Sex and Sizzle

We all have our relationship crosses to bear

With Easter on its way, Mannie Bradshaw finds himself thinking about a different kind of Last Supper... more

What is it like working in a sex store?

'What the hell is that?' 'What do you do with it?' 'Will it hurt?' These are just some of the questions you'd have to get used to. more

"My master makes me sleep in handcuffs"

This and other secrets about the inner workings of a master/slave relationship. Warning: Explicit content. more

Love, sex, drama and self-discovery: The escapades of Violet Online

Meet our favourite divorced, sex-loving, alcohol-tasting, adventure-craving, middle-aged woman. Warning: her stories are enthralling. more

Do you need a sex coach?

From the very vanilla to the very, very spicy, this type of coaching will teach and satisfy any type of curiosity. more

Dorothy Black talks: Body

Don't let your body issues hold you back in the bedroom. more

Are women shy about sex?

This reader thinks women shouldn't be afraid to educate themselves on sex matters. A little sex education can be very exciting and rewarding. more

The #Aftersex selfie trend has gone viral. Ew.

Yeah. So people are doing that now. What’s next? Posting pics of themselves while doing the deed? Oh wait… more

Cutting straight to the chase: First date sex!

Sex expert Dorothy Black, gives us some useful tips to consider when it comes to first dates and sex. more

How to choose the perfect vibrator for you

Every woman deserves the luxury of mind-blowing orgasms; they are healthy, relieve stress and will make you feel oh so good about yourself. more

What does your porn say about you?

Dorothy Black wonders what choices in porn says about you or your partner's character. more

How to give a fellatio without hurting your neck and other sex tips for older women

Blowjobs are easy in your twenties. In your forties, they're outright hazards. more

How to introduce BDSM into your bedroom

When introducing the subject of bdsm to your partner you should be tactful, soft, resourceful and patient. Well, at least that's what this reader thinks. more

I'm a 24/7 BDSM sex slave

Watch a real life sex slave talk about her relationship with her master. more

6 tips for finding your own Christian (or Christina!) Grey

Want to explore your kinky side but unsure where to start? more

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