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Zabalaza 25 - 28 April

In the season finale week, Ray goes into hero mode and Sponono finds her freedom. more

Days of Our Lives 25 - 29 April

Brady reveals his plan and Chloe has her eyes on another diabolical plan. more

Scandal! 25 - 29 April

Thembeka's life is about to change forever and Scelo makes a mortifying discovery. more

Generations: The Legacy 25 - 29 April

Gog’Flo gets manipulated and Getty is devastated about the bad news. more

Young Love 18 - 22 April

Grandma Kalyani creates a scene and Mahavir Singh gets some surprising news. more

Zabalaza 18 - 21 April

Gasta plots revenge and Sponono’s delusion explodes even further. more

Binnelanders 25 - 29 April

Adelyn has different ideas and Koos attacks Annelize. more

Bold and the Beautiful 25 - 29 April

Quinn attempts to redeem herself and Brooke unleashes her true feelings about Ridge. more

7de Laan 25 - 29 April

Aggie gets worried, while Matrone saves Hilda. more

Isidingo 25 - 29 April

Rajesh gives a rude awakening and Lincoln breaks down. more

Young Love 25 - 29 April

Nandu gets kidnapped and Bhasant has a hard time dealing his father. more

High Rollers 25 - 27 April

Busi's relationship with Paul gets put in the spotlight and Mhambi isn't given an easy ride. more

isiBaya 25 - 29 April

Mehlemamba is taught a lesson and the Zungus plan their next move. more

Bold and the Beautiful 18 - 22 April

Brooke fears for her life and Liam’s desire for revenge against Rick intensifies. more

Isidingo 18 - 22 April

Sechaba makes a swift move and Sam declares war. more

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