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Lindsay Lohan is not only bad at Photoshop, but thinks we’re all stupid

The actress posted an image to her Instagram that is quite clearly the result of extremely bad editing, but she totally wants us to act like it’s not. ...read more

Most talented siblings in Celebville

For these celebrities, talent does run in the family. Way to build an empire. ...read more

8 celebs who almost always pose the same way

These celebrities are certainly not messing with a good thing... ...read more

15 famous faces who cheated on their partners

These famous people are infamous for being less than faithful to their partners. ...read more

Shocking Hollywood celeb secrets

From scandalous family secrets to X-rated pleasures, these celebs have a whole lot of skeletons in their closets. ...read more

15 celeb quotes to live by in 2015

It’s a new year, so why not start it with a new attitude? These famous faces have a few inspiring words so you can do just that. ...read more

4 reasons Emma Watson will be perfect as Belle

The young actress has been cast as the Disney Princess in a live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast. ...read more

Justin Bieber’s fake Photoshop scandal

Justin Bieber defends his manhood after fake “untouched” photos surfaced of his Calvin Klein photoshoot. ...read more

5 Golden Globe winners that we didn't see coming

No one expected they would win, but they surprised us all. Here are the most unexpected winners at the 2015 Golden Globes. ...read more

The 5 most awkward Golden Globe moments in recent history

We take a look back at the funniest, most embarrassing moments that occurred at the Globes. Get ready to cringe. ...read more

12 Celebrity splits that surprised us all

We wanted them to last forever, but it just wasn't meant to be. Here are the celebrity break-ups that shocked everyone. ...read more

9 celeb teens who are more successful than you

These young ones aren't just famous, they're raking it in too. ...read more

10 weird things celebrities did that you totally forgot about

They might be famous, but they're certainly not perfect. ...read more

Celebs who are besties on and off screen

There's no denying that these friendships will last the test of time. ...read more

What you missed: 14 WTF celeb moments from last year

Check out some of the craziest local and international stories from last year. ...read more

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