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4 TV show reboots we’re insanely excited about

If you've missed these TV shows as much as we have then you'll be excited too. more

Our 15 favourite fictional female duos

These BFFs from TV and film make us feel all warm inside. more

13 seriously awesome movie heroines

These women kick ass, take chances and stand up for themselves in our favourite movies. WARNING: Might contain spoilers. more

10 male characters we find super annoying

We bring you a list of fictional men who we love to hate. more

14 RuPaul's Drag Race GIFs to use in your everyday life

Need a little inspiration for your comebacks? Check this out, honey. more

Nice guys and shallow bitches

Let me tell you a story I saw play out in an old TV show I was watching over the weekend. more

Did AXE deo just change their douchebag status?

The new AXE ad celebrates ALL men and doesn’t enforce gender roles as in the past. We’re shocked, but very pleased. more

9 TV couples that dated in real life

On-screen they're good but off-screen they're even better. Check our round-up of co-stars who dated in real life. more

12 ways Hollywood movies have lied to us

Shopping, sex and love at first sight - they're not all perfect, even if the silver screen says they can be. more

14 TV shows every woman should watch

A look at a few of the shows that have helped the world see women as more than one-dimensional beings. more

'Uptown Funk' mashup as sung by the movies is 'too hot'

This mashup video by dondrapersayswhat took three months and it's amazing. 'Don't believe me just watch'. more

7 most epic reality show meltdowns

Get ready for some of the best tears, tantrums and rants ever to be showcased on reality TV. more

8 of the best female characters on TV right now

These sisters are doing it for themselves and making great television in the process. more

The Magic Mike XXL poster is here and it will make you feel things

Someone get me a cold pop 'cause there's about to be a fire... in my loins. more

The meanest moments in reality TV

Somewhere in the world, this is how women treat each other. That place is called “reality TV”. more

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