Sick child ‘Iron Max’, gets his flying wish

Boy with rare disease is given an amazing chance to fly like his superhero Iron Man. more

7 weird family confessions

Crazy and hilarious confessions by Twitter users. more

Today's kids react to walkmans (portable cassette players)

Kids of today are given a walkman, see their reaction when they have to figure it out by themselves. more

What is unplugged parenting?

Cath Jenkin gives some tips on how to unplug when you're with your kids. more

12-year-old girl wins stinky shoe contest

Many kids go through a stinky shoe phase, but not many can claim to have won a prize! more

Parent versus child

At the end of the day parenting is nothing but a power struggle. more

Jessica Simpson's kid goes flying!

Dads love to toss their babies in the air, but Jessica's baby seems a bit too high! more

5 lies about newborns

The things that no one tells you about your first child. more

Is crucifying kids crazy?

An image of kids re-enacting the crucifixion has provoked a wild debate online. more

The Parent Wars

Isn't it it time for parents with differing opinions to call a truce? more

1 man, 11 partners, 30 kids

Prolific father finds it impossible to keep up with maintenance costs for 30 kids. more

Children see, children do

Kids look to their parents as role models even in bad behaviour. more

Adoption: The journey, struggles and advice

Featuring adoption counsellor, Terri Lailvaux, and Saskia Williams from the infertility awareness association of South Africa. more

Are sexy dance moves okay for kids?

Would you approve of your daughter performing these inappropriate dance moves? more

Teen addicted to selfies attempts suicide

Teen spends up to 10 hours a day taking over 200 selfies before attempting to commit suicide. more

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