Love and Marriage

10 inspiring tweets that sum up marriage in 3 words

Need some marriage advice? We have rounded up some just for you. more

Does swinging strengthen your love?

A confused reader wants to know if switching sexual partners during couple’s swinger’s parties will make or break his marriage. more

I wish vows were enough when it comes to African marriage

Women are more than just goods to be traded for marriage. more

When dancing leads to other things

A reader's attempt to save her marriage isn't as easy as she thought it would be. more

To divorce or not to divorce?

A reader asks herself the tough question - is divorce really the answer? more

"The only person I could turn to was my ex" (Part 2)

An anonymous reader tells us about her divorce experience and why it was difficult to tell people she was cheating. more

That awkward pre-marriage discussion … and why you need to have it

Sometimes we have to scratch the record of romance and face reality before getting married. more

Woman cuts off husband’s penis. Twice.

Some people should not have access to sharp objects. Or penises. Or people. more

5 kickass New Year’s love resolutions

You know you never follow through on New Year’s resolutions that cut out the fun, but what about those that will make your love life a little better? Dorothy Black gives her top tips for a year of good loving… more

10 tips for braving long distance love

A long distance relationship isn’t for the weak or faint of heart, it takes time, loyalty, and a whole lot of chocolate. more

Would you forgive a cheating man?

Do you have it in you to forgive and move on? Here is what our readers had to say more

My ex is not a bad person - Part 5

Sometimes two good people make a bad combination. It doesn't mean they are bad people. more

5 really fun date ideas

Have you forgotten what its like to date your own partner? Here is how to put back the spark in your relationship. more

I didn't have the guts to get divorced (Part 3)

A reader struggles with the thought of breaking up her marriage. more

The villain in the divorce - Part 1

At which point do you decide and admit to yourself that divorce is the only option? A reader shares her experience. more

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