Dear cigarettes - screw you

Paballo Molahlehi is desperate to get rid of the ruinous and addictive habit of smoking. more


Who said banting is boring? Oh, you did

This reader wants everyone to leave banters alone and let them brag a bit. more


Selfie goes viral, has everyone asking, "so, who's the mom?"

This family car selfie has everyone talking for the best reason ever. more


I’m sorry, Anene. I’m so sorry.

Tuesday marked the three year anniversary of Anene Booysen's death. more


People who announce how much weight they've lost bore me

This reader can't understand the Banting phenomenon and why everyone is consistently bragging about their weight loss. more


What is boredom really?

Boredom can strike at any time of the day, but where exactly does it stem from? Lili Radloff explores. more


Curvy model completely unretouched in lingerie ad goes viral

Everyone’s talking about this U.S. based swimwear and lingerie company’s latest no-Photoshop campaign. more


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4 of the dumbest products for women

Lili Radloff wonders why marketers think we're idiots. And why we prove them right all the time.  Read more

Who is speaking for your vagina?

Is your vagina a beaver? Is it gross and smelly and ugly? Dorothy Black takes issue with those that would like you to think so. Read more

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