These are the 5 of the most expensive houses in SA right now

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These might be 12 of the most beautiful rooms on Instagram

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The reason your life is so messy

Decluttering is all the rage these days, but have you ever stopped to wonder where all the clutter came from in the first place? Lili Radloff explores. ...read more

Advertorial: Cook, wash and clean with LG's energy effecient appliances

Being energy efficient within your kitchen should start from the minute you take the food out of the fridge to the moment the last pot or pan has been cleaned. ...read more

Advertorial: Greater capacity and an even greater energy-saver. LG appliances are designed for your home

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5 ways to get the clutter-free home you’ve always wanted

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How to banish nasty household odours for good

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How to remove those smelly household odours

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5 ways to avoid smelly triggers in pregnancy

Your sense of smell may be heightened during pregnancy so that even everyday smells can be nauseating. Here are a few ways to survive the most common triggers. ...read more

From #SmellytoSmiley!

To show just how effective Ambi Pur is at completely eliminating pungent smells from your home, they set up an experiment in a glass box. Read what happened. ...read more

9 seriously overpriced pieces of furniture we secretly want

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Advertorial: LG makes cooking even more exciting

Cooking has never been this exciting with LG’s conventional oven – The SolarDom. ...read more

Advertorial: Those who live in glass houses … should not create bad smells!

Ambi Pur recently put its products to the test at Taste of Joburg to show how easy it is to eliminate those nasty odours. ...read more

13 must-have items when moving into your own place

Moving out of your family home can be an exciting yet daunting experience. Luckily, with these small home additions, the process can be stress-free. ...read more

Décor trends to know about for 2016

Always wanted to have that modern kitchen or bathroom? Here are the décor trends you need to watch out for this year. ...read more

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