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Turn an old jar or bowl into a terrarium

Create a quirky little oasis that will make for an interesting centerpiece in your home. more

Going potty for pot plants: a 12 step guide

Here’s how to make your very own pots for all your favourite plants. more

The most useful and unusual thing to do with leftover food

Because even your garden can benefit from your leftovers this Christmas. more

How to make your flowers last longer

Here’s a simple guide to buying fresh flowers and making them last this summer. more

Make your own mini garden with your own ceramic plant pots

Give them as a gift, or use them to give your home a bit of cheer. more

7 gardening instagram accounts that will inspire green fingers

Whether you have the green touch or just love the idea of a garden. Here are a few accounts that will get you started... more

Become a domestic goddess by planting your own indoor herb garden

With a bit of TLC, attention to detail and the right amount of sunlight, having herbs available at an arm's reach is easy. more

Five gorgeous garden upgrades to make right now

If your garden needs something new, this is it. more

These 4 edible weeds can actually help your grocery budget

Trying to think of ways to stretch the food in your store cupboard? The answer might be right outside your door. more

How to best prepare your garden for winter

Don’t wait until next spring. Autumn is the best time to prepare your garden for its next life cycle. more

Create a home-grown mini wetland in just one morning!

Want to turn your back yard into your own personal paradise? Then follow these easy steps. more

Lunar gardening: Will your plants grow better by moonlight?

Here are some of the best tips for gardening during each lunar phase. more

Four ways to maintain your kitchen plants

These four eco-friendly practices will ensure that you reap healthy harvests at home. more

Plant a vegetable garden outside your own back door

Feel the itch to plant something, but not sure where to start? Here’s how to get going. more

How to use containers in your garden this spring

Show off your spring blooms in an eclectic array of recycled containers. more

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