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Posted by: Miss K | 2010-07-20


I hate my husband

I met my husband in 2007... I did not love him at first because he wanted a serious relationship and I did not. Our relationship was not easy from the beginning. The signs were there but I refused to see them. Over the past 3 years, he beat me a couple of times for various reasons that are always my fault - he even beat me a couple of times when I was pregnant - he beat me for not believing in him when his business was not doing well, for being a gold digger when I told him about my goals and

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Mrs Miller Mrs Miller
- 2010-07-20

Dear Miss K, I am so sorry to hear about your awful situation. Because it is indeed dire and you are in danger. The first step is to tell everyone you can trust and create a support network. Tell your GP, tell the people you work with, tell your friends and family. I know this is difficult - he has probably isolated you from your loved ones, but there are still people who care for you. If you feel too scared or alone to do this, contact your nearest FAMSA branch and phone POWA (people against women abuse)'s hotline: 083 7651235 There are people out there who can help you leave your husband and be safe. You don't have to live this life of fear and despair forever. Don't let him steal your whole life from you. He has taken enough. Please do this for yourself and your child. Good luck.

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