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Selfie goes viral, has everyone asking, "so, who's the mom?"

This family car selfie has everyone talking for the best reason ever. ...read more

Illegal virginity testing exploits vulnerable school girls

A Kwa-Zulu Natal Mayor gives bursaries only to virgins and in order for them to keep it they are subjected to virginity testing. ...read more

5 things people with social anxiety disorder want you to know

It's not easy living with social anxiety disorder. Tammy February explains why. ...read more

ANC targets racism, why not sexism too?

Gender-based violence is fueled by sexism and gender inequality. Jennifer Thorpe wants to know what the government is going to do to address it. ...read more

UN: Violence normalised in SA

The UN’s Human Rights Council raises deeply concerning issues concerning violence in South Africa. ...read more

How to be kind to yourself

Make time every day to be a human being rather than a human ‘doing’. ...read more

I’m sorry, Anene. I’m so sorry.

Tuesday marked the three year anniversary of Anene Booysen's death. ...read more

How to make friends without influencing people

Would you cruise for friends like you would for dates? Lili Radloff isn't in love with the idea. ...read more

Ukuthwala - Forced child marriages in SA

It used to be a custom of mock abductions to prompt negotiations. These days it's often nothing more than rape and forced child marriage. ...read more

What is boredom really?

Boredom can strike at any time of the day, but where exactly does it stem from? Lili Radloff explores. ...read more

Are emotional clutterbugs the reason our lives are so messy?

This reader is sick and tired of people dumping their negativity and emotional clutter onto others. ...read more

So what if I don’t have that “New Year, New Me“ feeling?

Suffering from January blues? You’re not alone. ...read more

Penny Sparrow: The wounds are far from healed

The reaction to Penny Sparrow's comments says everything you need to know about us as a nation. ...read more

White Hungarian journalist does 7 types of blackface to "raise awareness"

And the award for dumbest idea (of 2016 so far) goes to... Boglarka Balogh! ...read more

Be the best woman you can be

Every new year, women around the world pledge to do, be and feel better. Here are six steps to achieve your goals in 2016. ...read more

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