Ben Is One

The Lion King: A first birthday party

Parent24 reader and mom, Liezel, shares photos from her son's beautiful first birthday party. more

Hurting myself makes me feel better

Self harm amongst teens is common and dealing with it as a parent can be very hard, but there is help. more

New dad discovers the amazing power of love [WATCH]

This stunning, simple concept captures a wonderful feel-good parenting moment. more

Movies starring Robin Williams to watch with your family

Celebrate the memory of Robin Williams with these 12 family movies. more

The best teacher we never had

Robin Williams’s role in Dead Poet’s Society transformed our ideas about educators. more

Tickets to view LIVE celebrity birth via Skype

Notorious UK ‘celeb’ is selling tickets to anyone who’d like to watch her give birth. more

“My wife aborted without my permission”

Do women have the sole right to decide about pregnancy in a marriage? more

When digital play fails kids

Sometimes kids can benefit more from old-school fun rather than technology, suggests Karen. more

Tim Noakes and Banting for children

Tim Noakes recommends the LCHF or ‘Banting’ eating plan, but is it safe for kids? more

The sad end of baby names

The tragic day your child turns around and says “don’t call me that!” more

I'll never do that when I'm a parent

Non-parents are always such know-it-alls when it comes to parenting, until they have a baby. more

How to deal with sleep deprivation

A single mom of 4 young kids shares her tips for dealing with constantly being sleep deprived. more

Nappy change at table gets mom booted from pizza place

Mom gets kicked out of pizza place for changing her baby’s nappy on the table. more

5 reasons to integrate e-learning into home-schooling

Home-schooling and e-learning can work well together with involved parents. more

Treating infertility with urine therapy

Urine has been described as the Waters of Life and many swear by its healing properties. more

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