DIY projects for Easter

Wondering how to keep the kids or yourself entertained without breaking the bank? Just DIY! more

Give your home an edge with these eclectic DIY ideas

Eclecticism is about contrast and variety, Kyle Singh gives tips on how to meld different periods of time and interior design styles for an electric DIY. more

10 times people seriously failed at DIY

Sometimes we should really just leave it to the experts. more

Plumbing 101: 5 things to know

Unless you can afford to fork out every time something goes wrong in your home, it pays to know a few plumbing basics... more

What on earth is vaginal knitting?!

WARNING: Explicit content. Meet this performer “craftivist” who is spending 28 days knitting with wool that she’s inserted in her vagina. more

10 clever uses for everyday things

Save money and time by making the most out of the household appliances and items that you take for granted. more

Save money. Make your own Easter eggs

Looking to give your Easter décor a contemporary twist? Here’s an idea for chalkboard and gold eggs that you can do with the entire family. more

How to make an Easter egg garland

Brighten the house with a bit of Easter cheer with this easy to do decor project. more

Mayo gets what off?! And other uses for everyday household items

Try out these handy tips that will help you get the most use out of your ordinary household items. more

How to create your very own romantic bathroom retreat

Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary for rest, tranquillity and of cause romance. more

How to wrap a present perfectly in just under 30 seconds

Gift wrapping can be such a headache,but this video shows you how to do it like a boss. more

9 worst craft ideas EVER

Here's what NOT to DIY. more

She did what with her WHAT?

Our readers were a bit confused about a performance craftivist’s latest piece. more

5 tips to help detox your home

Wake up to a fresh-smelling home, free from any dangerous toxins that can affect your health and life. more

How to make your own lip balm

What soft, supple lips without spending a fortune? Here's how to do it yourself. more

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