A recipe for disaster

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'I'm in love with a married woman'

This reader is stuck in a loveless marriage and found happiness in the arms of a married colleague, but now he doesn't know what to do. Do you have any advice? more

How do I win my wife back?

This reader doesn't know how to fix his marriage. Do you have any advice for him? more

Sex and Sizzle

Did you know that he fakes orgasms too?

Turns out about 30% of men have faked or sometimes fake orgasms. Read why. more

Sex and Sizzle

Yes, slow sex is the latest, hottest sex trend

"Learn to be present in the moment, and take your time with sex," says Dorothy Black. more

Sex and Sizzle

My friend had phone sex in public and it was awkward

Playing second fiddle to your friend's phone during lunch can be annoying, but what do you do if your friend is having phone sex? more


He cheated but I gave him a second chance

When you've gone through hell and back with someone, and realise that life would suck without them, what's one more shot at the end of the day? more


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Marina Green

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Being skinny isn't being healthy

2014-08-14 14:14

Starving yourself skinny isn't healthy, and neither is never eating all the junk food you want. Our waistlines shouldn't be our priority. Taking good care of our bodies should.

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