Days of our Lives 15 - 26 September

Brady keeps vigil at Chloe's bedside, and Vivian and Taylor discuss Quinn over dinner. more

Scandal! 15 - 26 September

Cee-Jay discovers something, and Gloria steps in to help Maletsatsi. more

Generations 15 - 26 September

Nicholas gets the shock of his life, and Kenneth realises Ruby is suspicious of him. more

Days of our lives 1 - 12 September

Chloe confronts Kate, and Chloe is attacked. more

Zabalaza 1 - 11 September

Neli lies about how she knew the truth, and Mbali grows closer to Waka. more

Binnelanders 1 - 12 September

Okkie confronts Wimpie, and Adelyn confronts Karli about money. more

Bold and the Beautiful 15 - 26 September

Liam presents Hope with a very special gift, and Brooke attempts to convince Bill to reach out to Wyatt. more

Zabalaza 15 - 25 September

Sponono agrees to go on a date, and Waka realises that Moss has been right all along. more

Isibaya 15 - 26 September

Shadrack’s conscious hits him hard, and Lerato gets an offer that will change her life. more

Binnelanders 15 - 26 September

Pippa experiences more than one personal crisis, and Quinton’s growing ego frustrates Gustav. more

7de laan 15 - 26 September

Maria is convinced Oubaas is up to no good, and Emma and Marko make a big decision. more

Bold and the Beautiful 1 - 12 September

Bill makes a grand gesture to Brooke, and Rafael ponders telling Caroline about a juicy piece of gossip. more

Isibaya 1 - 12 September

Shadrack comes clean to Mpiyakhe, and Bhekifa explains his philosophy. more

Scandal! 1 - 12 September

Gloria's 'agents' target an unlikely suspect, and Scelo gets drawn into another family's drama. more

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