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Worst Celebrity Fights

From badmouthing to bitch-slapping, check out our gallery and find out why famous fights just wouldn’t be the same without some public drama and hilarious comebacks! more

I'm so addicted to the crime channel it actually cheers me up

Want a bit of light relief? Watch the crime channels on DStv, says Susan Erasmus. They are a real pick-me-up. more

6 seriously weird game shows from across the globe

No, we’re not talking doing karaoke on national TV. These 6 game shows really push competitors to absurd heights in order to make money. more

Latest soapie updates for Days of Our Lives, Isidingo, Generations and more!

Need your next drama fix? No worries, we've got you covered. more

So there’s going to be a movie about Aaliyah’s life

And it’s going to talk about her relationship with R. Kelly. more

Lily Allen tweeted an extremely NSFW picture

And we can’t say we’re all that surprised. more

Weird Al Yankovic’s Tacky is the Happy parody you’ve been waiting for

The master of musical spoof is back with a bang and his latest video features a few celebrity friends wearing tacky clothes and lip-syncing. more

'Terry Richardson' looks for America's Next Sick F*ck

A spoof of the infamous photographer and Dov Charney shows the pair looking for someone new to reign in their place. more

Dating Naked - because dating game shows weren’t awkward enough

Ever thought reality TV has just gone a little bit too far? Well, VH1 has pushed it to the next level with a show where the competitors are completely naked. more

Heidi Klum loves taking her clothes off for Project Runway

The former model turned TV show host stripped down once again for her show’s latest promo ads. Take a look at that and the ones from years gone by. more

John Legend’s new music video is beautiful because it celebrates ALL women

The soul singer’s video for You & I (Nobody in the World) features a range of women: from his supermodel wife, Chrissy Teigen to the amazing transgender actress Laverne Cox. more

8 hilarious reactions to Harry Styles favouriting a dirty tweet

So the One Direction singer favourited a NSFW tweet on Twitter. We’re not sure if it was accidental or a prank, but we do know the reactions to it were bloody hilarious. more

There’s a new Royal portrait of Prince William and everyone thinks it’s awful

A new royal portrait of the Duke of Cambridge was unveiled recently and, well, it’s... You’ll just have to see for yourself. more

Windsor is coming: Queen Elizabeth II visits Game Of Thrones set

The British monarch toured the Game of Thrones set in Belfast, but decided not to have a seat on the most coveted spot in Westeros. more

This clip from Lady Gaga’s new video will make you feel a lot of things (none good)

The video for the Mother Monster’s song with R Kelly was pulled after sexual assault claims. Check out a clip from the video here. more

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