Sex position: Missionary madness

Take the mission out of missionary with these variations. And then get your partner to try the Set of Nine...

The good old missionary position has been much maligned – and, methinks unfairly so. This position is great for physical closeness, kissing and orgasms for both him and her. The many different variations also allow for a host of different sensations. So go through the list tonight and enjoy...

Standard Grade:

Basic: You lie on your back with him on top of you. Both your legs are straight, with yours on the outside.
The squeeze: As above but with your legs on the inside and his on the outside. The closer together your legs are the tighter everything will fit.
Legs of victory: Extend your legs straight up towards the ceiling. Good for deeper penetration, but it will make you tired.
The vice: For those less passive. Wrap your legs around him to pull him closer and to control the movement.
One bent, one straight: If you want to keep clitoral contact (which is difficult with both legs bent) and more depth (which is difficult with both legs straight) – why not compromise?
Leg up: When you want to make the missionary all Kama Sutra-ish: throw one leg over his shoulder. Be prepared to cramp, though.
Knees and ears: Put both legs over his shoulders. As they say, a true lady always crosses her ankles... Around her lover's neck.

Higher Grade:

Do the positions above, but convince your man to use the following rhythm:

Nine shallow strokes where he inserts only the head of the penis. Because most of the nerve endings are focused in the first three centimeters of your vagina, you'll find this surprisingly rewarding.
Then he thrusts the entire length of his penis in once. (By now you'll be just about gasping for it.)
Then he gives eight shallow strokes where he inserts only the head.
And two deep thrusts.
And seven shallow strokes.
And three deep thrusts.
Six shallow strokes.
Four deep thrusts.
And so on.

When he reaches nine deep thrusts, it's called a Set of Nine.

Now pat yourselves on the back and sink into a blissful sleep.

Are you a fan of the missionary position? And have you tried the Set of Nine?

- Women24


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2016-04-25 10:51

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