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6 celebrity fights that had us talking and taking sides

From Twitter wars to public displays of hatred, these feuds are what good rumours are made of. Check out some of our faves from this year (yes, some of them are just unresolved issues from last year) … ...read more

From jetsetter to jailbird: 18 celebrity mugshots

They might be all glitz and glam on the road carpet or the silver screen, but even celebs can have a dark side. ...read more

6 movie couples who didn’t get along on set

They might have mad chemistry on screen, but these couples really weren’t into each other in real life. ...read more

12 women who would be perfect for the new MacGyver

There is going to be a new MacGyver and this time round, Mac will be played by a woman! We have ideas about who should star in the show. ...read more

3 times Neil Patrick Harris was a really sassy Oscars host

And that other really awkward joke... Neil Patrick Harris brought all his hilarious sass with him at this year’s Oscars and we just love it. ...read more

All the behind the scenes pics from the Oscars 2015

Check out all the selfies and backstage pictures from the stars. ...read more

Get ready to feel old - child stars grown up

Get reunited with your favourite former child stars and see what they are up to these days. ...read more

6 times the paparazzi didn’t know when to stop

Sometimes these vicious photographers don’t know when too much is too much. ...read more

You wouldn't believe that these celebs are the same age!

These celebs seem worlds apart, but they are actually the same age! ...read more

Celebrities join Elton John’s #BoycottDolceGabbana campaign

Dolce and Gabbana just lost some valuable customers over their “synthetic children” comment . ...read more

12 times celebrities had all the Instagram fun

Sometimes celebrities take snaps that remind us that they are human after all. Well, aside from the millions they earn and the expensive fun they tend to have. Here's a look at some of our favourite celeb Instagram moments: ...read more

Man spends R2 million to look like Madonna and 4 other die-hard fans

Would you get surgery to look like your favourite celebrity? ...read more

Jamie Dornan won’t be in the 50 Shades of Grey sequel because his wife forbid him?

Amelia Warner, wife to the man we now know as Christian Grey, isn’t a fan of the flick and it looks like Jamie won’t be appearing in the sequels. ...read more

Reese Witherspoon demands that you #askhermore at the Oscars

The actress along with many other stars such as Patricia Arquette and Lena Dunham took a stand and this year’s Oscars and called out the media for their blatant sexism. ...read more

What ever happened to these 12 celebrities?

Back in the day they were all the rage, then they seemed to drop off the planet. Here's what happened to some of your favourite "old school" celebrities. ...read more

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