Great Hair

5 hair repair products for better hair days

We are not all lucky enough to be blessed with really great hair. Luckily, we have all the best products for you to get your hair healthy and ready for summer. more

Fashion and Beauty

We should ignore mainstream ideals of beauty

Living up to the media's standard of beauty is hard. A reader shares why we shouldn't even bother trying. more


Why we should stop hating our bodies

Marisa Crous wonders why we continue to beat ourselves up for not having the 'perfect' body. Especially since there is no one true perfect body. more


The look: long skirts and bulky footwear

We absolutely adored the long skirts paired with chunky flats or heels at this year's Chanel Spring/Summer 2016 show at Paris Fashion Week. Here's how to own this look. more


10 of the best beauty hacks we’ve ever heard

Our readers share the best beauty advice they've ever received. more


Dress to define your waistline

Tracy Gold shows us how to dress ourselves slimmer this spring. more


12 iconic '90s supermodels: then and now

They have gone from the ramp to working as authors, reality TV hosts and philanthropists. more

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Tracy Gold

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Joy Terri

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The best local fashion and beauty tips

Get all the latest South African style advice.
How to prevent blonde hair from fading in winter

Want Daenerys Targaryen's bright blonde locks? Here's a few tips and tricks on how to achieve these #hairgoals.  Read more

Culottes are still boss - even in winter

A throwback from the Old West, Crystal Kasper shows us how to do cowgirl chic in sleek navy.  Read more

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