Are women more likely to get injured in car crashes than men?

Vehicle safety testing is yet another arena where women aren’t catered for. more

7 fuel saving tips

These 7 tips will ensure that you get to your end destination safely in the most cost effective way possible. more

One car, two people - can it work?

One car between two people may mean that one of you will need to embrace the bike, but this can be avoided. more

How to get the most out of your car this December

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Is it time to replace your car battery?

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Heavily pregnant? You might want to read this before planning that getaway

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13 safety tips for driving alone in SA

Crime is rife on our roads. Here are 13 ways to be extra vigilant. more

Read the signs: What your dashboard is trying to tell you

Is your car overheating? Does it need more water? Here's what all the signs on your dashboard means. more

Everything you need to know about roadblocks

If you are planning on taking a trip during the upcoming public holidays, here's an “all you need to know” look at roadblocks. more

13 easy ways to save fuel

These could save you hundreds, maybe even thousands of rands a year. more

Why motorists are the worst

Blogger Anja van der Spuy is frustrated with motorists on the road and unleashes the fire in her soul in this epic rant. more

13 things you MUST check before any road trip

Going on a road trip this December? Make sure you're safe! more

What kind of insurance should I get for my kind of car?

Here is a three stage guide to pick out the right insurance for your new, used or battered car. more

Worried about the cost of vehicle finance? Here’s how to cut those costs

Here are simple and essential financial planning tips to take into consideration when thinking about owning your dream car. more

Why women are better drivers than men

Women are regarded as less distractible drivers than men, therefore a low insurance risk. Let's see why. more

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