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Use recycled materials to get rid of flies

These are the best solutions to get rid of flies. more

Meet one of Cape Town's bad-ass roller derby members

Roller derby is the fastest growing women’s sport in the country and you should join the league. Here's why. more

My domestic worker lives in shocking conditions

The lives of domestic workers may not be the responsibility of their employers, but does that mean they can't do more? Our readers respond. more

How to find a home security system that suits your lifestyle

Your lifestyle will determine what type of security system you need. more

How secure is your home?

Read these tips and tricks to find out how to step up your security measures and keep your home safe. more

5 apps that could save your life

These five free apps can help keep you safe wherever you are. more

Free your house of flies

With the temperatures skyrocketing, flies are suddenly everywhere. more

5 New Year's resolutions to benefit you and your pets

New Year's Resolutions are hard to follow, here is a full proof plan to achieve your goals with a little help from your cute four-legged friend. more

8 strange homes from around the world

Don’t adjust your computer screen. We assure you, these unusual houses actually exist. more

In how many languages can you say Merry Christmas?

Test yourself to see if you wish someone this festive season – in other languages. more

Why we may be facing the hottest year ever

With temperatures in the North East already reaching a scorching 40°C, South Africans are making the best out of a sweaty situation. more

Are domestic worker wages fair?

A recent News24 survey has revealed how much each province pays domestic workers, and the results are surprising. more

Criminals scout, steal, even kill on open house show days

Here are a few expert tips on how estate agents and home owners can be more vigilant on show days. more

Make your house burglar-proof

Take the time to make sure your home is safe and secure before you go on holiday. Here's how. more

This artist creates beautiful looping GIFs even though he’s legally blind

You’ll stare at these eerily beautiful images for ages. more

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