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This woman found stunning vintage photos and drove the world to solve a mystery

After finding photos from what is presumably the 1950s, a woman has asked the internet to help identify the subjects in the pics. more

My husband and I are closer because of load shedding

An awkward walk in the dark for this couple ended in one of the most romantic nights they've ever had. more

I got dumped because of load shedding

Communication proves key when lack of it-thanks to load shedding- cost this woman her relationship. more

Loadshedding struck, now my topload has stopped spinning -forever

Oh, the woes of doing laundry, especially during load shedding. more

I caught my boyfriend cheating during load shedding

Load shedding brought light to more than just a candle for this woman. more

My husband's haircut mishap and other load shedding stories

From an uncalled for song of happy birthday to playing cards by candle light, load shedding brings moments of mishap to some. more

This R36 million holiday home on the Zimbali Coast is perfect for your summer getaways

Sun, sea, and the beauty of this house will basically ensure that you’ll never want to leave. more

More lessons load shedding taught me

As much as load shedding is an inconvenience, it has given these few people some survival skills. more

The lights went off while I was cutting my client's hair!

This hairdresser never thought she would have to cut hair by candle light, until load shedding struck. more

I will never use the lift during load shedding again

This woman and her colleague were stuck in a dark lift for two hours, thanks to load shedding. more

My mother's birthday turned into a load shedding disaster

This woman wanted to give her mother the best birthday dinner ever, but load shedding dampened those plans, and her mood. more

A dad lit a candle for his daughter to do homework during load shedding

We can't all afford to stop what we're doing to wait for the lights to switch back on. Here are two accounts of a plan B during load shedding. more

Load shedding was the surprise at my husband's surprise birthday party

Unscheduled load shedding turns a 'worst load shedding experience' into a candle light birthday surprise. more

Load shedding ruined my lunch

That awkward moment your realise that there is no load shedding... more

This R20 000 000 Waterkloof home is, basically, paradise

Who needs to go to Jamaica to get their groove back? I think I found mine right here. more

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