No longer a Pussycat doll?

2010-01-20 13:18
Nicole Scherzinger reportedly ended her two-year relationship with Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton in order to further her acting ambitions. She's set her sights on being a Bond girl!

A friend of the star said, "Nicole is fiercely ambitious and didn't want to spend her next few years following Lewis around the globe. He wanted her to be his companion as he went from one place to another, but she was not prepared to pack in her career, and that led to a number of arguments."

So will the singer be doing instead?

"She has lined up some meetings in Hollywood. Nicole is very athletic and sees herself in action movies. She has even said her ideal role would be to star as the next Bond girl. Why not? She has the looks and the physique for it."

Despite her acting ambitions, the 31-year-old beauty hasn't turned her back on the music industry, as she is currently writing a number of songs for her solo album, as well as a new LP with her group.

The source said, "The record is building a new Pussycat Dolls around Nicole and she wasn't prepared to sacrifice this. They say heartbreak is good for creativity and, since splitting, Nicole has written a couple of tortured love songs for her new solo album."

Lewis, who is still on speaking terms with Nicole, recently insisted he is staying upbeat about the future and trying to put his heartbreak behind him.

The 25-year-old star said: "I just want to move forward in a positive manner. The focus is on this season and doing the best I possibly can and getting the results on the track. I'm keeping my mind on that."