7 things we can do to help the homeless

No matter who, where or how old you are, you can make a difference and here’s how. ...read more


Homeless people in the City of Cape Town

Research by the city reveals that there are over 7000 homeless people on the streets. ...read more


How do homeless women handle menstruation?

Sanitary products are a luxury that a lot of women can’t afford. If you live on the streets, what do you do when your period arrives? ...read more


Why free bleeding is much less gross and less radical than you think it is

It's time we get over the antiquated thought that periods are somehow dirty or shameful. ...read more


Are you ready to face very difficult realities about yourself?

Saffiya Ismail shares how life can teach you so much and why it's vital to learn life's lessons. ...read more


Truworths' explanation for their Mother's Day campaign doesn't satisfy

The retailer has responded to bemused and upset consumers by saying their ill-conceived Mother’s Day campaign is “fashionable and aspirational”. ...read more


Outrageous sayings from our childhood

Lili Radloff is baffled by the insidious things we were taught when we were younger and considers how it affects our behaviour today. ...read more


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Dr Colinda Linda

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Tracey Foulkes

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Who is speaking for your vagina?

Is your vagina a beaver? Is it gross and smelly and ugly? Dorothy Black takes issue with those that would like you to think so. Read more

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