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5 ways stress affects your sex life

Feeling burnt out instead of a burning passion? Here’s why. more

Do you have sex with the lights on?

If you’ve never had a problem with your body and how other people see it, this column is not for you. For the rest, Dorothy Black turns the spotlight on body confidence in the bedroom. more

Sex tips for normal bodies

You don’t have to be a kinky contortionist with an underwear model’s body to be spectacular in bed. more

Mismatched libidos and sexless relationships

Can a marriage survive without sex? Dorothy Black looks into the phenomenon of "dead bedrooms" more

WATCH: Women set the record straight on sexual arousal

Ever wondered what women think, know and want when it comes to sex? This video gives all the answers. more

10 things you should stop doing in bed

Not sure what you’re doing wrong in the sack? Dorothy Black would like to tell you… more

First-time sex is never like the movies

First-time sex with a new partner may not be all romance and orgasms, but Dorothy Black says you shouldn’t judge your boo by their first bonk. more

What is maintenance sex and why is it a good thing?

It might be a terrible term, but Dorothy Black thinks maintenance sex has the power to keep love alive. more

Top 10 sex positions for her

We've rounded up the best positions to ensure that YOU have a mind-blowing orgasm. more

Top 10 show-off sex positions!

Show him, or her, what you've got in bed tonight! more

Infographic: The low-down on STIs

Everything you need to know about contracting, preventing and treating for STIs. more

Now you can also put a ring on it

Who says rings are only for fingers? Learn about all the pleasures a cock ring can bring to the bedroom, for both your man and you. more

There's no time for hot, sweaty sex anymore

Just when Violet Online is about to get frisky with her partner, the doorbell goes off... more

Why sex toy shopping scares me

Sometimes buying sex toys can be as scary as buying condoms. Violet Online shares her experience. more

10 ways to impress in the bedroom

Having a boring sex life? Where there's a will there are 10 ways to spice it up. more

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