Amp up your Orgasm!

Girls – do you want to enjoy sheet-shredding, toe-curling climaxes? Leigh van den Berg shows you how.

Tell me ladies – are you getting your fair share of big ‘O’ pie? According to the 2007/08 Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey, nearly twice as many men (63%) orgasm regularly - as opposed to us chicas who’re only ‘regular’ 32% of the time.

So, help make up the difference, when last did you experience an all consuming, body-rocking orgasm? Not the ‘so-so’ kind you could easily give yourself on a lazy Sunday morning... I’m talking about the type where you had to bite into the pillow so as to not wake up the kids! The kind that causes bed side lamps to go a-flying! 

If this sounds like you, clearly you don’t need any help. Perhaps you should go take a look at our gorgeous new Christmas Beauty Gift Gallery over here. However, if it’s been a while since you’ve enjoyed a seriyas release, read on. We’ve got a few top tips on how to take your orgasms from merely ‘arb’, to Oh! My! God!      

Be a mentalist
As it turns out, the sexiest organ you possess is your brain. And, if you can’t get your head ‘bed ready’, there’s a good chance you’re sabotaging your potential to enjoy sheet-shredding climaxes.

According to The Women’s Health Bible (compiled by the editors of Prevention for Rodale), how women perceive their body has a very real effect on their sexual satisfaction. ‘Few women are completely satisfied with their bodies – but don’t let this hold you back. When you’re with your partner, focus on the parts of your body that you feel good about’, it says.

So, if you don’t have a bum like Gisele (like, who does?!), make a point of concentrating on your beautiful boobs, eyes or hands. Remember, most men barely notice when we do something as dramatic as colour our hair from blonde to red. Thus, he’s hardly going to see that silly stretch mark or the itsy li’l muffin top you keep obsessing about. Just take a deep breath, relax and ride him like a pony!

Lotions and potions

ArginMax for Women is the best selling, clinically validated sexual health supplement in America. (You can pick it up at for R195,00). Specially formulated for women with low libido, its main ingredient, L-Arginine, helps to  relax ‘smooth muscles’ (like your vagina) and widen blood vessels so as to increase the blood flow to your lady bits.

You could also give Durex Play O Orgasm enhancing gel for women, R230,00, a bash. It too contains L-Arginine as well as a host of other ingredients to help stimulate your clitoris. Expect to feel a ‘cooling, warming, tingling’ sensation all at once. According to Durex, consumer trials have shown that 79% of women who used Play O achieved an orgasm. Still, bearing in mind that the jar’s so teeny tiny, you’re getting your kicks at a price.

Eat ‘orgasmic’ foods

If someone had to ask you about ‘aphrodisiacal foods’, you’d probably think ‘oysters or choccie’. However, you might be surprised to learn your best bet’s actually asparagus. Aside from making your pee smell absolutely horrid, asparagus is also a fab source of folate. This increases the levels of histamine in your blood, a chemical that actually helps you to orgasm. So, if you really want to shudder n’ scream, pile that plate with greens!



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