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7 times Bonnie Mbuli was a real life African goddess

The Heart FM radio host, one third of the Afternoon Express talk show, actress and mother is totally winning at life. Here's why. ...read more

Jaden Smith is no longer on twitter (and the internet is really sad)

Jaden, son of Will and Jada, the philosopher, the boy who foretold, has deactivated his account and now our lives are empty. *insert sarcasm here* ...read more

This year's Met Gala has been declared a no-selfie zone

Say it ain't so. Celebrities will have to keep their phones in their bag at the Met as selfies are not allowed. ...read more

10 weird things celebrities did that you totally forgot about

They might be famous, but they're certainly not perfect. ...read more

11 celebrities who married everyday people

Opposites attract. Especially for these celebs. ...read more

7 movies you can only watch once

While these are excellent, films you really have to see, they’re also the kind you probably don’t want to rewatch. ...read more

Is Kim K going nude still a big deal?

Kim Kardashian got naked (again) for a photo shoot. Should this still be news? ...read more

6 movie moms you should be really glad aren’t yours

And you thought your mother was bad… After Mother’s Day, we remind you of some of the worst moms on the silver screen. ...read more

Chris Hemsworth has a massive (but probably fake) penis

The actor showed off his, uh, talent in the new trailer for Vacation and we’re more than just a little bit excited now. ...read more

9 seriously cringeworthy magazine cover photoshop fails

When bad editing happens to mostly good celebrities. ...read more

10 times celebs threw the most epic shade on twitter

Sometimes celebs let out their claws and shut down the haters. One tweet is all it takes to dish out some serious shade. ...read more

8 celebs who quit being famous

While most of us dream of fame, these celebs were tired of it. So they quit. ...read more

9 times Donald Trump was seriously stupid and gave us all a headache

Just because he’s rich, successful, and famous doesn’t mean he’s always very clever. See why. ...read more

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