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40 celebrity audition tapes from before they were famous

Take a look at all your favourite celebrities auditioning for roles back when they actually still had to audition. ...read more

Why Robin Williams' suicide touched me so deeply

The death of one of the funniest men in the world has touched us all, but here's why it affects Carmen Williams in particular. ...read more

16 things girls do in movies, but not in real life

There’s just some leading lady behaviour that doesn’t add up. ...read more

9 funniest celebrity insults

Famous people telling off other famous people is the best thing ever. ...read more

Watch these hilarious Game of Thrones bloopers from season 4 (warning: spoiler alert)

Well we never thought we'd see a White Walker fall off a horse... Be warned though, this video does contain spoilers! ...read more

Worst Celebrity Fights

From badmouthing to bitch-slapping, check out our gallery and find out why famous fights just wouldn’t be the same without some public drama and hilarious comebacks! ...read more

Worst twerking video EVER - with a twist

This clip happened at something called the Magic Delta Fest in Romania, and it will make you cringe. ...read more

All the screen legends mentioned in Madonna’s 'Vogue' are gone

Lauren Bacall was the last living Hollywood icon listed in Madonna's 'Vogue'. Her passing marks the end of an era. ...read more

17 celebrities before they were famous

In honour of Throwback Thursday, we check out the twitpics of celebs past. ...read more

Lauren Bacall - A life in pictures

The legendary actress has passed away at the age of 89. We take a look at her life. ...read more

Is Kim Kardashian a bad role model?

The reality TV star has been on a weight loss mission since she gave birth to her baby daughter, but has announced that it’s still not enough. Does this make her a bad role model? ...read more

Funniest reactions to Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom’s fight

The Lord of the Rings actor apparently nearly hit the hitmaker in the face over some baby mama drama. Here are the funniest reactions. ...read more

3 sexiest moments from the 50 Shades of Grey trailer

The anticipated book to movie adaptation will be released on Valentine’s Day next year, but in the mean time, the trailer has been released… ...read more

8 celebrities you forgot had sex tapes

Never mind Kim K and Pamela, these are the sex tapes you probably won't remember. ...read more

Our all-time favourite lesbian celebs

With Ellen Page's big announcement, we think it's time to celebrate our favourite gay celebrities ...read more

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