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Funniest reactions to Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom’s fight

The Lord of the Rings actor apparently nearly hit the hitmaker in the face over some baby mama drama. Here are the funniest reactions. ...read more

Worst Celebrity Fights

From badmouthing to bitch-slapping, check out our gallery and find out why famous fights just wouldn’t be the same without some public drama and hilarious comebacks! ...read more

Game of Thrones compilation to tide you over. *Spoilers!*

This compilation of seasons 1 - 4 will give you chills. And yes, there are spoilers. ...read more

Weird Al Yankovic’s Tacky is the Happy parody you’ve been waiting for

The master of musical spoof is back with a bang and his latest video features a few celebrity friends wearing tacky clothes and lip-syncing. ...read more

Dating Naked - because dating game shows weren’t awkward enough

Ever thought reality TV has just gone a little bit too far? Well, VH1 has pushed it to the next level with a show where the competitors are completely naked. ...read more

John Legend’s new music video is beautiful because it celebrates ALL women

The soul singer’s video for You & I (Nobody in the World) features a range of women: from his supermodel wife, Chrissy Teigen to the amazing transgender actress Laverne Cox. ...read more

9 funniest celebrity insults

Famous people telling off other famous people is the best thing ever. ...read more

3 sexiest moments from the 50 Shades of Grey trailer

The anticipated book to movie adaptation will be released on Valentine’s Day next year, but in the mean time, the trailer has been released… ...read more

Watch these hilarious Game of Thrones bloopers from season 4 (warning: spoiler alert)

Well we never thought we'd see a White Walker fall off a horse... Be warned though, this video does contain spoilers! ...read more

8 celebrities you forgot had sex tapes

Never mind Kim K and Pamela, these are the sex tapes you probably won't remember. ...read more

Our all-time favourite lesbian celebs

With Ellen Page's big announcement, we think it's time to celebrate our favourite gay celebrities ...read more

The human Barbies are at war!

Well here's a sentence you probably thought you'd never read: Those weird Ukranian human Barbies basically hate each other. ...read more

'Terry Richardson' looks for America's Next Sick F*ck

A spoof of the infamous photographer and Dov Charney shows the pair looking for someone new to reign in their place. ...read more

Colbie Caillat goes barefaced for her latest music video and it’s awesome

Colbie Caillat is tired of feeling pressured into constantly making her image more 'appealing', so she's made a music video about it. ...read more

Eva Mendes is having Ryan Gosling’s baby and women everywhere are heartbroken

Yes it’s true, and yes we are in mourning at the loss of the world’s ultimate boyfriend. ...read more

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