Isidingo 24 - 28 August

Lerato takes risky measures to prove her innocence and Nikiwe puts her foot down. more

Binnelanders 24 - 28 August

Steve is intrigued by Daleen’s behaviour and Sandy gets the dooming evidence that she needs. more

Days of Our Lives 24 - 28 August

Kate confronts Ian about using her and someone dies in a tragedy. more

7de Laan 24 - 28 August

Nadia makes a life-changing decision and Gita wants to teach Willem a very costly lesson. more

Bold and the Beautiful 17 - 21 August

Liam has a secret to share with Ivy and Wyatt’s heart is broken. more

7de Laan 17 - 21 August

Aggie tells Paula’s secret and a huge fight starts in the Hillside. more

isiBaya 24 - 28 August

Fezile exiles himself and Ding ding complains to Ntuli. more

Bold and the Beautiful 24 - 28 August

Quinn makes sure that her plan is being carried out and Liam finds himself in a troubling predicament. more

Generations: The Legacy 24 - 28 August

Gog’Flo is shocked when a secret is found and Karabo finally breaks down. more

High Rollers 24 - 26 August

Tension mounts between Analine and David, and TT battles with guilt and regret. more

Zabalaza 24 - 27 August

Sponono just makes matters worse and Victor decides to tell the truth. more

Scandal! 24 - 28 August

Lerumo is determined to mend bridges, and Maletsatsi's life becomes more and more complicated. more

Generations: The Legacy 17 - 21 August

Tau has to make the hardest decision he’s ever made and Gadaffi is left furious. more

High Rollers 17 - 19 August

Gugu is determined to get rid of Thandi and Ben hurts Esme. more

isiBaya 17 - 21 August

Duma investigates Samson and Bhekifa continues with his manipulation. more

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