10 of the most beautiful South African beaches

As South Africans, we are lucky not to spend our Christmas holidays in the snow. So, why not savour that by going to some of these beautiful beaches? more

This woman made her own Ebola prevention suit

A female passenger was pictured in Washington DC wearing a homemade hazmat suit in what seems like a preventative measure against Ebola. more

This is what our readers love about SA

In honour of heritage Month, we asked our readers what they love most about our country. more

25 celebrity vacation photos that will make you want to pack your bags

Check out your favourite celebs enjoying some well-deserved time out. Jealous? We are! more

Teens take selfie from top of skyscraper. Check out the video!

These three teens took a selfie on top of a skyscraper more than 345 metres high in Hong Kong. more

How to greet people when travelling abroad

Travelling to a different country soon, but not quite sure how to say ‘howzit’ to potential new foreign friends? Here’s your guide. more

11 spectacular Christmas trees from around the world

Get into the festive spirit with these beautiful Christmas trees. more

8 of the world’s most beautiful hidden beaches

Planning your next holiday? You might want to go to one of these beautiful gems. more

16 strange laws from around the world

Some are seriously outdated and others completely ridiculous, while the rest are just utterly hilarious! more

I started the flight fantasising about airplane sex but ended it fantasising about murder

Violet Online discovers very quickly that a crush can turn into hate, especially when you have to compete with that crush for an armrest! more

Urban chic and indulgent opulence: 15 on Orange

Lili Radloff spent a night at one of Cape Town’s newest and trendiest hotels and wishes she could move in permanently. more

7 ways to be a tourist in your own city

If you’ve lived in the same town your entire life, or just moved there a few months ago, take advantage of Heritage Day and learn a little something about your surroundings. more

Why Joburg is the strangest city

In most big cities, one drives to the dry cleaners, parks, runs in, picks up the clothes, and runs out again. In Jozi- not so much. more

How to be a savvy traveller

Travel can be stressful when you're not well-prepared, but this infographic will help you make decisions for the best journey possible. more

25 tips for travelling with children

Travelling with children can be challenging, to say the least. Here's how parents can cope. more

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