Copy Brigitte Bardot's iconic smoky eye

Chanel recently sent models sporting a Bardot-inspired make-up look down the runway at Paris Fashion Week. We love it and we are making it a thing. more

Why this celebrity washes her hair with Coca-Cola

Some celebs go to weird extremes to look good. more

Sorry, but the "crying lip" trend is just ridiculous

Some fashion trends should never be a thing. Like this one. more

South vs. North Korean beauty trends

See the striking difference between North and South Korean beauty trends from the 1950s onwards. more

WATCH: this week's best beauty news

Our fashion and beauty ed chats to News24 Live about this week's beauty headlines. more

3 signs you’ve been shaving your legs all wrong

Many of us choose to opt for the shave instead of the (dreaded, in my case) painful wax. We find ourselves longing for winter-weather, if only for the chance to let it all grow wild. more

Matte lips might just be your new favourite beauty trend

The perfect matte pout is our new go-to beauty look. Here's the products you need to achieve this effortless lip finish. more

Faking fuller brows is ridiculously easy

Want to up your brow game, and fast? Here's the tools you need. more

How to get flushed cheeks without blushing

Cinderella actress, Lily James, always makes a red carpet statement. Most recently she's been wowing us with her princess-pretty rosy pink cheeks. Here we give you the tools to recreate her fresh look. more

WATCH: Blind woman learns to do her own make-up

This women created a technique for visually impaired women to do their own make-up and it is incredible. more

Get a facelift without going under the knife

Let's face it, many of us actually enjoy the experience that come with ageing; yet we still prefer to look like our young self. Unfortunately, not all of us want to (or can afford to) go the cosmetic surgery route. more

Clear skin is just a turmeric face mask away

YouTube vlogger, Promise Phan shows us how to make a turmeric beauty mask from scratch. more

White mascara might just become a thing

Alexander McQueen's show brought us a rather interesting beauty look: white mascara. The look was a fresh new take on gothic as it replaced dark eyeshadow and oxblood lips with Victorian style disheveled hair and crisp, white eyes make-up. more

Is your smartphone giving you wrinkles?

A new condition called “tech neck” is apparently causing premature ageing of the skin in the younger generation. more

Nailing the tribal French mani

Experiment with tribal fashion-forward designs on this blue mani Monday... more

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