Who says feminism can't be funny?


This cartoonist is fighting internet sexism in the best way ever.

Faking fuller brows is ridiculously easy


Want to up your brow game, and fast? Here's the tools you need.

How curvy girls wear prints and bold colours


As summer comes to a close, fashion blogger Meg de Jong shows us how curvy girls can pull off printed skirts and boldly coloured scarves.

Can we really prevent rape from happening?


While campaigns to prevent rape are noble, Jennifer Thorpe thinks that they should be more realistic in the South African context.

6 Co-stars who did not want to kiss each other

Celeb Gossip

Their kisses were so perfect they made you believe in love, but these co-stars did not actually want to kiss each other!

How porn drove innovation in tech

Sex and Sizzle

INFOGRAPHIC - Who would have thought porn was so instrumental in helping technology advance?

This might be triggering: Why these warnings are necessary


Being exposed to violence in media can be scary, but even more so when it's done without forewarning. Carmen Williams explains why.

Is chocolate better for your brain than exercise?


A recent study took a closer look at the effect of chocolate on the ageing brain and the results seem almost too good to be true.

How to get flushed cheeks without blushing


Cinderella actress, Lily James, always makes a red carpet statement. Most recently she's been wowing us with her princess-pretty rosy pink cheeks. Here we give you the tools to recreate her fresh look.

WATCH: Blind woman learns to do her own make-up


This women created a technique for visually impaired women to do their own make-up and it is incredible.

Would you stay in this tiny tree house for R1800 a night?


Always wanted to have your very own tree house where you could pretend to be a kid again? Maybe this will tickle your fancy.

Why wearing black and gold during the day is, perhaps, the best idea ever


Fashion blogger, Tanya Mwamwetta shows us how to wear this classic combo during the day.

10 insanely weird things you missed on Gumtree and OLX today

News and Trends

Need a miracle chair from Ventersdorp? Well you can buy it online along with other weird stuff.

Paul Kruger next to go?


Tshwane's executive mayor has put his support behind the ANC Youth League’s call for the removal of the statue of former president Paul Kruger from Church Square, Pretoria.

Watch: Sorry Babe, You're a Feminist


Katie Goodman's song will make you realise that you are in fact a feminist even if you don't think you are.

Miss SA 2000 - 2015: How many do you recognise?

Celeb Gossip

How many of the famous faces who were chosen to represent our country do you remember?

5 of the best rags to riches stories ever


These stories are proof that your present does not define your future.

How to give your home a casual floral flair


Who said a vase full of flowers at your window is outdated? Make your house a home with these useful tips on floral décor.

Climate change could disturb marine life


Climate change may lead to disturbances in marine life that will take thousands of years to recover from, not hundreds of years as previously thought.

Miss South Africa: the outdated practice of judging sexy show dogs


Most punt this as 'more than just a plain old beauty pageant', but is it really?

Being a mother doesn't mean you stop being a friend


Manni Bradshaw is tired of people pulling the "mom card" as an excuse to be a bad friend.

Instagram style file: Raylene Harvey


This self-made and self-taught fashion designer takes us through her sassy style choices.

Watch how scammers make worn tyres 'new'!

Featured Articles

Used tyres may be cheap but there dangers when purchasing from dubious dealers. Watch as scam artist make fake tyres into seemingly new sets of wheels!

4 Marriage proposal disasters


Some marriage proposal ideas should be avoided at all costs.

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