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Readers' response: Van Ryn's distillery giveaway

Our readers show us their favourite beverages and confectionary for the ultimate coffee, chocolate and brandy tasting experience. more

5 types of customers waiters have to deal with

What type of customer are you? Take a look and be honest.. more

So what’s the Most Beautiful Object in SA?

Design Indaba have announced the nominations for prettiest thing in all the land 2015. Have a look. more

Getting rid of cockroaches

Gaaah! They're slowly making their way back into homes... Here's how to stop a full-blown infestation. more

9 things you learn while living alone

Some things you can learn by example, but others you have to figure out for yourself, says Lili Radloff. more

Flies: How to get rid of them

Why is it that as soon as summer sticks out its sunny head so too does the common house fly? Here’s how to eradicate the problem for good. more

How much I pay my domestic worker...

Our readers share the amount they’re willing to spend on extra help. more

Top Tips For Hosting A Modern Day Dinner Party

Dinner parties are a fun way to spend time with your friends. Here's how to plan a fantastic one while being savvy. more

This guy dancing on the train will give you life

This is how you should commute to work, people. more

9 more weird Gumtree/OLX ads

It’s a weird world, and nowhere is it weirder than in the online classifieds. Check these ads out. more

The 10 weirdest things today on Gumtree/OLX

Let the buyer beware – and nowhere is it more apt than when searching for something on the online Classifieds. more

How to get rid of mosquitoes

Want to get rid of those little pests? Here's how. more

6 strange celebrity endorsements

Famous faces have been used to sell everything from a pair of shoes, to exercise machines. We give you a list of some of the oddest celeb-product pairings. more

A look inside our 10 favourite TV homes

Take a look at what the living spaces from Friends, Dexter, and Big Bang Theory really look like. more

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