Miss South Africa: the outdated practice of judging sexy show dogs

Most punt this as 'more than just a plain old beauty pageant', but is it really? more

Instagram style file: Raylene Harvey

This self-made and self-taught fashion designer takes us through her sassy style choices. more

Should this American Apparel ad be banned?

Yet another over-sexed ad from this always-controversial brand. more

Steal Thithi Nteta's fashion week style

With fashion week well on its way we take a look at our favourite style blogger's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week looks to keep you inspired. more

The 'keep it or chuck' wardrobe checklist

Does your wardrobe need a clear out? Tracy Gold gives her top tips for deciding which items to chuck and which to keep. more

Stop what you're doing and tell us what's going on here

It’s the case of #TheDress, without the dress, beauty edition. more

Cuffs: the accessory your wrists have been longing for

Decorate your wrists this autumn with chunky cuffs. From sleek, art deco designs to rope, brass and raw crystal, we have rounded up all the best arm candy around. more

The grown-up girl's wardrobe guide

As you mature, so should your wardrobe, but mature doesn’t have to mean boring. Tracy Gold gives her top tips to making your wardrobe age appropriate with style. more

How to get away with wearing a giant fuzzy pink coat

Fashion blogger, Amy Scheepers tells us the secret behind the yeti jacket: it's all about balancing simple with some volume. You're welcome. more

When fashion sells “culture” as a “new trend”

Givenchy, Stella McCartney and many other designers have recently opted for models sporting the "baby hair" trend on the runway. Will this trend actually translate to the street, or will it be seen as too racist? more

A leather-look skirt is your autumn staple

Add this item to your autumn wardrobe for that smart and sophisticated, yet edgy feel. more

Experience SA Fashion Week via social media

We round up some of the most beautiful social media shares that grabbed our attention. more

Instagram style file: Anisa Mpungwe

Loin Cloth and Ashes designer, Anisa Mpungwe, lets us take a sneak peak at her fabulous life and her flawless collab with Mr Price. more

No woman should have to eat tissues to curb hunger pangs

The French government is putting a stop to the glorification of being “Paris thin” in the hope of eliminating unhealthy looking models from the media (and our minds) forever. more

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