These little girls say “fuck” for feminism

A group called FCKH8 have created a video with some filthy-mouthed young girls to spread the word about gender inequality and all things feminism. ...read more


When it's time to take a break from stress

Sometimes, you just have to down tools and take a step back. ...read more

Support the Pink Valve Cap Project with Bridgestone and Supa Quick and win!

Want to win a R4000 La Senza voucher? Or a Spoil Yourself hamper worth R1000? Then enter now! ...read more


To the woman I call “Mother”

Sometimes, you just have to say goodbye and walk away. ...read more


Are South Africans more likely to die of breast cancer?

Are South Africa’s socially deprived at greater risk for breast cancer mortality? ...read more


VEDA Debunks 2 Egg Donation Myths

The issue of assisted fertility can easily whip people up into a frenzy and elicit very ‘interesting’ points of view. While this is not in itself damaging, the misconceptions that get spread can cause indirect harm. ...read more


9 breast cancer myths you should know

With so many myths and preconceived notions on the internet and in our minds, it is often difficult to determine what is fact and what is fiction. ...read more


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You might be mothers now, but you’re also mean girls

If you're married with kids, don't assume you can never hang out with your single friends any more. All it takes is a little understanding on both sides. Read more

"Hey girl, why aren't you smiling?" #EverydaySexism

Why it's not okay to tell strange women who are minding their own business what to do. Read more

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