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Tips for embracing your natural beauty during Ramadaan

Not being able to wear makeup during the fast can be daunting, especially when you are a makeup addict. more

5 basic (but super effective) ways to improve your skin

We all want it. Desire it. Pay lots of money to achieve it. Yet for most of us, getting skin that glows like Beyoncé or Noni Gasa is a daily struggle. more

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5 celebs who apparently have very bad hygiene

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Around the world in 10 lip colours: which city’s lip trend do you follow?

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How to perk up sad winter skin

Pretending it's summer, in winter, can be a bit of a tall order. But remember that your skin needs love, no matter the season. more

5 tips and tricks for reducing big pores

Pores. We all have them. And while we can’t get rid of them, we can make them appear smaller. Here’s how... more

Why it's perfectly fine to love makeup

Women are posting half-makeup selfies – and it’s really awesome. more

WATCH men do their girlfriends' makeup (surprising results)

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The best new scents to try for winter - all in store now!

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Graphic manicure ideas for rainy days at home

Sometimes a public holiday or a cold, wintery Saturday is meant to be spent indoors watching series and giving yourself a fun at-home manicure. more

How to correctly apply foundation

We all want that flawless finish, minus the effort, am I right? Here's a few tricks you can try to perfectly apply your foundation. more

5 celebrities who look better without lots of makeup

Check out these barefaced celebrity beauties. more

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