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Would you ever consider living on a train like this woman?

Sure, you may not mind saving a bit of extra cash or the solitude of constant travel. But would you live on a train? This 32-year-old German student does. more

4 things to keep in mind before booking your next holiday

Want to get away? Read this first to make sure you book the perfect holiday. more

Women24 eats at Bistro Sixteen82

With beautifully crafted dishes, fine wines and gorgeous views, Bistro Sixteen82 is the perfect place for a delectable winter feast. more

4 people who made the commute to work seriously fun

Here’s video evidence that, sometimes, getting to work and back can be a blast. more

10 fanciest and ridiculously expensive hotel rooms

The prices attached to these spots will make you roll your eyes with envy at the people keeping them in business. more

You can now rent Madiba’s former safari home for R69 000 a night

Want to holiday like a president? Then the Nelson Mandela Centre for Reconciliation is perfect for you. more

INFOGRAPHIC: Travel destinations of the future

Here’s what the future of travel looks like. more

Everyone should travel in their twenties

It’s sometimes easier said than done, but if you get the opportunity to travel during your twenties - you definitely should. more

8 reasons to love travelling by train

We all know what a schlep it can be to travel using the train, but there’s also so much to love about it. more

7 tips for having the best European summer holiday

Thinking about escaping the cold SA winter by going on a European summer holiday? Here are some helpful hints to make sure you have a good time. more

Man wears 12 layers of clothing to save on airline baggage costs

Boy band singer passes out from heat exhaustion, just to save a few bucks. more

How to keep safe in the city at night

Do you work late, or fear walking alone at night? Here is your guide to taking control of your own safety. more

3 reasons to visit Stellenbosch this winter

Between the wine tasting, the view of table mountain and outdoor activities, there are many reasons Stellenbosch would be a treat. more

This might be the best flight safety video ever

Delta Airlines has released what it calls "The Internetest safety video on the Internet" full of meme references and awesomeness. more

This offensive bus ad featuring topless women is being removed after public outcry

A private bus company in the UK has landed in hot water over a few racy ads. more

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