Sex and Sizzle

Everything you need to know about ben-wa balls

Have you ever wanted to try out ben-wa balls? You might want to follow this advice... more

Sex and Sizzle

What’s so wrong with penises?

Jezebel's decision to illustrate naked Disney princes is quite controversial. more

Sex and Sizzle

What do women want (in bed)?

Dorothy Black looks at new work being done in female sexuality and comes back with the answer: it’s a lot wilder than you’ve ever imagined. more


A recipe for disaster

Do you want to know a recipe for disaster? Take one heart... more


'I'm in love with a married woman'

This reader is stuck in a loveless marriage and found happiness in the arms of a married colleague, but now he doesn't know what to do. Do you have any advice? more


How do I win my wife back?

This reader doesn't know how to fix his marriage. Do you have any advice for him? more

Sex and Sizzle

Did you know that he fakes orgasms too?

Turns out about 30% of men have faked or sometimes fake orgasms. Read why. more


Sexual concerns? Speak to our experts...
Honey Morgan

Honey is a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Energy ReSourcing™ & Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Practitioner. -Read more

Suzette Leal

Suzette’s approach to dating is that attraction should, and will, come naturally. -Read more

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Are women shy about sex?

This reader thinks women shouldn't be afraid to educate themselves on sex matters. A little sex education can be very exciting and rewarding.  Read more

Who should pay on a date?

Do you still believe that it's a man's duty to pay for you, or do you take turns?  Read more

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