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Posted by: Graham Parrish | 2012-10-27


Erictile problems

The medication that my doctor has prescribed doen not work. Most time when I do get an erection the moment I wish ti insert it it goes soft. I have a beautiful wife and I liove her. My age is 56 and I am a biabetic on tablets and insulan. I need help. What con I take that will make it stand up and remain hard.

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Dr Eve Dr Eve
- 2013-01-19

Your sexual health is indeed a challenge. Diabetes does impact negatively on erections...erections rely on good nervous system and hormones. With diabetes these systems are compromised which is why you are struggling to maintain an erection. Problem with erectile dysfunction : from the time a man, like yourself, realizes he cannot rely on his erections to be work, he becomes anxious. This performance anxiety is what will also contribute towards your erection problem. You see erections needs good psychological health as well as an attraction to a partner- which you have. It may well be that the PDE5I I imagine your doctor gave you (either Viagra, Levitra, Cialis) is not working as you are not taking it properly. Or it may be that you need the next line of therapy which is Injection Therapy. Often times in diabetic men this is needed. I also strongly suggest you ask your specialist to check your Testosterone levels. Very commonly diabetic men have low testosterone . This will contribute to your erectile difficulties. And replacing testosterone goes a long way to assisting your erections as well as a general improvement of your health. Time to visit your specialist.

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