Caring about continence

Urinary incontinence is a challenge for many, but can become a struggle for relatives and friends who act as carers for people with incontinence. more


How kids deal with cancer

Four brave children share their tactics against cancer – from writing poetry to playing the guitar. more


WATCH: Hilarious workout bloopers

While you may not have the best bikini body, here is why you should be thankful that you didn’t exercise yourself into a body cast. more


#Strengthtosayno: 18-year-old woman inspires a movement

Rekka Kalindi inspired a global trend opposing forced child marriage after writing a memoir about the horrible treatment she faced when she refused to become a child bride. more


Stop! Don't rush into having a baby

As wonderful and fulfilling as motherhood seems, columnist, Pamela Simpson, explains why having a baby needs a lot more consideration. more


10 ways to drastically change your daily existence

The struggle doesn’t have to be that real – it’s all in the mind, people. more


Why does the fashion industry hate women?

Lili Radloff dissects the weird world of women’s fashion, speculating why we tolerate its ludicrous ways. more


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4 of the dumbest products for women

Lili Radloff wonders why marketers think we're idiots. And why we prove them right all the time.  Read more

Who is speaking for your vagina?

Is your vagina a beaver? Is it gross and smelly and ugly? Dorothy Black takes issue with those that would like you to think so. Read more

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