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Scandal! 27 - 31 July

Ndumiso makes a shocking discovery and Shakira is betrayed, with devastating consequences. more

Binnelanders 27 - 31 July

Pippa and Daleen are concerned about Ivanka and Christiaan’s outburst leaves Gustav speechless. more

Bold and the Beautiful 27 - 31 July

Oliver is determined to win Aly back and Ridge forces himself to remember every detail of the accident. more

Binnelanders 20 - 24 July

Ivanka has to tell Ilse about her big decision and Rian wants to get Sonette to a physiotherapist. more

isiBaya 20 - 24 July

Mpiyakhe's sons get under one roof and Thandeka falls for Samson’s trap. more

Days of Our Lives 20 - 24 July

Will finds the letter from Alice and Daniel and Nicole share more than dinner. more

7de Laan 27 - 31 July

Ty has had it with Gita and Altus is back at work. more

Generations: The Legacy 27 - 31 July

Dr Kruger is horrified by what Gadaffi orders him to do and Tshidi thinks she’s won the fight. more

Isidingo 27 - 31 July

Calvin is still by his father's side and Brad has to face Barker. more

isiBaya 27 - 31 July

Thandeka is rushed to hospital and Lerato gives Ma Doris a cold shoulder. more

Zabalaza 27 - 30 July

The custody battle for Shaka gets nastier and Gasta’s health takes a knock. more

Days of Our Lives 27 - 31 July

E.J. takes a lie detector test and Carrie and Rafe end up working together again. more

Isidingo 20 - 24 July

Duma is haunted by an unfriendly familiar face and the battle between Brad and Rajesh heats up. more

Zabalaza 20 - 23 July

KG drops a bomb on Moss and Sponono exposes Gasta’s past. more

Bold and the Beautiful 20 - 24 July

Ridge pleads with Katie to keep his heartbreaking secret and Deacon becomes concerned for Quinn. more

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