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Do you have a sex menu?

Dorothy Black believes we all need to create our own sex menu – and then share with those we want to shag. more

Make this holiday hot, hot, hot!

Holiday sex is the best. Here are eight ways to make this summer sizzling. more

Learn how to orgasm mindfully

Reaching complete sexual pleasure means having a mindful connection between you and your partner. Watch this video to see how. more

How to properly explore BDSM

EL James' 50 shades of Grey may have liberated you to speak about and explore sex more but here are some things you need to understand first. more

Dry sex – what are the causes and treatments?

Do you experience discomfort or pain during sex? It could be a lubrication issue. more

First-time sex is never like the movies

First-time sex with a new partner may not be all romance and orgasms, but Dorothy Black says you shouldn’t judge your boo by their first bonk. more

3 reasons sex might hurt

If you’re struggling with pain during sex, Dorothy Black suggests making a few changes. more

The long awaited male contraceptive to hit the market in 2018

A new contraceptive may be coming soon and men want it badly. more

Why lubrication is important for healthy sex

Do you use lube for solo or partner play? Dorothy Black suggests you do. more

Infographic: Everything you need to know about condoms

Are you putting on your condom correctly? Here's the lowdown on everything you need to know and more. more

Sex position: Holiday humping

Get ready to kink up your festive season with these saucy summer moves. more

How to celebrate his prostate this Movember

Here's how you can show extra appreciation for his p-spot this month. more

What is a sex fast and should you try it?

Dorothy Black talks about the time she exchanged sexual activity for cuddles. more

African women set the record straight on sex

These women are tired of all the negative connotations when it comes to sex and women. more

What is maintenance sex and why is it a good thing?

It might be a terrible term, but Dorothy Black thinks maintenance sex has the power to keep love alive. more

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