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Here is how to buy furniture like a pro

Setting up house? Save money by investing in furniture that will last a lifetime. We take a look at five pieces that are well worth the outlay. ...read more

SA's first supermodel shows off her quirky home

Former South African model Josie Borain has lived in a log cabin for 20 years. Here is a peak into her wonderful, quirky home. ...read more

5 WTF infomercial products that have us doing a double take

If you’ve ever watched daytime TV, or really late night TV, chances are you’ve seen some pretty silly infomercials. ...read more

Mayo gets what off?! And other uses for everyday household items

Try out these handy tips that will help you get the most use out of your ordinary household items. ...read more

9 ways to decorate your home without dishing out all your money

Need to spice up your decor, but don't have a huge budget? Why not try a few of these ideas? ...read more

7 household items that prove you’re an adult now

So you live on your own, you pay your bills, and you get to work on time (most days), but are you really a grown up? If you have any of these in your home, you probably are. ...read more

5 simple solutions to window dressing problems

No window is impossible to cover up. Here are the right type of curtains to use in your home. ...read more

6 things I learnt from living on my own

Living by yourself for the first time opens you up to many things you’ve never had to consider before. Matty Maivha shares her experience with us. ...read more

R16.5 million for this Zimbali Coast view?

This 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, Zimbali Coast home has convinced us to take out a loan. ...read more

Turn your bathroom into a spa zone

5 steps to relax at a spa... in the comfort of your own home. ...read more

5 simple ways to bring Italy into your home

The laidback lifestyle of rural Italy is all about embracing simple pleasures – and it can be easily emulated in your home. ...read more

How to furnish your flat for just R5 000

If you’re prepared to do an internet hunt for perfectly excellent second hand bargains, this is for you. Whatever you do, don’t buy anything new. ...read more

The 3 funniest DIY fail compilations we could find

DON'T do it yourself! A collection of some of the funniest (and most painful) DIY fails we could find. ...read more

How to plan a great party

Do you want to have a mega-bash without the mega-headache? Read our tips on how to plan your perfect party. ...read more

10 ways to make your house look scary this Halloween

Give your family members a haunted house experience they will not forget. ...read more

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