Things you should and shouldn't do when dating a black girl

Interracial relationships can be tricky. The culture clash is somewhat unavoidable but when you know what to expect it's easier to prepare yourself. more

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We all have our relationship crosses to bear

With Easter on its way, Mannie Bradshaw finds himself thinking about a different kind of Last Supper... more


Dear men on dating sites, please learn how to spell!

Online dating is totally hot right now but it also comes with it's own problems: pics you really didn't want to see and bad spelling for a start! more


Why emotional abuse can be worse than physical

Manni Bradshaw shares with us why he thinks words can be more hurtful than sticks and stones. more

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Love, sex, drama and self-discovery: The escapades of Violet Online

Meet our favourite divorced, sex-loving, alcohol-tasting, adventure-craving, middle-aged woman. Warning: her stories are enthralling. more

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The worst things said to me after sex. What’s yours?

In this candid video Meghan Tonjes shares the worst things people have said to her after getting jiggy with it. more


Love shouldn't come with a price tag

Instead of spending this Valentine's Day coupled up with your lover and exchanging expensive gifts, why don't you go out and spread the love to/with other people, for free. more


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Marina Green

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