How to help a male rape survivor

Why does society seem to deny the fact that boys can be victims of sexual abuse? ...read more

Racist and sexist casting call pulled

A horrible casting call has detailed what kind of women Hollywood finds valuable. ...read more

Take a deep breath and count to ten

Can anger ever be constructive? Lili Radloff thinks it's possible. ...read more

How to date a goddamn feminist

Chris McEvoy has lots of experience in dating women who believe in gender equality. Now he wants to tell you what it takes to date one of these creatures. ...read more

'How do I save my grandson from his parents?'

This grandmother is terrified her grandchild will be taken away by his drug addict parents. ...read more

Nanny envy: It’s a thing

It can be hard to balance work and mothering, but what happens when you become envious of the very people you hire to help make it easier? ...read more

I was battered, and then blamed for it

To all those who stand silently by a friend they know to be abusive, and all those who blame the victim... ...read more

When men don't want sex

"Sexcel" spreadsheets: Why is it when a man does it, he's the bad guy, but when a woman does it, it's funny? ...read more

The dangers of being an extreme cheapskate

Meet the people who will serve guests roadkill, don't flush their loos and get their medication from rubbish bins. ...read more

What’s the worst backhanded compliment you’ve ever received?

There’s nothing worse than being dealt an insult disguised as a compliment. Just ask some of our readers. ...read more

What feminism taught me about my white privilege

A guest blogger admits to being guilty of 'white privilege' and thinks we all need to identify our own privilege. ...read more

To be young, gifted, and black

Why we shouldn't lose hope about the state of South Africa and our nation's future. ...read more

Maybe one day I’ll finally be able to love myself

As she continues on her journey to overcome her struggles with body image, this woman opens up about how difficult she finds it to love herself. ...read more

Battling with bulimia: My ongoing nightmare

A woman opens up about her struggle with something she calls her personal food nightmare. ...read more

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