Our heritage is important

Home And Away

A reader responds to Lili Radloff's inspirational article about our South African heritage.

5 Signs you’re too Libra for your own good


Being born under the Libra sign comes with a few unique set of problems. Here are just some of the aggravating ones you (and everyone else) have to deal with.

Get the look: Dolce & Gabbana's Spanish girl


Inspired by the Spanish influence in Sicily, fashion house Dolce & Gabbana showed a sultry, Spanish beauty look for Spring/Summer 2015 at Milan Fashion Week. Find out how to get the look here...

9 seriously important quotes from Emma Watson’s speech on feminism

Celeb Gossip

The young actress and UN Global Goodwill Ambassador recently gave a heartfelt speech about feminism and gender equality.

The trouble with small hidden expenses


We all enjoy the little pleasures in life, like that freshly made gourmet sandwich or that creamy artisan coffee. So, aren't those things worth spending R50 on?

This ELLE France magazine cover didn't use any airbrushing or Photoshop


This cover really surprised us, which is actually really alarming when you think about it.

The F word and the need to reclaim it


We need to face the issue of sexism in order to win the war against gender violence.

TV reporter quits live on air


Last night, an Alaskan reporter called Charlo Greene quit her job live on TV, outing herself as the owner of an Alaskan cannabis club.

Is prefering a sexual partner of a different race political?

Sex and Sizzle

Is swirling and sexual attraction across colour and culture lines a political issue?

Instagram style file: Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen


Ari Seth Cohen Advanced Style offers proof from the wise and silver-haired set that personal style advances with age.

Oscar: an accident waiting to happen

Book Club

Samantha's Taylor's mom's book tries – and fails – to portray Oscar as a monster.

Barbie-inspired fashion and beauty by Moschino

Fashion and Beauty

After recently showing a fast food-inspired collection, Moschino designer Jeremy Scott upped the ante once more, showing a collection of over-the-top Barbie-inspired fashion and make-up and hair looks for Spring/Summer 2015 at Milan Fashion Week.

Should we care about celebrity feminism?


A recent increase in the number of celebs, from Beyoncé to Taylor Swift, are calling themselves feminist. What does this mean? Should we embrace this, or critique it? More importantly does it matter?

The problem with new-age racism


After 20 years of democracy, racism and bitterness still hurt our country.

20 best moments from Friends to celebrate it’s 20th anniversary

Series Addicts

22 September marks the 20 year anniversary of the premiere of the sitcom. Here are 20 of our favourite moments.

‘Broke’ Judy claims Tokyo spends R2m a month


The divorce between former Cabinet minister Tokyo Sexwale and his wife Judy appears to be turning nasty as the couple fight over their assets.

9 celebrities that aren’t on social media

Celeb Gossip

You won’t see these stars sharing selfies, or weighing in on the latest internet craze in 140 characters.

5 Things that you probably didn’t know about Raymond E. Feist

Book Club

The best-selling author is currently in South Africa for the Cape Town Open Book festival as well to promote his most recent book, Magician’s End.

Don't flash your cash, government urges public


The government has reportedly urged the public not to flaunt their wealth, a "criticism that is meant for everyone".

SA govt sending plane to fetch collapse survivors


The government is expected to send an aircraft to Lagos, Nigeria to evacuate survivors of the church tragedy that killed 86 South Africans.

Straight from our #beautydesk: summer skin and hair beauty boosters


Ready for the summer’s sun and sea? You might be, but we all know that the elements can be very harsh on your hair and skin during this time. Here the Women24 team reviews a few products that will do beauty wonders for you this season.

Still no justice for Warrior dog buried alive by school principal


A school principal who buried a live stray dog has still not been brought to justice.

#LFW: all the mind-blowing fashion moments


With London Fashion Week nearing its end, we look back at some of the extraordinary fashion we saw in the past week. Colourful, vibrant and very beautiful, we are ready for summer!

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