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Emmy winners 2014: characters vs real life

Check out how your fave characters compare to the actors who play them. more

6 seriously weird game shows from across the globe

No, we’re not talking doing karaoke on national TV. These 6 game shows really push competitors to absurd heights in order to make money. more

9 extremely disturbing sex scenes

There are some things you just cannot unsee. These might not be very safe for work. more

Why you should watch the Oscar nominated film Philomena

One of our reader's won tickets to watch the Oscar nominated film, Philomena. This is what our lucky ready had to say about it. more

10 male characters we find super annoying

We bring you a list of fictional men who we love to hate. more

The best OMG moments so far in Game of Thrones

With the fourth season on it's way, it’s time to reminisce about all the scenes that enslaved us to Game of Thrones in the first place. more

Downton Abbey: Spot the historical inaccuracy

Promotional images have been released for season 5 of the period drama. Yet one of them, is a bit, let’s say, off. more

9 shows that should be on SA television

Producers, take note! We need new material on our small screens. more

Heidi Klum loves taking her clothes off for Project Runway

The former model turned TV show host stripped down once again for her show’s latest promo ads. Take a look at that and the ones from years gone by. more

I'm so addicted to the crime channel it actually cheers me up

Want a bit of light relief? Watch the crime channels on DStv, says Susan Erasmus. They are a real pick-me-up. more

The funniest movie sex scenes

Sex is funny. There’s no denying it, but these movie scenes just make it look ridiculous. more

22 memorable TV catchphrases you've probably used in real life conversations

If you've ever tuned in to watch any of the most popular shows from the last 30 years then you'll remember these sayings with ease. more

You’ll never guess who’s coming back to Grey’s Anatomy

ABC has announced that Dr Preston Burke, will return to the show after his scandalous departure in 2007. more

12 ways Hollywood movies have lied to us

Shopping, sex and love at first sight - they're not all perfect, even if the silver screen says they can be. more

10 movie makeovers that made us do a double take

These characters went from drab and dreary to glitz and glam all in a Hollywood minute. more

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