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Know your toys and avoid the 50 Shades effect

Before re-enacting any Anastasia/Christian love scenes, you should read this practical guide to using the Fifty Shades of Grey sex toys: more

12 Hilariously terrifying sex toys

WARNING: It might make you think about things better left unthought of. Oh, and it's kinda NSFW. more

Is prefering a sexual partner of a different race political?

Is swirling and sexual attraction across colour and culture lines a political issue? more

Dagga laced lube gives women 15-minute orgasms

A new personal lubricant that is laced with dagga promises a female orgasm that can last longer than the time it takes to make and eat a breakfast burrito. more

10 blowjob tips for women

Want to give his wiener a whistle? Here's what to do. more

Top 10 sex positions for her

We've rounded up the best positions to ensure that YOU have a mind-blowing orgasm. more

Porn for women: 7 sites to get your rocks off to

Who says women don’t like watching blue movies? These sites are especially catered to women who like sex and sexy things. more

"Share your dare" - how to create a spark in the most staid sex life

Want to spice up your sex life? Dorothy Black shares her mild to wild dare list. more

How to clean your sex toys

Keeping your sex toys clean is important, for both maintenance and sanitary reasons. more

Where is the male contraception pill?

Contraception choices for men are far too limited. A contraceptive pill for men is an ideal solution, but will this ever be available? more

I'm not a prude, but porn is gross!

Do you think porn is shameful, or something only men can enjoy? This reader certainly thinks so. more

What do women want (in bed)?

Dorothy Black looks at new work being done in female sexuality and comes back with the answer: it’s a lot wilder than you’ve ever imagined. more

What’s so wrong with penises?

Jezebel's decision to illustrate naked Disney princes is quite controversial. more

Why are women shy about sex?

This reader thinks women shouldn't be afraid to educate themselves on sex matters. A little sex education can be very exciting and rewarding. more

Everything you need to know about ben-wa balls

Have you ever wanted to try out ben-wa balls? You might want to follow this advice... more

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