People with special needs share how they succeed regardless of their physical limitations

If you’re differently abled, how do you navigate and plan a life in a world that is more accepting and accommodating to ‘normal’ people. more


11-day cycle challenge set to provide sanitary packs for homeless women

Students commit to an 11-day cycling challenge to raise R70 000 for homeless women who are underequipped during their menstruation cycles. more


#RespekTheDoek sparks debate over ‘appropriate’ work attire

Twitter was ablaze with discussion on what newsrooms deem "acceptable attire" after an eNCA journalist’s story was pulled off air. more


5 ridiculously easy recipes for when you have to cook but really don’t want to

Lili Radloff loves cooking, but knows that sometimes you're just not up to it. more


Mpho Tutu van Furth: we must question homophobia in the Anglican Church

This decision by the Anglican Church is an attack on the rights of free individuals to live their lives more


I watched heroin kill my son

A mother’s heart-breaking story of her son’s endless battle with drugs and his last few days on earth. more


You should be unashamed about your panic attacks

I have tablets I can take, but when I take it too late, here's what can happen. more


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4 of the dumbest products for women

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Who is speaking for your vagina?

Is your vagina a beaver? Is it gross and smelly and ugly? Dorothy Black takes issue with those that would like you to think so. Read more

Books and Astrology

5 books that explore the damaging effects of rape culture

2016-06-15 14:20

The Brock Turner case proves, once again, how prevalent and deeply entrenched rape culture is in our society. These books take a closer and in-depth look into the impact it has on rape victims.

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