How to date a goddamn feminist

Chris McEvoy has lots of experience in dating women who believe in gender equality. Now he wants to tell you what it takes to date one of these creatures. ...read more


Take a deep breath and count to ten

Can anger ever be constructive? Lili Radloff thinks it's possible. ...read more

Womens Health

Collagen lip disasters

Getting a trout pout is hardly ever a good idea. Just take a look at these celeb screw-ups. ...read more


Racist and sexist casting call pulled

A horrible casting call has detailed what kind of women Hollywood finds valuable. ...read more


The dangers of being an extreme cheapskate

Meet the people who will serve guests roadkill, don't flush their loos and get their medication from rubbish bins. ...read more


Sport: The great equaliser

In a world obsessed with instant gratification, sport teaches us the virtue of patience and acceptance. ...read more


Woman arrested for making a vagina kayak

A Japanese artist designed and made a kayak from a 3D printing of her own vagina and got locked up for breaking obscenity laws. ...read more


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Life after human trafficking

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