Pics, dicks and video games: men according to Violet Online

Have men become exceptionally lazy yet sex-driven? These are Violet Online's views. more

Singles and Dating

Dorothy Black learns to strip

And in the process, finds out what sexy really is. more

I'm in love with my friend!

This user is distraught because she didn't plan this. See what our expert has to say. more

Singles and Dating

10 Things you should NEVER say to your lover

A relationship is hard work, and communication is key, but there are just some things that should be kept to yourself. more

Sex and Sizzle

Where is the male contraception pill?

Contraception choices for men are far too limited. A contraceptive pill for men is an ideal solution, but will this ever be available? more


How a crush ruined our relationship

We often confuse a delusional crush with true love and end up disappointed. This writer shares her experience of being at the receiving end of the above. more

Sex and Sizzle

Everything you need to know about ben-wa balls

Have you ever wanted to try out ben-wa balls? You might want to follow this advice... more


Sexual concerns? Speak to our experts...
Honey Morgan

Honey is a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Energy ReSourcing™ & Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Practitioner. -Read more

Suzette Leal

Suzette’s approach to dating is that attraction should, and will, come naturally. -Read more

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