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So what’s the Most Beautiful Object in SA?

Design Indaba have announced the nominations for prettiest thing in all the land 2015. Have a look. more

6 strange celebrity endorsements

Famous faces have been used to sell everything from a pair of shoes, to exercise machines. We give you a list of some of the oddest celeb-product pairings. more

A look inside our 10 favourite TV homes

Take a look at what the living spaces from Friends, Dexter, and Big Bang Theory really look like. more

There are just some things we DON’T want for Christmas

So it’s that time of year again, and we’re all bound to get really crappy gifts we don’t want. more

How do I become a PET collector?

PET plastic products are mainly beverage bottles, but increasingly other types of packaging are also made of PET. more

How can I recycle PET plastics? – 10 easy steps

Making a contribution to a cleaner environment and a better life for all is easy. Here are 10 basic things you can do. more

Getting rid of cockroaches

Gaaah! They're slowly making their way back into homes... Here's how to stop a full-blown infestation. more

How to get rid of mosquitoes

Want to get rid of those little pests? Here's how. more

9 things you learn while living alone

Some things you can learn by example, but others you have to figure out for yourself, says Lili Radloff. more

Flies: How to get rid of them

Why is it that as soon as summer sticks out its sunny head so too does the common house fly? Here’s how to eradicate the problem for good. more

13 Gifts we DON'T want for Christmas

We love prezzies, but these gifts are definitely not on our wishlist. more

The worst thing about load shedding?

With the recent power cuts interrupting our daily routine we asked our readers about what are some of the worst things about the blackouts. more

How can I start PET recycling at my school?

Selling recyclable waste can become a source of revenue for your school. You could fund books, computers, sports tours and other facilities and activities in this way. more

How do I include the recycling concept in things I design?

A quick reference checklist for those involved in development, design and marketing of packaging materials containing PET more

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