5 unexpected uses for Vaseline

This budget-friendly product does more than soothe cracked and dry skin. more

Nailed it! Readers share their manicures

From nail art to French manicures, these readers have it going in the nail department. more

Have you been washing your face wrong all these years?

Perhaps you think of washing your face much like you do of brushing your teeth or hair: just one of those daily grooming chores. Here we show you why it's critically important to care and love for your skin every single day. more

Straight from our #beautydesk: summer skin and hair beauty boosters

Ready for the summer’s sun and sea? You might be, but we all know that the elements can be very harsh on your hair and skin during this time. Here the Women24 team reviews a few products that will do beauty wonders for you this season. more

Lithuanian women protest against distorted female image in media

Three Lithuanian women: actress and TV hostess Beata Tiškevic, photographer Neringa Rekašiute and communications specialist Modesta Kairyte; decided to protest against the distorted female image in mass media by launching the social project, We.Women. more

Crazy beauty trick eliminates dark circles in seconds

Beauty guru, Deepica Mutyala, shows us how to use red lipstick on your eyes! more

Why 'primer' is this season’s beauty buzzword

You’ve heard about it in passing, but haven’t gotten as far as buying or trying it for yourself. What are the benefits of primer and why should you use it? We have all the answers. more

5 beauty trends worth following in 2015

From Negative Space Manicures to the 'Lob', these are our beauty trend predictions for this year. more

Why you don't have perfect skin

We all want it. Desire it. Pay lots of money to achieve it. Yet for most of us, getting skin that glows like Beyoné's is a daily struggle. more

20 of the best beauty moments captured on Instagram

A roundup of the best beauty posts that will have you double tapping. more

15 celeb manicures we desperately want to try

Nailed it! From subtle to OTT, we adore these celebrity nails. more

10 gorgeous ‘plus-size’ models you need to know about

Let’s celebrate the world’s most gorgeous curvy bodies. more

Stunning #selfies taken by Miss World winners

Last night our very own Rolene Strauss was crowned Miss World. Get a peek inside her and former Miss World winners' Instagram worlds. more

Life before and after Gender Reassignment Surgery

'Reassign' is a photo essay by Claudia González, featuring people in Cuba. more

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