Sex and Sizzle

My cute little ass has always been off limits...until now

Online Violet shares her first anal sex adventure along with a few tips and tricks if you also want a little back-door action. . more

Do you enjoy a spot of penis ogling?

The world has finally cottoned on to the fact that women might be as interested in men’s junk as they are in ours… Lili Radloff explores. more

You want to try BDSM, but where to start?

You have told your partner that you want to introduce BDSM into your relationship. Now what? more

Why women should embrace masturbation

Masturbation is perfectly natural, healthy and oh-so satisfying, here are a few tips to control your arousal without having to take anyone else’s needs into account. more

How to introduce BDSM into your bedroom

When introducing the subject of bdsm to your partner you should be tactful, soft, resourceful and patient. more

Reader's response: would you watch porn?

We asked our fabulous readers what they think about porn created by women, for women. more

Don't let anyone tell you how to orgasm

Dorothy Black unpacks internal orgasms, clitoral orgasms, G-spot orgasms, no orgasms and what you’re being told your body can and can’t do. more

Top 10 show-off sex positions!

Show him, or her, what you've got in bed tonight! more

First (s)experience in my own bed, after divorce

What do you think about having sex on your formerly matrimonial bed, with a 'friend'? Violet shares her experience. more

Don’t feel guilty about getting laid after your divorce

Blogger Manni Bradshaw explores the difficulty of yourself getting back out there after your marriage has ended. more

What's your fetish?

You and your partner are ready to get kinky, but do you know what type of BDSM you are into? more

Why not start your sex toy adventure this Valentine’s Day?

Use this Valentine's day to make electrifying love. more

Are your bedroom habits Grey enough?

Take the quiz and find out how kinky you really are. more

My date is awesome and I need to tweet about it!

Ever had the need to immediately post about how your date is going? Violet Online has. more

Finally, porn that won't make you hate yourself

Porn created for women, by women, means never having to sell your self-worth down the river for an orgasm, says Dorothy Black more

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