Generations: 31 Jan - 11 Feb

2011-01-27 15:55
31 Jan - 4 Feb
Things become very tense when sworn enemies cross paths in the gym, Nicholas proves just how 'resourceful' he can be and Rethabile tells it like it is, offending one person and giving another food for thought.
Turns out Linda does mix business and pleasure after all and a worried Litha realises he's going to have his hands full with Queen.

Patricia puts two and two together and gets ten, Dineo is freaked out by Paul's strange behaviour and Dumisani throws his toys out of the cot in order to get his way.

The usually in-control Kenneth hears some news which shakes him to his core.
An upset Sharon is not willing to listen to reason at this point and Matthew finds himself in trouble again, even though he's done nothing wrong.

Milton can't bring himself to trust Khethiwe anymore, Samuel has a task before him that he is not looking forward to and Rethabile realises some things aren't that easy to forgive and forget.

7 - 11 Feb
A pained Dineo decides to put her dreams on hold for now.

Senzo is thrown out by Kenneth's strange behaviour, Queen arrives at the bar and is shocked by what she sees and Ace isn't happy about what his crooked cop friend tells him.

Paul arrives at Ezweni with one mission in mind – to break the news that he's dying. Sharon is not happy about her brother's new living arrangements and Milton is stung when Dumisani snaps at him.

Ruby is delighted about an impromptu invitation to dinner and Keketso's intrigued when a familiar face shows up at the hospital.

Sharon is forced into doing something against her will, Kenneth shows just how manipulative and cruel he can be and Dineo is in for the shock of the life when she gets home.

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