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Create a home-grown mini wetland in just one morning!

Want to turn your back yard into your own personal paradise? Then follow these easy steps. more

Make your own mini garden with your own ceramic plant pots

Give them as a gift, or use them to give your home a bit of cheer. more

7 gardening instagram accounts that will inspire green fingers

Whether you have the green touch or just love the idea of a garden. Here are a few accounts that will get you started... more

Tree mail: Thousands of Australians write love letters to trees

Talk about tree-huggers. This email-a-tree Service will leaf you smiling. more

What to do in your garden this June

Your garden doesn't have to be barren and bleak this winter. Here are some tips on keeping your shrubs alive this season. more

Gardening in March and National Water Week

It's almost Autumn and the cooler weather is ideal for gardening. Here's what to plant and how to save water this month. more

The most useful and unusual thing to do with leftover food

Because even your garden can benefit from your leftovers this Christmas. more

Lunar gardening: Will your plants grow better by moonlight?

Here are some of the best tips for gardening during each lunar phase. more

How to make your flowers last longer

Here’s a simple guide to buying fresh flowers and making them last this summer. more

Four ways to maintain your kitchen plants

These four eco-friendly practices will ensure that you reap healthy harvests at home. more

Plant a vegetable garden outside your own back door

Feel the itch to plant something, but not sure where to start? Here’s how to get going. more

How to use containers in your garden this spring

Show off your spring blooms in an eclectic array of recycled containers. more

6 reasons gardening is good for you

Did you know that touching soil and plants can boost your immune system? Here are a few health reasons to get your green fingers working. more

What to do in your garden this April

Learn what great vegetables and herbs to plant and how to look after them in this autumn month. more

Give your garden some TLC

Neglected your garden? It's never too late to get your green fingers working. more

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