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6 winter decor trends to keep your home cosy

Keep the cold out and the cool in with these decor trends for the colder months. more

5 top kitchen trends to keep an eye out for this year

Some of the greatest ideas to update the heart of your home. more

Are domestic worker wages fair?

A News24 survey has revealed how much each province pays domestic workers, and the results are surprising. more

16 gadgets every modern woman needs in her life

Need a few new gadgets that even 007 would envy? We’ve got a great list for you. more

10 things housemates should never do

You need someone to share the rent, not to make your life a living hell. more

Free your house of flies

With the temperatures skyrocketing, flies are suddenly everywhere. more

5 energy efficient ways to keep your house warm this winter

Regularly making use of a heater can drive up your electricity bill and is bad for the environment. Here’s how to avoid that. more

15 last minute gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Haven’t been able to get anything for your mom? Try one of these suggestions. more

Some of the beautiful things we’re looking at for Autumn/Winter

It’s time to start readying your home for the colder seasons. Here are a few of our favourite things for the season. more

This R18.9 million home is a slice of heaven

This home in Tiegerpoort, Pretoria might just be where you spend your early retirement. more

This new app is like uber for home repairs

getTOD is a new mobile application-based on demand service that allows you to find repair service people quickly and easily. more

6 bad habits you pick up when living alone

Blogger Anja van der Spuy writes about the pros and cons of living alone and the habits she has picked up on. more

How to buy a dishwasher that will save you time AND money

Who said washing up should be a chore? Here’s everything you need to know about purchasing a dishwasher that won’t take you to the cleaners. more

Use recycled materials to get rid of flies

These are the best solutions to get rid of flies. more

5 New Year's resolutions to benefit you and your pets

New Year's Resolutions are hard to follow, here is a full proof plan to achieve your goals with a little help from your cute four-legged friend. more

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