Caring about continence

Urinary incontinence is a challenge for many, but can become a struggle for relatives and friends who act as carers for people with incontinence. more


9 things all flat-chested women can relate to

The trials and tribulations of being a member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee. more


I'd rather have fewer real friends

Real people with real lives make for much better friends than Facebook acquaintances with pretentious lives. more


"I don't need a rainbow to support equality"

With America finally allowing gay marriage across the country, everyone is changing their profile pictures in support. Pamela Simpson wonders if this is real support or another Facebook trend. more


This guy wore heels for a day and now knows what real pain is

This guy wanted to know why women complain so much when wearing heels. So he decided to wear heels for a day and wanted to die. more


Bikini body debunked: Boldly go to the pool

No one wants to talk about bikini bodies yet, it plays on our guilty conscience. more


How to get rid of bad breath once and for all

Conscious of your breath? This hilarious and helpful video shows you how to eliminate bad breath, because let's face it - breath mints don't always help. more


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4 of the dumbest products for women

Lili Radloff wonders why marketers think we're idiots. And why we prove them right all the time.  Read more

Who is speaking for your vagina?

Is your vagina a beaver? Is it gross and smelly and ugly? Dorothy Black takes issue with those that would like you to think so. Read more

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