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You’ll never guess who’s coming back to Grey’s Anatomy

ABC has announced that Dr Preston Burke, will return to the show after his scandalous departure in 2007. more

Older people trying to explain the Hunger Games is hilarious

Ever wondered how your grandparents would react to the blockbuster movie? Well, here’s your chance. more

The Hunger Games as told by cats

Get ready to see the movie as you've never seen it before - with a feline touch. more

Do we really need a How I Met Your Mother spin-off?

The legen(wait 8 seasons for the “mother” to finally show up)dary show might get a spin off following much of the same storyline, but from a female perspective. Is this really necessary? more

Most annoying female screen characters

We bring you a list of fictional women who we love to hate. more

SA celebs we’d love to see roasted

Steve Hofmeyer’s had his go, and now it’s Leon Schuster’s turn. But which local celeb would you like to see in the hot seat? more

10 male characters we find super annoying

We bring you a list of fictional men who we love to hate. more

12 ways Hollywood movies have lied to us

Shopping, sex and love at first sight - they're not all perfect, even if the silver screen says they can be. more

The best OMG moments so far in Game of Thrones

With the fourth season on it's way, it’s time to reminisce about all the scenes that enslaved us to Game of Thrones in the first place. more

10 movie makeovers that made us do a double take

These characters went from drab and dreary to glitz and glam all in a Hollywood minute. more

Angelina Jolie looks f@*king scary

A trailer for Maleficent, Angelina’s new role, has surfaced online and she looks damn evil. more

9 extremely disturbing sex scenes

There are some things you just cannot unsee. These might not be very safe for work. more

Are you going to watch Khanyi Mbau's new show?

The queen of South African controversy, Khanyi Mbau, now has her own TV show. We’re not sure how to feel about it yet, but only time will tell. more

So who's the biggest drama queen in SA?

The who’s who of the entertainment industry are getting ready for the Feather Awards. more

Girl Code: The things you should and shouldn’t be doing

The ladies of MTV’s hit show, Girl Code, share some of the most important rules girls should abide by if they don’t want to be ostracized from the ‘girl community’. more

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