Simple steps to make your kitchen Kosher

One of the cornerstones of Jewish life is setting up and running a kosher kitchen in the home. ...read more

How to decorate your student apartment

Having trouble decorating your apartment on a student budget? Check out these tips on how to keep things beautiful yet affordable. ...read more

Wallpaper is back! Now with an eco-touch

Adding an eco-touch to your design ideas will be just as on trend as the wallpaper design you have chosen. ...read more

9 decor items for the TV addict in you

Are you a serious fangirl? Then these are for you! ...read more

This ad might just scare the crap out of you

This Dirt Devil ad is one creepy way of promoting a product. ...read more

7 household items that prove you’re an adult now

So you live on your own, you pay your bills, and you get to work on time (most days), but are you really a grown up? If you have any of these in your home, you probably are. ...read more

Make your own ceiling rose mirror

Here's one way you can decorate your home without burning your pockets. ...read more

Give your bathroom a make-over with these DIY tips

A bathroom should be a happy haven, so here are a few DIY ideas you could take hold of to improve the look and feel of your bathroom. ...read more

How to choose the right tiles for your home

Tile choices are wide ranging and therefore selecting the right tiles for your home can be slightly overwhelming. ...read more

Why you should look into getting printed tiles

Need new flooring? Maybe you should look into inkjet ceramic or porcelain tiles. ...read more

10 cheap ways to give your house a facelift

New place looking drab and bleak and your cash flow looking sad? Or crippled by bond repayments or rent? No problem! ...read more

5 of the most expensive houses in South Africa 2014

We give you another dose of very expensive house porn. Drool over these multi-million rand homes. ...read more

Wooden wall panels stage a comeback!

Do you love the idea of using wooden wall panels but don't want it to like a too-brown retro disaster? Never fear – we’ve gathered all the best inspiration to get you started. ...read more

How to add warmth to any room

If you’re feeling the onset of the winter chill and your home is starting to feel like a cold tomb rather than a warm sanctuary, look no further! ...read more

10 ways to enhance the look of your home

Are you bored with your home the way it is? If so, it’s clearly time for a makeover! Here are our 10 best reasons to get started on a home improvement project today. ...read more

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