What’s the worst backhanded compliment you’ve ever received?


There’s nothing worse than being dealt an insult disguised as a compliment. Just ask some of our readers.

Sexual harassment in the workplace: Know your rights


Sexual harassment in the workplace remains widespread. Make sure you know your rights.

When criminal cases go horrendously wrong

Book Club

If you are accused of a crime you did not commit, do you really believe that justice will prevail in a court of law?

5 (terrible) life lessons I learned from the author of Anne of Green Gables

Book Club

Old books can be delightful, but sometimes they can be a bit horrifying. For example, look at these lessons taught by the author of the Anne of Green Gable books...

Is marriage a promise of sex?


If monogamy is your relationship model, does that make you responsible for your partner's intimate satisfaction?

How NOT to #Hashtag


Since the hashtag’s introduction to Facebook, they’ve become just another way for you to sound like a dweeb on the internet.

Game of Thrones compilation to tide you over. *Spoilers!*

Celeb Gossip

This compilation of seasons 1 - 4 will give you chills. And yes, there are spoilers.

Real SA wedding: Estie & Matt

Real Weddings

They knew each other way before they started dating. See their gorgeous pics here.

The dangers of being an extreme cheapskate


Meet the people who will serve guests roadkill, don't flush their loos and get their medication from rubbish bins.

What feminism taught me about my white privilege


A guest blogger admits to being guilty of 'white privilege' and thinks we all need to identify our own privilege.

Latest soapie updates


Want to know what your favourite dramas have in store for you? Check out the latest forecasts!

'Sex please' rejection list goes viral


A sexually frustrated husband's spreadsheet on his wife's excuses to avoid sex with him has gone viral on the internet.

Racist and sexist casting call pulled


A horrible casting call has detailed what kind of women Hollywood finds valuable.

Clarins gives you excellent skincare tips


Women24 interviews Clarins Beauty Advisor Amy-Leigh about achieving the best skin possible.

The new, hot place everyone’s going for dates: Technology


In this fast-paced world of information technology and ubiquitous upgrades, survival of the fittest depends on our ability to keep up with the ever-changing times.

The human Barbies are at war!

Celeb Gossip

Well here's a sentence you probably thought you'd never read: Those weird Ukranian human Barbies basically hate each other.

Take a deep breath and count to ten


Can anger ever be constructive? Lili Radloff thinks it's possible.

Woman arrested for making a vagina kayak


A Japanese artist designed and made a kayak from a 3D printing of her own vagina and got locked up for breaking obscenity laws.

Stories and reflections from those who met Nelson Mandela

Book Club

“In the end, through Mandela’s actions, the only point that was made was his enormous capacity to turn the most hardened opponents into admirers.”

Good debt vs. bad debt


What is ‘good’ debt and ‘bad’ debt, and why is it important to distinguish between the two?

Lifting up your dress and flashing your bum is a thing!


Because being all dolled up for your wedding is just no longer enough.

To be young, gifted, and black


Why we shouldn't lose hope about the state of South Africa and our nation's future.

The Grazia SA slut shaming controversy as told in tweets and gifs


Another day, another social media controversy...

Alcohol kills women faster


The World Health Organisation released its 2014 global report on alcohol and health and it's bad news: Women are more vulnerable to alcohol related diseases than men.

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