7de Laan 23 March - 3 April

Lynette comes to say good bye, and Ty goes to extreme measures to save his reputation. more

Days of Our Lives 23 March - 3 April

E.J. finds out that Nicole is at the hospital, Lucas arrives back in Salem from Hong Kong to help Sami. more

Zabalaza 23 March - 3 April

Beauty’s discovery of another crime pushes her over the edge, and Ray saves the day. more

Days of Our Lives 9 - 20 March

Will talks to Sonny about kissing the boy and the possibility that he is gay, Abby insists that Melanie and Chad would make a good couple. more

Bold and the Beautiful 9 - 20 March

Bill contemplates making a grand gesture towards Brooke as a means to win her back, and makes her presence known after Eric kisses somebody. more

Isibaya 9 - 20 March

Pam is suspicious of S’khaleni, and Zweli gets insight into his father’s past. more

Isidingo 23 March - 3 April

Lerato baits Sechaba unmercifully, and Rajesh tries to help Priya but only increases his own jeopardy. more

Generations: The Legacy 23 March - 3 April

Lucy is horrified by Kagiso’s public proposal, and A picture of a drunken Ms Chauke goes viral at school. more

Scandal! 23 March - 3 April

Lindiwe is forced to take a risk which doesn't pay off, and Mangi receives shocking news that will change his life forever. more

The Bold and the Beautiful 23 March - 3 April

Hope confronts Ridge about leaving his family, and Katie tells Brooke that she’s in love with Ridge. more

Isibaya 23 March - 3 April

Zweli comes upon an accident, and Bhekifa is looking to regain his power and respect. more

Binnelanders 23 March - 3 April

Gustav is not impressed with what Jean-Pierre is doing with Karli, and Rian tries to put things into perspective when the campaign starts to become too difficult for some people. more

Binnelanders 9 - 20 March

Van has a plan with the transport problem, and Jana is very worried about Susanna. more

Zabalaza 9 - 19 March

Victor continues to maintain his lies, and things get even worse between Gasta and Lindiwe. more

Scandal! 9 - 20 March

Thembeka becomes suspicious of her fiancé, and Lerumo gets some good news. more

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