Natural birth or c-section?

Our readers tell us their reasons for their birth choices. more

New mom Adele attacked!

Online bullies have lashed out at singer Adele following the birth of her baby. more

Monday’s child is fair of face

What made you select the date for for your elective Caesarean section? more

Watch a giant panda give birth

Take a look at this amazing video of a giant panda in China giving birth. more

This dad is cooler than Jay-Z

Jay-Z may have rapped about the birth of his daughter, Blue Ivy, but this dad takes the cake! more

When bloggers give birth

Our bloggers share their birth stories with us. From cancer scares to home births, they’ve done it all! more

The truth about home birth

The good, the bad… and the messy of giving birth at home. more

Should dad be in the delivery room?

How important is it that dads-to-be to attend the births of their babies? more

The scariest cut

The fear of an episiotomy can be worse than the experience. more

Read: 8 signs mom needs help urgently

Postpartum psychosis can be catastrophic, but what are the signs? more

Switched at birth

Moms faced with terrible decision after babies switched at birth. more

Best ‘daddy’ countries

Which countries offer the best paternity benefits to new fathers? more

See a baby born

Parent24’s birth videos and galleries capture those dramatic first moments. more

Beyoncé's VIP treatment

Should celebs get VIP treatment at hospitals when they deliver? more

'My daughter was at her brother’s birth'

I’m glad my daughter was there to welcome her brother at my home birth, says Sally-Jane Cameron. more

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