Say Hello to Yellow

Brighten up your home by adding a touch of yellow

Spring is around the corner, and that means it's time for a change. Why not add some yellow into your décor ? ...read more

I almost burned my house down

Always remember to switch of appliances during load shedding. Always. ...read more

"I'm too grumpy to deal with this" and other load shedding complaints

Load shedding can be really frustrating. Our readers relate their most annoying load shedding stories with us. ...read more

How to make your table surfaces as stylish as possible

When it comes to surface designs, what you put on your table is as important as the table design. Here are some ideas you can try. ...read more

5 great decor items to help you get organised

Who says pretty can’t be functional too? ...read more

What to expect at Decorex Cape Town 2015

Home Décor fans get ready. All the latest trends, interior designers, property experts and a 5 bedroom house display will be at this year’s Decorex. ...read more

13 must-have items when moving into your own place

Moving out of your family home can be an exciting yet daunting experience. Luckily, with these small home additions, the process can be stress-free. ...read more

5 must-haves for the ultimate in kitchen cool

Get inspired by these stylish and must-have decorating ideas for your kitchen. ...read more

"My husband accidentally kissed my cousin in the dark"

It's not all doom and gloom when the lights go out - some funny and sweet stories can arise, like these. ...read more

Lessons load shedding taught me

From checking the lights to remembering where you put your stuff, sometimes load shedding can be a real learning curve. ...read more

Load shedding ruined my mother's welcome home lunch

Treating your mother to a welcome back lunch after she was in the hospital is more difficult than you think - thanks to load shedding. ...read more

5 ways to brighten up your home this winter

Who wants to go to a cold, monotonous home? Here are five ways to make your home worth coming back to every day. ...read more

My favourite jewellery box caught fire during load shedding

What would you do if load shedding made you lose something you love? Here is one reader's tale on losing her precious valuables... ...read more

8 bathroom trends to know about this season

Bathroom décor has never looked better. A bathroom decor expert reveals the major trends emerging in the world of bathroom design. ...read more

Here are 6 adorable pictures of cats snoozing on doll beds. You’re welcome.

A new, incredibly adorable trend has started in Japan: using doll beds as cat furniture. ...read more

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