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Charmaine or Vince: Who will Bonita choose?

Bonita has to choose who lives or dies – her husband Vince or her mother-in-law Charmaine? more

Bold and the Beautiful 2 - 6 May

Maya is put on the spot by Rick and Carter has a difficult time keeping his mouth shut. more

7de Laan 2 - 6 May

Bonita is in a dangerous situation and the truth is finally revealed to Vanessa. more

isiBaya 2 - 6 May

Sihle’s anger grows and Mehlemamba desperately tries to save his boss. more

Generations: The Legacy 2 - 6 May

Namhla is shocked to hear about her past and Karabo breaks down. more

Binnelanders 25 - 29 April

Adelyn has different ideas and Koos attacks Annelize. more

Days of Our Lives 2 - 6 May

Maggie makes an offer and Brady gets his blessing. more

Saras 2 - 6 May

Guman is about to get some shocking news and Kumud is falling in love. more

Binnelanders 2 - 6 May

Tertius makes a discovery, while Annelize is put in a very difficult position. more

Young Love 2 - 6 May

Mahavir Singh gets stoned by the village men and Anandi faces another heartbreak. more

Isidingo 2 - 6 May

Calvin needs some saving and Sam comes up close to Rajesh’s face. more

Scandal! 2 - 6 May

Lucas's fears grow and Gloria makes an dangerous offer. more

High Rollers 2 - 4 May

Kenny tries to sabotage the dance and Mhambi thinks she’s caught Ravi out. more

Zabalaza 25 - 28 April

In the season finale week, Ray goes into hero mode and Sponono finds her freedom. more

Bold and the Beautiful 25 - 29 April

Quinn attempts to redeem herself and Brooke unleashes her true feelings about Ridge. more

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