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Getting unsolicited dick pictures while online dating

You know what's even worse? Unsolicited masturbation videos. Really now. more

How to get stupid drunk while everyone else is just being stupid

I seriously have no time for Valentine’s Day. Even when I had a boyfriend I was just like: NOPE. more

Single is the way to go in 2014

It’s the New Year and you’re adamant that 2014 is not going to be yet another year filled with forgotten New Year’s promises and slimming solutions. more

Being single isn't such a bad thing

Not being in a relationship isn't something to be feared. Ridin' solo can also have its perks. more

6 Things NOT to say after a break-up

When your friend comes crying on your shoulder after a failed relationship, refrain from saying the following… more

Hey, your breath stinks!

Is there any really polite way to tell someone that their halitosis is affecting those around them? more

Dorothy Black learns to strip

And in the process, finds out what sexy really is. more

10 Things you should NEVER say to your lover

A relationship is hard work, and communication is key, but there are just some things that should be kept to yourself. more

Are black women looking for Mr White?

As more and more black women date white men, it begs the question: are they a better option than their black counterparts? more

Would a man obey a woman in charge?

If roles were reversed in 50-Shades of Grey and Ana was the dom, I’m not so sure Christian would obey her every command. more

I took my boyfriend to a strip club (and I ended up loving it)

We have the kind of relationship based on experiences and relationships rather than accumulating things. So one night I suggested we go to a strip club. more

Dating after 40 is hard!

Violet Online has started dating again, but certain things are a bit unsettling at first. more

The 5 worst ways to break up with someone

It’s bad enough to break someone’s heart in a nice way… more

Are you a gold digger? Here's how to tell

Would a fancy car persuade you to go on a date with a guy? Watch this and see if your reaction would be any different. more

Women? Think? HAHAHA!

No, seriously, women really do have brains. Brains bigger than necessary to operate their batting eyelids and duckface pouts. [Sarcastic font disclaimer] more

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