called FCKH8 have created a video with some filthy-mouthed young girls to spread the word about gender inequality and all things feminism. ...read more

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