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9 times Donald Trump was seriously stupid and gave us all a headache

Just because he’s rich, successful, and famous doesn’t mean he’s always very clever. See why. ...read more

7 scary celeb stalkers

The bad, the creepy and the “seriously-what’s-your-problem man?” ...read more

Local celebs super excited about ‘Pharrell with Woolworths’ collab

The beloved SA brand recently had a little party to celebrate the ‘Happy’ singer’s collaboration and local celebrities joined in the fun. ...read more

Forget bunnies, I want a chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch for Easter!

So there is a life-sized chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch and it is possibly the best thing in the history of the universe. ...read more

Miss SA 2000 - 2015: How many do you recognise?

How many of the famous faces who were chosen to represent our country do you remember? ...read more

Get ready to feel old - child stars grown up

Get reunited with your favourite former child stars and see what they are up to these days. ...read more

7 controversial nude celebrity covers

Whether they are exciting, fun and provocative. magazine covers need to have that "buy-me" factor, these are some of the ones that had us doing a double take... ...read more

Miley Cyrus wants you to free your nipples

Miley Cyrus sticks her boobs (and tongue) out in support of the Free the Nipple campaign. ...read more

Laverne Cox posed naked for the Allure - and we’re basically speechless

The Orange is The New Black star shared her AMAZING self on her Instagram page; and we’re all pretty close to tears over here. ...read more

5 celebs whose body confidence will inspire you

These celebs embrace their bodies exactly as they are and we love them for it. ...read more

What Back to the Future got right (and wrong) about living in 2015

Infographic: 26 years after its release, we check out how accurate Back to the Future II was about life in 2015 ...read more

6 Co-stars who did not want to kiss each other

Their kisses were so perfect they made you believe in love, but these co-stars did not actually want to kiss each other! ...read more

6 celebrity fights that had us talking and taking sides

From Twitter wars to public displays of hatred, these feuds are what good rumours are made of. Check out some of our faves from this year (yes, some of them are just unresolved issues from last year) … ...read more

6 times the paparazzi didn’t know when to stop

Sometimes these vicious photographers don’t know when too much is too much. ...read more

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