Cooking can be rewarding

We asked our readers to share with us some of their pet peeves and small pleasures. ...read more

Tiny bubbles - so divine!

A reader says she is addicted to popping bubble wrap while another hates cigarette butts in a pot plant. ...read more

Frugal is the new black: Reader responses

“Debt is evil and addictive and is strangling the life out of us” says one of our readers. Read her full response here: ...read more

Write for Women24!

We want YOU to get heard... Get your views published online today. Here’s how. ...read more

Best of our beauty reviews

Send us your TRUE beauty review and you could WIN a Kalahari voucher – just like these readers did! ...read more

To ban the Burqa or not

Here's what you had to say. ...read more

If it doesn't fit, don't buy it!

This reader totally can't stand it when women buy clothing items that are noticeably too small for them. ...read more

Please, stay in your lane!

A reader tells us just how much she hates it when other drivers veer into her lane. ...read more

Good manners should count on the road too

We asked our readers what some of their pet peeves are and low and behold, cutting into traffic seems to be at the top of the list. ...read more

Good manners go a long way

In a perfect world, everyone would be a good driver and ask for tissue when they needed to blow their nose instead of sniffing. Well, at least that's what this reader thinks. ...read more

I can't stand loud people!

A few readers share their pet peeves and small pleasures with us. This is what they had to say. ...read more

Your if-money-wasn't-an-option car

“If price wasn’t an issue, I’d splurge on a...” Our readers give their fascinating answers! ...read more

Worst Friend Traits

Our readers share some tell-tale signs. Can you recognise any of your nearest and dearest in these? ...read more

Love Struck?

We’re celebrating the warmest, fuzziest feelings we’ve had. Chat with us and you could win a t-shirt. ...read more

On banning the Burqa

Here's what you had to say. ...read more

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