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These 21 celebrity names might surprise you

Can you guess what Bruno Mars real name is? Or what Iggy Azalea’s mom calls her? more

This ad agency vows to stop objectifying women

Women are often portrayed as sexual objects in ads to sell all sorts of products. U.S company Badger and Winters wants this to stop now. more

These hot, naked athletes will leave you speechless

Photographer Fred Goudon has done it again and this time he has a book entitled Dieux du Stade filled with gorgeous rugby players, swimmers and various sports stars. more

You wouldn't believe these celebs are the same age!

They seem worlds apart, but are actually very similar. more

Celeb deaths in 2015

Here's a look back at the celebrities that have passed away this year. more

7 scary celeb stalkers

The bad, the creepy and the “seriously-what’s-your-problem man?” more

13 celeb throwbacks you might've missed this week

Everyone loves a good #tbt, check out which of our favourite stars have got all nostalgic on us. more

Did AXE deo just change their douchebag status?

The new AXE ad celebrates ALL men and doesn’t enforce gender roles as in the past. We’re shocked, but very pleased. more

11 stars you didn’t realise were in that other thing

Remember that movie or show that actor was in that one time? Yeah, that one. more

Vanity Fair got their annual Hollywood cover right this year

The iconic mag’s yearly special Hollywood edition cover features 13 of cinema’s finest actresses; ranging in age, colour and genre. more

#OscarsSoWhite: Why Jada Pinkett Smith's boycott should be supported

Famous actress takes to social media to express disappointment at lack diversity of Oscar nominations – vows to boycott awards. more

Viola Davis: “We’ve been fed lies about women”

The award-winning actress and 5 other powerful female TV stars talk about the way women are portrayed in Hollywood and the power of TV. more

5 magazine covers that had us talking in 2015

A picture says a thousand words, and these covers have had quite a lot to say. more

How celebs spent their Christmas weekend

See how these local and international celebrities spent their Christmas and what they got. more

7 movies you can only watch once

While these are excellent, films you really have to see, they’re also the kind you probably don’t want to rewatch. more

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