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22 Christmas trees to get you into the holiday spirit

We asked our readers to send us their Christmas tree snaps and what we received has us counting the days till the big day. ...read more


11 spectacular Christmas trees from around the world

Get into the festive spirit with these beautiful Christmas trees. ...read more


How to wrap a present perfectly in just under 30 seconds

Gift wrapping can be such a headache,but this video shows you how to do it like a boss. ...read more

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13 Gifts we DON'T want for Christmas

We love prezzies, but these gifts are definitely not on our wishlist. ...read more

News and Trends

There are just some things we DON’T want for Christmas

So it’s that time of year again, and we’re all bound to get really crappy gifts we don’t want. ...read more


8 of the world’s most beautiful hidden beaches

Planning your next holiday? You might want to go to one of these beautiful gems. ...read more


Pizza bedding: a dream or your worst nightmare?

I love food. I love pizza. But this bedding sounds terrible. Would you sleep in it? ...read more


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Going steady in the world of dating apps

2014-11-20 13:25

Dating has got a lot more complex than just swiping left or right. Here are five of the most ridiculous apps you might come across while seeking Mr-Will-Do-For-Now.

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