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All the teasers for all your favourite soapies!

Want to know what's happening in your favourite drama before it airs? Look no further.


5 old fashion trends we're wearing again

Threw out your '90s rebellious teen armour? You beautiful, silly fool.


3 things you need to stop doing to your vagina. Like, right now.

We speak to a gynaecologist to get the final word on treating and cleaning your ladybits.


I’m done trying to be small

Instead "I want a big life. Filled with big adventures. Big moments of happiness," says this blogger who is over self-deprecating thoughts about her body.


Add a touch of brass to your bathroom with a copper-pipe shelf and towel bar

Want something shiny and new? Add these copper touches and chic up the place.


Do you overinvest in relationships with emotional vampires?

Loving someone is not a good enough reason to stay in a relationship. Dorothy Black explains.

Great Hair

This brilliant hair hack turns fine, limp hair into a shiny voluminous mane

I have the answer for every girl who’s ever had to struggle with flat, dull, oily or limp hair.


Become a domestic goddess by planting your own indoor herb garden

With a bit of TLC, attention to detail and the right amount of sunlight, having herbs available at an arm's reach is easy.


I got my dream job and this is how I did it

Blogger Anja van der Spuy gives us eight tips and tricks to finding (and securing) the job you've always wanted.


Ending institutionalised rape myths. #RUHelping?

A number, especially when it is a big one, doesn’t feel real. Which is perhaps why sexual violence feels like it's happening to someone else.


#RUReferenceList: A man’s problem

We live in a country where people are ready to recoil at voluntary nudity, but not rape. Where is the outrage?


#RUReference List: 10 voices you need hear

Women are at the forefront in transforming universities’ sexual assault policies.


Getting legal support after a sexual assault or rape

In a society of rape culture and very little justice for women, there is only one thing that can give us power, and that is knowledge. Here are a few important things to know about your rights.

Great Hair

5 DIY hairstyles for when you’re running late

No time in the morning to do your hair? Check out these quick style updates that take only 5 minutes or less.

Celeb Gossip

18 celebrities who have basically the same face

These stars look so much alike that they must have been separated at birth.


5 realities you have to live with when you're an adult in a tiny body

Regularly being called the c-word is just one of them.


Two incredibly strong young girls

The way Emma (10) and Karla (12) handled their father's death is an inspiration to everyone, so says their mom, as they have his ability to come out of anything stronger than before.

News and Trends

Some of the beautiful things we’re looking at for Autumn/Winter

It’s time to start readying your home for the colder seasons. Here are a few of our favourite things for the season.


5 epic flash mob proposals you need to see

Flash mob proposals not necessarily your thing? These videos may just change your mind.


How to minimize enlarged pores and avoid blackheads

The dos and dont's of preventing clogged pores.


Five gorgeous garden upgrades to make right now

If your garden needs something new, this is it.

Great Hair

7 awesome new ways to style your natural hair

Want to switch up your hair game this season? Here are a few fantastic tips to give your look new life.

Celeb Gossip

Your favourite celebs felt the same way you did about Beyoncé’s Lemonade

Queen Bey just dropped a short film and new album. And, as expected, the internet broke.


It’s probably never a good idea to invite Kim Kardashian to your wedding

Kim K totally tries to upstage Isabela Rangel at her own wedding.

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