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Here's an all dog remake of Dawson's Creek. You're welcome.

Dachshund's Creek is the furry remake of the '90s show you've been waiting for. more

20 best moments from Friends to celebrate it’s 20th anniversary

22 September marks the 20 year anniversary of the premiere of the sitcom. Here are 20 of our favourite moments. more

Downton Abbey: Spot the historical inaccuracy

Promotional images have been released for season 5 of the period drama. Yet one of them, is a bit, let’s say, off. more

Heidi Klum loves taking her clothes off for Project Runway

The former model turned TV show host stripped down once again for her show’s latest promo ads. Take a look at that and the ones from years gone by. more

6 seriously weird game shows from across the globe

No, we’re not talking doing karaoke on national TV. These 6 game shows really push competitors to absurd heights in order to make money. more

9 extremely disturbing sex scenes

There are some things you just cannot unsee. These might not be very safe for work. more

14 best musicals of all time

What better way to reflect on love, politics and culture than through the eyes of song and dance? These are a few of many musicals that best helped us do that. more

10 of the most terrifying female movie characters

We round up some of the scariest ladies in film in honour of the scariest month of the year. more

This is how awkward filming a sex scene really is

This behind-the-scenes clip from Patrick Wilson and Brooklyn Decker’s new flick, Stretch, will open your eyes to the world of on-camera lovemaking. more

Lindsay Lohan has an idea for a Mean Girls sequel

The actress has slowly been building her career again, and now she has an idea for a sequel to one of her most well-known movies. But is it really that good an idea? more

Emmy winners 2014: characters vs real life

Check out how your fave characters compare to the actors who play them. more

9 shows that should be on SA television

Producers, take note! We need new material on our small screens. more

I'm so addicted to the crime channel it actually cheers me up

Want a bit of light relief? Watch the crime channels on DStv, says Susan Erasmus. They are a real pick-me-up. more

The funniest movie sex scenes

Sex is funny. There’s no denying it, but these movie scenes just make it look ridiculous. more

22 memorable TV catchphrases you've probably used in real life conversations

If you've ever tuned in to watch any of the most popular shows from the last 30 years then you'll remember these sayings with ease. more

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