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18 celebrities who have basically the same face

These stars look so much alike that they must have been separated at birth. ...read more

11 things you didn’t know about your favourite ‘90s movies

From How Stella Got Her Groove Back to The Craft, we round up things you didn’t know about flicks from 20 years ago. ...read more

6 movies that tell us stalking is romantic

A list of some of our favourite films that might not be as sweet as they seem. ...read more

Wentworth Miller proves that fat-shaming is as real for men as it is for women

The Prison Break star shared a post about his struggles with depression and being suicidal on Facebook after seeing a body-shaming meme of himself. ...read more

Mrs SA contestant gives us the scoop on life in the world of beauty pageants

Ever wanted to know what life was like as a beauty pageant contestant? Take a look at a day in the life of Keri Stroebel. ...read more

When Will Smith slapped a reporter and other hilarious celebrity-fan meet ups

Cringe-worthy and incredibly funny - these videos will make your day! ...read more

Your favourite celebs felt the same way you did about Beyoncé’s Lemonade

Queen Bey just dropped a short film and new album. And, as expected, the internet broke. ...read more

5 movie friends who are seriously just the worst

These silver screen friendships are definitely not the kind of friendships you’d want in real life. ...read more

17 celebrities who look so much like their parents it’s uncanny

These famous families prove that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. ...read more

Twitter reacts to Erykah Badu's archaic short skirt tweets

The singer recently had social media in a frenzy. ...read more

12 things you need to know about Bill Cosby’s sexual assault allegations

Charges have been laid, suing and counter-suing is rife and dozens of women have come forward. Here’s what’s going on in the Cosby case. ...read more

ICYMI: Sizzling swimsuit and ball gown pics from Miss SA

The crown has been handed over and the tears have been wiped away. See what you missed. ...read more

W Magazine accused of lightening Willow Smith and Zendaya's skin

Social media is calling out the magazine for making their teen cover queens paler than their natural skin tones. ...read more

9 words and phrases that became popular thanks to your favourite celebs

Ever wondered where "amazeballs" came from? Wonder no more! ...read more

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