7 steps to a tight vajayjay

Dr Arnold Kegel made it famous, but truth is that these exercises have always been a part of yoga and martial arts training.

Locating your pelvic floor
Your pelvic floor is the diaphragm-like muscle that supports your urethra, vagina and colon. You can locate this by stopping your urine mid-stream by contracting the pelvic floor muscles. That feeling? That’s how you find it.

How to do the exercises
1.    Kegel exercise consists of both tightening & relaxing the pelvic muscle. Be sure to relax completely between each muscle tightening.

2.    Incorporate both quick contractions and long contractions into your exercise regimen.

3.    Short quick contractions (2 seconds) - Contract/tighten your pelvic muscle quickly and hard,

4.    and immediately relax it.

5.    Long contractions (3-10 seconds) - Tighten your pelvic muscle and hold for a count of 3 seconds, then relax the muscle completely for a count of 3 seconds. Over time increase the length of time you tighten and hold the muscle.

6.    Try to do the exercises in all 3 positions: sitting,standing & lying down. If you experience urine loss in one specific position only, increase the number of exercises for that position.

7.    Concentrate and tighten only the pelvic floor muscle.

•    DO NOT tighten leg muscles (thighs), buttocks or abdomen. If you feel your stomach move, then you are also using these muscles.
•    DO NOT hold your breath. Breathe normally and/or count out loud.

Vaginal weights and ben-wa balls
You can also use vaginal weights (tampon-shaped weights) or balls inserted into the vagina to strengthen the muscles.

•    Increase of blood flow keeps the tissue healthier.
•    Vaginal wall will get thicker.
•    More oxygen is pumped and it will keep the woman more lubricated.
•    Men will be able to sustain an erection for longer periods of time.
•    The intensity of orgasm will increase.
•    The prostate gland will remain healthier.

Do you think these tips will work for you? Do you have any more to share with us?


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