MJ's secret love child!

2009-07-24 09:26
Jenna Shevel
Never a dull moment in La La Land and this week was no different!

Muddled up Mischa
Poor Mischa Barton, as I am sure you have all heard by now, Mischa has been Britneyed! Last week there was a whole lotta drama with Miss Mischa that had been a long time coming. For the last two years we have seen the downward spiral of Mischa: possession of drugs, drinking and driving, arrests, overdoses, insane partying, and a series of dodgy romances! Last Wednesday, Mischa called the cops with a health problem. The police came to her home and then she was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for her medical problem.

Mischa has been placed under involuntary 5150 psychiatric hold like Britney was last year after her dramatic bathroom hostage hoopla! "A 5150 is considered a psychiatric emergency, when a person is deemed a danger to themselves, to others or is gravely disabled," explains LA-based psychiatrist, Dr. Daniel B. Borenstein. "A serious risk of suicide is a primary reason for the hold, as well as those suffering from severe depression or schizophrenia." Heavy days. I hope it was none of these things. I've always loved Mischa, total fashionista!

According to pals close to Mischa, this has been a long time coming. "She has been on a destructive path for a while now," a loose-lipped friend spilled. "Her drug and alcohol use has gotten to a point where it drove people away." Mischa even drifted from her BFFE, Nicole Richie, who couldn't handle Mischa's crazy habits anymore.

Another pal voiced her concern for her, "Mischa is so unhealthy and out of control. She'll down anything – wine, beer, vodka whatever she can get her hands on! Most night's, she's getting smashed until 2 or 3 a.m. It's sad. She's partying nonstop, and it's ruining every aspect of her life. Her health, relationships and career are all going to hell. She's a train wreck, and everyone sees it." Sounds like a seriously sad state of affairs for the former O.C. actress. Her career has kind of stalled a la Lindsay Lohan and this latest drama is definitely not helping matters!

Mish is set to star in a new TV show called The Beautiful Life, about a group of models living and loving in the big city. Now that Mischa is in hospital, filming has been postponed and the big bosses are bringing in a new actress to potentially replace her! Shame. Poor gal. Here's hoping she gets better soon and someone looks after her. Get well soon, Mischa!

P.S. good news, Mischa is set to return to work but is still seeking treatment. Good!

Big girl Britters
Things are looking up for Britney Spears, yay! If any of you were wondering – I am a major fan. Some fab news for the pop princess this week. She may be getting control back of her life. After her Circus world tour ends in November this year, her pops Jamie Spears, who is the conservator of Brits, will go before a judge and ask for the conservatorship to be reviewed. That means that Britney will be in charge of her own life. Jamie, who can only ask the judge to reconsider the decision, has made Britney's life his full-time job since February 2008 after she was committed!

Brits' progress has been so extraordinary that if it was not for the tour, the conservatorship would likely have been revoked by now. The decision was made for the conservatorship to continue throughout the tour, a requirement to get the show on the road. Here's hoping Brits gets control! Oh and by the by, Brits' ex, Kevin Federline, who I may add is living the good life on his former cash cow is in talks to get his own reality show. The show would feature K-Fed, his gal pal Victoria Prince and his and Britters' little celebutots. Who honestly cares enough to watch K-Fed? Boring.

All the single laaaadies
Cameron Diaz is most definitely living by the old saying "single and ready to mingle"! Cammie dumped her hottie boyfriend schmodel, Paul Sculfor like a month or two ago and she sure has been getting her sex on with a variety of hotties. Loves it! Cammie was spotted all over London Town canoodling with her former co-star the delicious, Leonard De Caprio a few weeks ago and now she is being romanced by another co-star, Jude Law! He used to be smoking hot but now he's kinda balding and the whole he banged his kid's nanny thing tarnished his hottie status. Cam and Jude have been spotted looking loved up all over London. All the single laaaadies!

The Lindsanity train
I cannot help but be fascinated by train wreck that is Lindsay Lohan, guilty as charged. Another week, another drama. I cannot look away! After a few weeks of bliss between Linds and her lover Sam Ronson (seriously three weeks with no break-up, it's almost a record) the pair were up to their old tricks again this week. Linds went all loco on Sam again!

Earlier this week Sam went for dinner with her pal Sopranos star, Drea De Matteo at Celebville hotspot, Nobu. The pair are best friends but Linds didn't seem to think so and rocked up at Sam's pad in the wee hours of the morning to have it out with Sammy! The chick is mental. They are just friends and Drea is engaged! But that means nothing to our Linds and a massive fight ensued in which Lindsay was overheard by the paparazzi calling Sam a "liar", and screaming like a loon. Sam didn't take kindly to Lind's antics, and so, as any reasonable person would do, Ronson kicked her out of the house and threw all of her clothes out the window. You go girl!

The Chris crumble
Finally he speaks! After months of keeping his trap shut, Chris Brown has finally addressed the issue of beating up Rihanna. About time he explained himself and admitted it. Chris Beat her Down Brown made a video about the whole debacle! Check it out.

Blame it on the boogie
The rumours never seem to end. It's been over a month since Michael Jackson passed away and there is no peace for his memory. Some autopsy results are pointing towards an overdose and insiders are saying that his death is actually now considered a case of manslaughter. Hectic! The fate of his beloved children is still unresolved. Their aunt, Janet Jackson has reportedly offered to raise them but their mother, Debbie Rowe is going to fight for custody, and probably a whole lotta cash too! Shady lady.

Poor Janet Jackson has had a rough time – first MJ dies and now she gets dumped. Janet and her boyfriend of seven whopping years, Jermaine Dupri are o.v.e.r. Rumours of the split began when Dupri was noticeably absent from MJ's funeral. Poor Janet, keep your chin up.

Another bombshell dropped on Wednesday, that MJ had a secret child. Mmm. Methinks someone is trying to cash in. MJ's son, a Norwegian rapper called Omer Bhatti is 25 and attended the memorial concert earlier this month. He sat in between MJ's son, Prince and his older sister, Rebbie. Tongues started wagging after everyone noticed his physical similarities to Michael's youngest son, Prince Michael II (aka Blanket) and he has fuelled speculation that Prince Michael II is his son. Omer has been hanging around La La Land and has demanded that he be allowed to take a DNA test to prove he is MJ's son!

According to sources close to the Jacksons, Michael reportedly told close friends several years ago that he fathered Omer after a one-night stand with a Norwegian fan back in 1984. And Omer has been in his life for years, his mom even worked as a nanny at Neverland. Skaandal! Will keep you posted.

Are you in the market for a new perfume!? Well look no further, I have just the scent for you! Eau de Crackhead! Amy Winehouse is the latest celeb to come out with her own fragrance. Eew. According to insiders this is what it will smell like, "They want it to reflect her style with a classic smoky 1950's look and smell." Amy is keen to expand her brand and wants to latch on to the celeb perfumes bandwagon while she can. It's what we always dreamed off, smelling like Wino!

Until next week xoxo


  • Tamryn - 2009-07-24 09:20

    This was a laugh a minute. I am new to your column after I was told I must read it by a few friends. It doesn't disappoint. I am now a dedicated fan! Thanks.

  • Lili - 2009-07-24 09:28

    Hahaha! Eau de Crackhead!

  • Laura - 2009-07-24 11:07

    I almost wet my pants laughing at the Wino part. Hilarious! Who would buy her perfume. Gross. Love your column Jenna, been reading your stuff for almost 2 years now.

  • Paula - 2009-07-24 13:08

    Thx Jenna - love my Friday Hollywood fix. You never disappoint!

  • leeshay - 2009-07-27 16:26

    haha eau de crackhead - classic jenna!

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