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Posted by: Ray | 2004-03-02


Longer erection

Hi Doctor, I haven't seen my fiancé in 3 months. I will be seeing her in a week's time. We are going away for a couple of nights and there will be lots of sex involved. I do not have erection problems, but after my third ejaculation, I battle getting it up. What can I take to give me an erection for like an hour, not mattering how many times I ejaculate?

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Dr Eve Dr Eve
- 2010-04-08

Jeez, sweetie, what are you going to be doing with an on going erection for an hour??? Erections wax and wane, they come up, they go down, they have a life of their own which you need to respect. I am going to tell you a little secret - few women enjoy having on going penetration for 1 solid hour. They tend to dry up, get a little bored and she cannot maintain orgasmic ecstasy with 1 hour's worth of only thrusting. You are also trying to get your body to function in a way which is not natural - once a man ejaculates, he needs some recovery time. I am guessing you are young, because as men age their ability to go 3 ejaculations in one session diminishes. So don't expect more from your body than what it is presently gifting you with.

I hear how excited you are to please your self and your girl friend but sexuality offers you opportunites to play in a variety of ways. So forget about your penis being the only sex organ on your body and explore , experiment and play safely with all of yourselves.

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