pizza bedding

Pizza bedding: a dream or your worst nightmare?

I love food. I love pizza. But this bedding sounds terrible. Would you sleep in it? ...read more

5 of the dirtiest houses you’ll ever see

If you think you’re messy, think again. These 5 homes take messy to a whole new level. ...read more

10 ways to update your bathroom

If your bathroom is looking weary, give it a fresh look with simple updates that won't break the bank. ...read more

Simple steps to make your kitchen Kosher

One of the cornerstones of Jewish life is setting up and running a kosher kitchen in the home. ...read more

Give your bathroom a make-over with these DIY tips

A bathroom should be a happy haven, so here are a few DIY ideas you could take hold of to improve the look and feel of your bathroom. ...read more

Why you should look into getting printed tiles

Need new flooring? Maybe you should look into inkjet ceramic or porcelain tiles. ...read more

13 fugliest Halloween decorations

We know All Hallows Eve calls for the weird and wonderful, but these items just had us going WTF. ...read more

7 seriously strange inventions

Some of these are incredibly dumb, while others will just make you want to shake your head in exasperation. ...read more

Sensational decor accounts to follow on Instagram

Whether you need ideas on how to revamp your living space or just want some pretty pictures in your Instagram feed – you need to read this. ...read more

Get a glimpse inside these 9 celeb homes

Get a tiny peek into the abodes of the rich and famous. ...read more

Why you shouldn’t shy away from bold colours

Don’t be afraid to be bold with colour; decorate using your favourite colours to create the mood and feeling you want to evoke in your home. ...read more

Bring the natural beauty of stone and wood into your home with inkjet tiles

If you’re in love with a neutral and natural-looking decor style consider inkjet tiles for your home. ...read more

Make your own ceiling rose mirror

Here's one way you can decorate your home without burning your pockets. ...read more

How to choose the right tiles for your home

Tile choices are wide ranging and therefore selecting the right tiles for your home can be slightly overwhelming. ...read more

How to decorate your student apartment

Having trouble decorating your apartment on a student budget? Check out these tips on how to keep things beautiful yet affordable. ...read more

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