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Add a personal touch to gifts with these hand-printed ribbons

Your friends who do scrapbooking will be crazy about this set of ribbons more

How to make your own shadow box

Here's how to make a great display to show off something special. more

10 furniture fails that will make you feel better about your DIY skills

Sometimes you should just know when to hang up the hammer and walk away. more

You can knit an entire blanket with your arm in 45 MINUTES!

So there’s this thing called arm knitting and you can allegedly make a blanket from scratch in absolutely no time. This is how. more

Save money. Make your own Easter eggs

Looking to give your Easter décor a contemporary twist? Here’s an idea for chalkboard and gold eggs that you can do with the entire family. more

Mayo gets what off?! And other uses for everyday household items

Try out these handy tips that will help you get the most use out of your ordinary household items. more

Need a new DIY project? Learn how to decoupage a vintage suitcase

This decoupage solution is ideal for that vintage suitcase you’ve been wanting to ‘dress up’ for a while. more

Always wanted to know how to crochet a doily?

Make your own dainty doily, just follow our steps more

Bad dreams? Here's how to make a dream catcher

American Indians believed a dream catcher let through the good dreams and caught the bad ones; crochet this one and have pleasant dreams more

How to crochet a beautiful garland

Want to liven up your home with a bit of colour? These will not only make great decorations, but are pretty neat as coasters too. more

“Go home, Pinterest. You’re drunk”

An awesome new Tumblr chronicles some of the best worst pins ever seen on the popular photosharing site, Pinterest. more

How to make cute and unique hair accessories

This set of hair clips and hair elastics will bring great delight to a little girl. Plus, no one will have the same designs! more

DIY projects for Easter

Wondering how to keep the kids or yourself entertained without breaking the bank? Just DIY! more

How to make an Easter egg garland

Brighten the house with a bit of Easter cheer with this easy to do decor project. more

How to create your very own romantic bathroom retreat

Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary for rest, tranquillity and of cause romance. more

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