Photos that will make you think twice about wearing those skinny jeans

Photographer, Justin Bartels, captures modern-day torture by showing the marks left on women’s bodies after wearing too-tight clothing. more


I am what I am - A bisexual

This woman discovered her sexuality did not quite fit into the LGBTQIA spectrum, but decided to figure it out on her own terms. more


This woman’s love of mountain biking will blow your mind

At 49 this woman has clocked in over 500 000km on a bike has competed in more competitions than you can even imagine more


Dear Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues. We're sorry.

Laura Shortridge responds to the the "Stop the knot" viral video. more


#StopTheKnot: Have we perfected the art of schadenfreude?

Judging by the response to the video featuring Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues cutting off the topknots of unsuspecting people, it certainly seems as if we have, says Tammy February. more


Apparently regular curves are now "baby weight"

People are upset about singer Rebecca Ferguson's non-existent baby weight. more


This is what happened when I learned to love my body

Carmen Williams has body issues like most of us, but here’s what happened when she decided to work through them. more


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If you're married with kids, don't assume you can never hang out with your single friends any more. All it takes is a little understanding on both sides. Read more

"Hey girl, why aren't you smiling?" #EverydaySexism

Why it's not okay to tell strange women who are minding their own business what to do. Read more


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