The look: long skirts and bulky footwear

We absolutely adored the long skirts paired with chunky flats or heels at this year's Chanel Spring/Summer 2016 show at Paris Fashion Week. Here's how to own this look. more

Elevate your outfit with key accessories

Fashion blogger and photographer, Amy Scheepers goes back to basics. more

Dress to define your waistline

Tracy Gold shows us how to dress ourselves slimmer this spring. more

10 fashion magazine covers that changed everything

Naked, controversial and very raw: see some game-changing covers that made us smile, frown and scratch our heads. more

Get ready to shop, H&M is coming to Joburg in November

You can finally buy H&M clothes without a plane ticket or a friend bringing them back from London. more

You need: an everyday little black dress

Fashion blogger and model, Emma Jane Menteath shows us how to be both stylish and practical in the city. more

12 iconic '90s supermodels: then and now

They have gone from the ramp to working as authors, reality TV hosts and philanthropists. more

Yes, you can wear an all-white suit

Jozi fashionista, Thithi Nteta show us how to pull off the white-on-white ensemble, effortlessly. more

Why has fashion become so impractical?

Finding a normal work shirt that doesn't expose your bra seems impossible these days. more

Human backpacks cause stir at Fashion Week

Controversial fashion designer, Rick Owens's spectacular show saw models wearing...other models. more

You need: a long-sleeve printed dress

A Fashion Friend fashion editor and one of our favourite fashion girls, Raya Rossi, shows us how to work a paisley dress to perfection. more

Undeniably stunning Paris Fashion Week Instagrams

Swoon, swoon and swoon some more as you browse our edit of snaps taken at the fashion event of the season. more

10 locally made handbags to die for

Need a brand new bag? There are loads of beautiful handbags right at your doorstep - it's time to invest in local. more

Dolce & Gabbana just reaffirmed our love for fashion

The tourist in you will love this collection. Designs for spring and summer that will make you fall in love with Italy, over and over again. more

Elle magazine's latest cover is genius

Mirror, mirror on the wall… If ELLE magazine Australia is your fairy godmother, your wish has just come true. more

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