5 useful parenting tips

5 useful parenting tips

Make parenting even more rewarding with these top tips. more

John Grisham's child porn shocker

Author claims too many ‘innocent’ men are being arrested on sex charges. more

Tech giants pay for employees to freeze their eggs

Apple and Facebook offer to pay for eggs to be frozen to aid women in their careers. more

Stop over-protecting your kids!

Over-protecting your children could prevent them from becoming empowered and independent. more

Husband gives baby wife’s surname

What could motivate parents to go against the social norm of naming their child after the wife’s family? more

You CAN be happy as a single parent family

Being a single parent can be difficult but that doesn't mean you can't be happy. more

Introducing your daughter to tampons

A step-by-step video to help your tween use tampons comfortably. more

Real birth stories

From c-sections to natural births, these moms share their birth experiences with us. more

The benefits of mediation

Mediation can help avoid family disputes disintegrating into complicated court cases. more

How I gave birth in 45 minutes

Shannon shares what happens when you hear the dreaded phrase 'too late for an epidural'. more

Students are trying to normalise breastfeeding

A group of students trying to normalise breastfeeding have created a catchy music video. more

Mind your manners, please…

When is it too early to teach your children the social niceties of greeting other people. more

Little Patrick Swayze

This 8-year-old instantly became my favourite kid, watch how he becomes yours too. more

Teen spends R500,000 on free-to-play mobile game gold

Grandfather's credit card used to buy large amounts of "digital" gold. more

Family welcomes girl for the first time in 100 years

This British family has given birth to only boys for over a century. more

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