Get into the festive spirit!

Christmas can be a crazy time of year. Between work and family commitments, parties, holiday plans and present shopping, it's easy to lose those festive feelings. Here's how to get back into the spirit. ...read more


Lithuanian women protest against distorted female image in media

Three Lithuanian women: actress and TV hostess Beata Tiškevic, photographer Neringa Rekašiute and communications specialist Modesta Kairyte; decided to protest against the distorted female image in mass media by launching the social project, We.Women. ...read more


Do you have Christmas fever? Here’s how to tell

There are two types of Christmas fever. Here’s how you can tell if you have either of them, says Susan Erasmus. ...read more


Festive season life-saving ideas

Stressed about the coming festive season? Don't worry, we've got your back. ...read more


10 tips to stay slim over Christmas

Trying to lose weight around the holidays is tough, but maintaining your weight doesn’t have to be. Check out these tips. ...read more


Fear and guilt - the emotions that come with the festive season

Human behaviour specialist, teacher and international best-selling author explains how to train our brains to unlearn these socially learned behaviours. ...read more


The functioning racist

Our country is living a reality that was created by the oppressors of the past, and even though two wrongs don’t make a right, the underbelly of those learnt racist perceptions is as slithery and rotten as it ever was. ...read more


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You might be mothers now, but you’re also mean girls

If you're married with kids, don't assume you can never hang out with your single friends any more. All it takes is a little understanding on both sides. Read more

"Hey girl, why aren't you smiling?" #EverydaySexism

Why it's not okay to tell strange women who are minding their own business what to do. Read more

Love And Sex

Going steady in the world of dating apps

2014-11-20 13:25

Dating has got a lot more complex than just swiping left or right. Here are five of the most ridiculous apps you might come across while seeking Mr-Will-Do-For-Now.

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