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Is your sex life dull and monotonous? Do you need to a little (or a lot of) excitement? Try these hot tips to spice things up...

Secret games
Men love naughty secrets. Be naked under your dress before you go out to a restaurant and tell him just before you sit down to eat so there's little he can do about it. Flash him a lá Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct when no-one else is looking. Chances are he won't wait for desserts and coffee!

Write those wrongs
Plant sexy little notes everywhere: in his wallet, briefcase, jacket pocket or even in the fridge. Each note should describe bits of him you find the sexiest. Slip him redeemable tokens specifying what you want to do with him or have him do to you. Write out several, put them in a container and ask him to choose. Examples might be climaxing in the back row of a cinema or tying him up and teasing him with your naked body until he begs for mercy.

Sing like a bird
Birdsong can be profoundly powerful during sex, evoking images of making love in fields or forests, research has found. According to the Tibetans there are eight sounds of passion, each based on the cry of a bird. "Sa si" is the sound the quail makes when the penis enters the vagina; then there's the call of a black goose – the ravenous gasps of furious intercourse – and the post-orgasmic "coo" of the dove. Don't knock it till you've tried it!

Tantra tip
This technique, known as the "set of nine", "massages" the vagina and penis. He inserts and withdraws just the head of his penis nine times and then he thrusts the entire length in once. This is followed by eight shallow strokes (penis head only) and two deep strokes with the entire length. Then seven shallow, three deep, six shallow, four deep and so on, all the way, culminating in one shallow, followed by nine deep strokes. If you feel like it, start from the beginning again. It's a great way to recharge your sexuality.

Voice your desires
Talk like a bad girl! You can use your voice to arouse him just as you use your mouth, lips, tongue, hands and body. A low, husky voice and sexually explicit language can electrify lovemaking. Research shows the desire to hear women "talk dirty" is almost as high up on the male wish list as oral sex. If you're not sure what to say, read a few erotic books and borrow the dialogue that turns you on.

Be his private dancer
Play any sensuous music you feel comfortable dancing to and do a slow strip-tease in front of your man. The key is to keep your eyes locked on him while slowly removing your clothes. Wear a silk shirt that can be unbuttoned to reveal sexy lingerie. According to one erotic dancer, a good outfit is a black skirt, black garter belt, very sheer black stockings, high heels and a white silk shirt with white silk camisole underneath. Lose the bra. A chair can be a good prop.

Be a sex goddess
The more you think about yourself as sexy, the truer it'll become for you. Believe it about yourself, and everyone else will believe it too. Constantly tell yourself: "I'm a sex goddess. I'm sexually powerful. I'm irresistible to all men."

Ice is nice
The thrilling cold of an ice cube on the point of melting can have a stimulating shock effect on the body, leaving deliciously damp trails across the skin. Test the ice on your tongue before you begin. Ice will also stimulate the nipples – a single touch will have them erect in seconds and many women enjoy the touch of an ice cube on their clitoris or pushed into their vagina before regular intercourse.

Seductive in silk
Take an intimate journey around each other's bodies. Kiss and stroke the back and shoulders. Different textures such as silk or velvet lightly brushed over the surface of the skin can be extremely sensuous. Feathers can also be used to stimulate the nipples and genitals. Using whatever turns you on, lightly touch each other everywhere.

Crack his code
Use a private language or code for sex that just the two of you understand. Conveying your desires to each other in a public place can be a huge turn-on. An old boyfriend used to say: "I find it hard to understand" whenever he had an erection during an inopportune time, such as lunch with his family.

Become a bookworm
Stock up on erotic literature to read together or privately to put yourself in the mood. Anything by Nancy Friday is good. Men are more visually stimulated than women, so a girlie magazine or sexy video might be more of a turn-on for him.

Tease him a little
You invited friends over for dinner? Ask him for a little help in the kitchen. Flash him an eyeful of your sexy new underwear, then push him against the fridge and rub him up a little while you kiss him passionately. Suck each of his fingers as though it were a small penis. Look longingly at him and groan softly. Then return innocently to your guests as he waits for his erection to subside.

- True Love


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