Sex and Sizzle

10 Bedroom mood killers

These 10 warning points are worth remembering. (Or forwarding to your lover.) more

'He won't let me touch him'

No trust, no communication, no compassion, no togetherness, no understanding and sadly, no love. Is there hope for this relationship? more

Porn for women: 7 sites to get your rocks off to

Who says women don’t like watching blue movies? These sites are especially catered to women who like sex and sexy things. more

Sex positions for small penises

Partner not well-endowed? No problem! Here's a round-up of positions that works well for modest men. more

The 5 rules of sexting

Sending naughty sms’ to your lover? Here are a few guidelines. more

10 Sexy Commandments

Ladies, want to be better and more confident in bed? THESE will help - just in time for Valentine's Day. more

Did you know that he fakes orgasms too?

Turns out about 30% of men have faked or sometimes fake orgasms. Read why. more

Yes, slow sex is the latest, hottest sex trend

"Learn to be present in the moment, and take your time with sex," says Dorothy Black. more

How his porn affects your sex life

Do you think blue movies have influenced the way you and your man make whoopee? Dorothy Black thinks it’s time to start looking at porn vs. real world sex. more

My friend had phone sex in public and it was awkward

Playing second fiddle to your friend's phone during lunch can be annoying, but what do you do if your friend is having phone sex? more

This teddy bear isn't as innocent as it looks

An American woman wants you to help her create a teddy bear sex toy. Funny or gross? more

Get fit and ready for sex!

One of the many positive aspects that can be associated with adopting a healthier lifestyle is the scintillating sex it can induce. more

4 seriously stupid sex positions

Kinky, sexy or just plain silly? We round up a few of the Kama Sutra’s dumbest sex positions. Ever! more

How to lose your virginity

This is the beginning of a lovely relationship between yourself and sex. So you might as well begin as you mean to go on. more

A Guide to Your Clitoris

Dorothy Black discovers the true wonders of her lady bits. Here's how you can too. more

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