Catcalls are not freaking compliments!

Street harassment is not just a woman's problem. Men need to take a stand and stop this. ...read more

Women are progressing, whether you like it or not

The backlash against gender equality might seem harsh, but in the greater scheme of things the world is moving on. Thank God. ...read more

Is it because I’m fat?

Yes. Yes, it is says Carmen Williams. ...read more

Who would you trust to own a gun?

If you don't know how or when to use a gun, you have no business owning one. ...read more

Wake up! It's time for change

Living a purposeful life is something many of us covet but only a few can achieve. ...read more

So ‘stand your ground’ doesn’t apply to sufferers of domestic abuse? How does that work?

You can "stand your ground" and protect yourself from a stranger, but not from a habitual abuser. ...read more

Your breasts are not curing cancer

Everyone loves boobs, and sex sells, so what’s wrong with a little boob-centric breast cancer awareness? Quite a lot, actually... ...read more

Why are there no big bums in fashion?

The firm, but large derrière is most certainly back when we look at pop culture spheres like popular music, but why is fashion still turning the other cheek? ...read more

I used to abuse myself

Sometimes the most abusive relationship you can be in is the one you're in with yourself. ...read more

Why are sluts shamed?

Chris McEvoy doesn't understand what's up with this whole slut-shaming thing. Like what the hell? ...read more

Did Helen and Mamphele mess it up for all of us, or are we just messed up ourselves?

Jennifer Thorpe argues that undue attention is placed more on the sexuality of women leaders than on their intellect and capabilities, especially if compared to their male counterparts. ...read more

Is homosexuality really a 'white' thing?

Tauriq Moosa gives his opinion on the controversial anti-gay bill signed by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni ...read more

Rape Crisis rejected David Bullard’s donation

If you think Rape Crisis should have accepted David Bullard's token, once off donation, you should read this. ...read more

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