Sex and Sizzle

Les-be-honest: Part 2

When it comes to the deviant nature of homo-erotic fantasies, les-be-honest, who's really hunting who? more

7 ways to ring his sex bell

Spice things up over the holidays and have him jingling in pleasure with these fun and festive sex positions! more

Sexiest gifts for her this Christmas

Run out of gift ideas for her this festive season? Here are a few prezzies that will make her and your christmas merry. more

‘Sex Factor’ and mass ‘face-sitting’ protest to be held

In response to the UK’s new porn production regulations people are planning to take to the streets to commit the banned sex acts. more

Help, I have never had an orgasm!

If you either have never or hardly ever have an orgasm during sexual intercourse, you are certainly not alone. more

Know your toys and avoid the 50 Shades effect

Before re-enacting any Anastasia/Christian love scenes, you should read this practical guide to using the Fifty Shades of Grey sex toys: more

"This is true, I just had me a one-night stand."

Mean Girl’s Damien spoofed Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’ and it’s awkwardly relatable. Watch the one night stand parody song, ‘Please Go Home’ here! more

Rock Around the Cock: How Elvis’s Penis Corrupted America

Anton Marshall explains the speculation behind Elvis Presley’s trouser (snake) movements. more

Get out of that sex rut

A sex therapist tells us exactly how to reinvent your sexual routine. more

10 Bedroom mood killers

These 10 warning points are worth remembering. (Or forwarding to your lover.) more

Get fit and ready for sex

What better way to improve your sex life than through better health and fitness? more

Top tips on how to use a vibrator

Find the idea of a vibrator daunting? Not to worry, here are some safety tips for electrifying pleasure. more

“I wore a very short skirt, took off my underwear, and bent over his knee.”

Violet loves the idea of fantasies. But what happens when sexy fantasy turns into an embarrassing moment? more

How comfortable are you with seeing 10 000 dildos?

Like any self-respecting adult, I asked my parents to accompany me to the much blushed about Adult World store. more

Getting unsolicited dick pictures while online dating

You know what's even worse? Unsolicited masturbation videos. Really now. more

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