Help! It's got me in its grip

Novemberitis is here again and Lili Radloff feels your pain. ...read more


15 sexist statements and how to respond

Cat-calling, street harassment and sexist comments aren’t cool, but they’re a reality. Next time you hear one, here’s how to reply. ...read more


Stress is making you age before your time

A human behavioural specialist explains how stress actually accelerates the ageing process and offers advice on how to combat this. ...read more


Why don't men do charity?

This writer probes the absence of men at women-run charity events. ...read more


Taylor Swift's Shake It Off is in almost perfect sync with this aerobics video from 1989

This mash up is so perfect it will make you wonder if this video was really made before the song. ...read more


Help! I'm fat! What now?

Sooner or later every woman realises that she wants to lose 3 kilograms. This is a Fact. ...read more


Catcalls are not freaking compliments!

Street harassment is not just a woman's problem. Men need to take a stand and stop this. ...read more


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Dr Colinda Linda

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Tracey Foulkes

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You might be mothers now, but you’re also mean girls

If you're married with kids, don't assume you can never hang out with your single friends any more. All it takes is a little understanding on both sides. Read more

"Hey girl, why aren't you smiling?" #EverydaySexism

Why it's not okay to tell strange women who are minding their own business what to do. Read more

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