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Celebs who struggle with mental disorders

They might always look happy, chirpy and full of life, but even the rich and famous suffer from depression and other serious mental illnesses. ...read more

When did these child stars become such hotties?!

These celebs were cute when they were younger but boy, are they hot now! ...read more

So what’s the real reason behind Big Sean and Naya Rivera’s break up

Only six months after their engagement, Glee’s Naya Rivera and hip hop star Big Sean have called it off. Could it be because he was stealing from her? ...read more

Kanye calls Kim his WHAT?

First she was his Perfect Bitch and now her calls her a trophy in a new song he did with Ciara’s baby daddy, Future. ...read more

Lady Gaga’s house looks exactly the way you thought it would

Yup, there are tropical tree-printed walls and a tea set from Donatella Versace, obvs. ...read more

The best Kim K parody we’ve seen this year (so far)

Everyone makes fun of Kim Kardashian, but no one does it quite like her step-brother, Brandon Jenner. ...read more

7 reactions Leo probably had towards his own Coachella dancing video

The five time Oscar nominee was caught on camera getting loose at the music festival and, while we’re sure it probably doesn’t bother him, we thought we’d try to figure out how he feels about it. ...read more

Alex Pettyfer re-enacted Magic Mike with little people covered in whipped cream

Yes, this actually happened. The actor stripped down and did one of his infamous routines from the male stripper flick during his recent birthday party – with a twist. ...read more

Oprah made Pharrell so Happy he cried

The singer shed some tears of joy after seeing the influence of his music during an interview with Oprah. ...read more

Another Photoshop fail: What the hell happened to Cameron Diaz’s face?!

In a preview of the May 2014 cover of InStyle, the model and actress looks poorly put together – and we mean her face. ...read more

Did Beyonce photoshop her thigh gap?

Queen Bey shared pictures of herself on Instagram recently with a rather odd-looking gap between her legs. Could it have been photoshopped? ...read more

So awful: 6 celebs you forgot hit women

We can't believe these Hollywood celebs have been known to hit their wives and girlfriends! This will change your opinion of these Hollywood A-listers. ...read more

Why can’t women pose like this on magazine covers?

Kevin Spacey appears on the latest cover of The Hollywood Reporter and looks pretty damn awesome. Plus, he’s fully clothed. So why do his female counterparts have to strip down to be recognised? Asks Carmen Williams. ...read more

Demi Lovato's nude pictures leaked and 10 other naked celeb scandals

These celebs took the ultimate selfies, but it backfired when their personal pics were distributed on the world wide web. ...read more

Run for it! 5 celebrities who survived animal attacks

A trip to the wild side can be very dangerous. These celebrities learned this the hard and very painful way. ...read more

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