Young hearts and eternal devotion

Whether you're a petrolhead or just need basic car advice, visit Wheels4Women for great tips, videos and reviews. ...read more

Do anti-rape campaigns work?

While campaigns to prevent rape are noble, Jennifer Thorpe thinks that they should be more realistic in the South African context. ...read more

Being a mother doesn't mean you stop being a friend

Manni Bradshaw is tired of people pulling the "mom card" as an excuse to be a bad friend. ...read more

But I TOLD you so!

You know that feeling when you can see something's about to go pear-shaped, but no one seems to care? Lili Radloff gets that a lot. ...read more

My fight to officially become a woman

Overcoming Gender Dysphoria is just the first step to fully gaining your true identity, the other battle comes when officially changing your ID. Jude Knowles shares her struggle with us. ...read more

Why would anyone ever post this on a dating site?

This viral video of a woman describing herself for a dating site will make you cry with laughter, and then want to hug a cat... ...read more

This ad will make you realise how cruel you are to yourself

Dove is helping women love themselves by showing them how harsh they are on their own bodies. ...read more

Why I am offended by Trevor Noah's intersex joke

Jude Knowles is not amused by Trevor Noah's past Twitter punchline about an intersex woman. Here's why. ...read more

Who says feminism can't be funny?

This cartoonist is fighting internet sexism in the best way ever. ...read more

This might be triggering: Why these warnings are necessary

Being exposed to violence in media can be scary, but even more so when it's done without forewarning. Carmen Williams explains why. ...read more

Watch: Sorry Babe, You're a Feminist

Katie Goodman's song will make you realise that you are in fact a feminist even if you don't think you are. ...read more

Come on South Africa what’s wrong with you?

Violet Online wants you to stop and reflect. ...read more

Are trigger warnings really that necessary?

Laura Shortridge discusses trigger warnings and why we need them. ...read more

Isn’t it time we stopped calling models “plus-size”?

Australian model Stefania Ferrario wants the term plus-sized gone from the modelling industry. ...read more

Stop being such a copycat!

There’s nothing more irritating than someone who wants what you have for the sole purpose of competing with you. ...read more

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