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My flatmate’s annoying habits

Do you have flatmates or housemates? You’ve probably discovered that pet peeves arise when you’re living with other people. Our Facebook friends did. more

Clean your house in under 30 minutes

Mother-in-law popping in? Impress her with this speedy spruce-up that will remove this additional Janu-worry from your plate. more

8 strange homes from around the world

Don’t adjust your computer screen. We assure you, these unusual houses actually exist. more

Worried about crime? Here's how to make your home safer

Here are a few tips on how to keep your home, family, and yourself free from harm. more

House porn: R43 million in KZN

This beautifully decorated home will have you gasping in amazement. more

House porn: R 55 million 7 bedroom house

Drool over this amazing mansion in Bryanston, Sandton. more

R19.5 million for this house? I’d pay that

This beautiful French farmstyle homestead is fit for a queen...with a price tag to match. more

5 of the most expensive houses in Gauteng

Dreaming about that multi-million rand house with all the trimmings? Add these 5 to your swank bank. more

Flies: How to get rid of them

Why is it that as soon as summer sticks out its sunny head so too does the common house fly? Here’s how to eradicate the problem for good. more

House porn: The R9.5 million ultimate holiday home

Looking for a place to be your dream vacation paradise? Then look no further. This baby has got it all and more. more

13 tips that will make moving much easier

We all know moving house can be a headache. Here are a few things to remember. more

13 Gifts we DON'T want for Christmas

We love prezzies, but these gifts are definitely not on our wishlist. more

5 of the most expensive houses in Cape Town

We give you an overdose of some major house porn. more

House porn: R50 million mansion in Bantry Bay

With its amazing ocean views and wide open spaces, it’s kind of hard not to want this place. more

Secret santa gift ideas

Not sure what to get for your colleague? Here are a few gift ideas under R50 we're sure they'll love. more

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