Girls Who Score: An erotic lesbian fiction anthology

From locker room shenanigans to love found while running in the countryside, these stories about Girls Who Score are deliciously spicy more

A lesbian South African at the Olympics

Karen Hultzer speaks of her sexuality and says that unlike other gay South Africans, she has not been a victim of discrimination or violence. more

How to end corrective rape

“We can cure you of this disease” isn't a phrase you’d usually associate with sexuality, yet in Ecuador, you won’t struggle to find ‘treatment’. more

Is TV more gay-friendly?

Since Ellen de Generes's lesbian scandal in the '90s, have there been any changes in TV producers' attitudes towards lesbians/gays? more

The problem with bisexuality...

A bisexual woman, Sarah tells us about the highs and lows of coming to accept her sexuality. more

Women are bi-curious

While we may not readily admit to it, a new report reveals that many of us ARE sexually attracted to other women. I agree – do you? more

Are you homophobic?

A new anti-homophobic questionnaire launched in Canada aims to assess how open you are to same-sex relationships. more

Some of my best friends are gay

Gay pride has come a long way, but Manni Bradshaw wonders if we're truly free to be who we are. more

Glee nominated for GLAAD award

The series might have been overlooked for the Golden Globes, but this cute show has another nomination to celebrate. more

My husband repulses me. Am I gay?

This reader is married to a man and has a 3-year-old child, but she finds herself increasingly attracted to women. more

Why is homophobia still a problem?

Despite efforts to change peoples' perceptions, homophobia and hate-crime remains rife in our communities - even in schools. What can we do about it? more

Do you hate gays and lesbians?

Our constitution allows for freedom of sexual orientation. Our people, however, don't. more

Can lesbians raise 'normal' kids?

The prejudice surrounding homosexuality has seen people doubting their ability to raise children. Are there any grounds for this? more

Homophobia is damaging lives...

...even worse, victims are scared to draw attention to themselves for fear of backlash. more

Lesbians kicked off plane for snogging.

L-word actress Leisha Hailey and her girlfriend were recently booted off of a flight for kissing. more

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