How to holiday-proof your garden this summer

You don’t have to come home to a garden in disarray. Here is how to keep it in shape while you’re away. more

Plant a pharmacy

We highlight the four most versatile herbs and how to grow them. more

Trimmed to perfection

Put your clippers to work to turn the shrubs and trees in your garden into decorative topiary. more

Vertical Gardening

So you long for a pretty garden but you have no space? Not to worry – vertical gardening is the answer. more

Lazy Girl’s Guide to Gardening

Forget needing to have ‘green’ fingers. Here’s how to create and maintain a gorgeous garden, minus the effort! more

10 space-saving garden ideas

Your area may be limited, but that doesn’t mean your creativity needs to be too! more

Don't be chicken, grow your own veggies

Even if you have a small garden, or live in a flat with just a patio, there is nothing stopping you growing your own veggies. more

Plant a tree this arbor month

There's a saying that goes "He who plants a tree plants hope". So let's plant some hope! more

How to save money by gardening

Make your vegetable garden work for you and save some cash! more

Kill the weeds! Kill them with FIRE!

Why use those pesky weed killers and chance those unwanted plants growing back when you can just use fire? more

Clever gardening

Need tips on how to make the most of your garden? more

How to keep your grass green

There’s nothing quite like walking across a lush, green lawn. Here’s how to keep your grass looking good. more

Set your Spring Table

The arrival of Spring means more Al Fresco lunches in the garden. Set your table with beautiful flowers of the season. more

Planting poppies

Spruce up your garden by planting these bright beauties now! Here’s where and how. more

Plant an avocado tree

Read our tips and tricks on growing your own avocado tree! more

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