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Boob + baby = less fever

Breast-fed babies are less feverish after immunization. more

4 ways to get them moving

Tired of looking at the slobbering heaps on the couch? It's action time. more

7 suicide myths

Think it's just a cry for help? Read these suicide myths. more

Keep kids fit

Here are 8 ways to keep your toddler and child fit. more

Nature's cures for kids

There are some great remedies available that are safe to use for your little one. Here's a quick guide on how to use them. more

Counting kiddie meal calories

New research reveals that the kids' meals from popular fast-food places are alarmingly unhealthy. more

Protect baby and yourself

High in folic acid, Marmite is a perfect treat for expectant mums... more

Over-feeding your infant?

Infants who gain too much weight as babies are more likely to grow into obese toddlers... more

The main food types children need

How much starch do children need? What happens when they have too much fibre? Find out what exactly to give them and how much. more

Obesity in children

Obesity in children is fast becoming a worrying fact. Here are some tips designed to help your child to develop a healthy lifestyle. more

9 burn safety tips

The Child Accident Prevention Foundation of South Africa suggests these tips to make your home safer. more

5 ways to tempt a fussy eater

Tired of the untouched plate at every meal? Have a go at changing the mood with these tricks. more

Healthy choices for kids

Start early for a lifetime of good habits. more

Chronic protein deficiency hard on kids' brains

Protein helps their little brains grow more

Help your kids cope with stress

Common thinking is that children become stressed by change: moving home, outings, holidays or having the house renovated. Here's an alternative idea. more

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