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Posted by: Charmie | 2010-01-27


my first time and sex positions

Dr Eve, I am 34yrs Christian and I have never had sex in my life. I met the man of my dreams and I am getting married next week, 6 February 2010. Which positions can you recommend for me? I want to take part in the love making when we go to our honeymoon and I am not sure what to do or where to start because I grew up in a Christian family where we were forbidden from reading books on sex matters. In short I am just seeking some coaching regarding sex and I know that sex is good and I cannot w

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Dr Eve Dr Eve
- 2010-04-07

Charmie this is so brave and bold of you to want some coaching pre maritally. And you are right, you and you man need it. It may indeed be awkward as all first times are. But it can all be quite wonderful too. Expect some pain with penetration - but who knows, you may have very little bleeding and be relaxed enough so your pain may be minimal. What Im saying is that every one's experience is so unique. My suggestions for you-- focus on sensuality - unless you both are so horny , you just want to jump in. I am wondering how much sexual play the two of you have had as this will also influence your first time.. So back to sensuality-- smell, touch, taste , look at each other... do not be pressured into penetration until you feel ready for it.. Its really not the biggest deal. All of this sex play is a big deal-- every touch , kiss, lick is a big deal.. are you getting this??? Have a beautiful day -- and forever after..

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