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Days of Our Lives 23 - 27 November

Gabi gets big news that will change her life forever and Eric is back in Salem. more

Binnelanders 23 - 27 November

Mia won’t take ‘no’ for an answer and Naomi gets emotionally exhausted. more

isiBaya 23 - 27 November

Jabu faces a deadly threat and Mehle’mamba takes a test. more

Scandal! 23 - 27 November

Thembeka has a sneaky plan and Stokkies blurts out a secret. more

isiBaya 16 - 20 November

S’bu appears to be all alone and facing a deadly situation. Thandeka goes on a date more

Isidingo 16 - 20 November

Nina and Barker are desperate to take over the church accounts but the Zondile's stand in their way. more

Generations: The Legacy 23 - 27 November

Mazwi decides to end his affair for good and Vuyo is left furious. more

Isidingo 23 - 27 November

Nikiwe struggles to deal with past and Zukisa goes head-to-head with Nina. more

Zabalaza 23 - 26 November

Mthunzi sets his plan into motion and Sydney threatens Terri. more

Bold and the Beautiful 23 - 27 November

Caroline gets insight into Maya’s motives against Rick and Hope and Ivy compete for two things at once. more

High Rollers 23 - 25 November

Paul makes a proposal to Analine and Pieter gets rewarded. more

7de Laan 23 - 27 November

Charmaine is fed up and Willem is ready for war. more

Zabalaza 16 - 19 November

Sydney and KG start to heal while Lindiwe and Ray grow more and more apart. more

Binnelanders 16 - 20 November

Lisa has her suspicions of Ivanka, and an operation needs to be stopped at any cost. more

Days of Our Lives 16 - 20 November

Nicole threatens to kill herself and Kristen wants Johns forgiveness. more

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