What happened to Pastor Zondo is nothing short of revenge porn.

The viral video of the Pastor is a complete violation of privacy. A basic human right recklessly tainted. ...read more

Islamophobia is racism

Islamphobia is the extremism that it claims to fight against. ...read more

Why should I apologise for terrorism?

Saffiya Ismail explains why 1.6 billion Muslims should not have to apologise for the actions of a few extremists, especially since they are going against the Qur’an. ...read more

Don’t give up on your dreams just yet

Sacrificing you dreams for the harsh reality of life is very difficult, but that doesn't mean you have to put aside all your life goals. ...read more

The problem with a happy holiday

Lili Radloff realises that her family let her down this past December... ...read more

Antidepressants saved my life

This reader shares with us what she thinks about medical treatment for mental illness. ...read more

What's in a name?

With the new rule of name-change based on gender, many people are no longer safe in social media spaces. ...read more

The problem with terms like "clever blacks"

Experiencing the world as a black person can be challenging, especially when black people are the ones discriminating against each other. ...read more

All Muslims for peace must unite

Saffiya Ismail encourages Muslims who do not support extremism to stand up and be recognised. ...read more

Are women really bad at science?

With the world's supposed bias against women pursuing careers in science, Anton Marshall wonders if parents are enough to encourage their daughter's interest in the field. ...read more

7 Tips to make you feel like Super Mom before school starts

Wondering how to cope when your kids start with school? This blogger has the answers. ...read more

Hope: the defining characteristic of January

Jennifer Thorpe encourages us to hope for the best and go for it in 2015. ...read more

Paris terror: 10 remarkable moments

The horror, the action, the tension, the grief and the questions: these 10 things from Paris made Susan Erasmus sit up this week. ...read more

Blasphemy is necessary

People are important. Gods are not. Laura Shortridge shares her thoughts on the fact that 12 people are dead because of a cartoon. ...read more

These boys prove that it’s NOT ok to hit a woman

This Italian news organization used little boys to prove that violence against women should not be happening. Watch how they did it here. ...read more

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