Hilarious reactions to today's #SocialMediaMeltdown

We compiled the best posts shared on Twitter this morning. more

5 of the most annoying things people do on Facebook

It’s never too late to unfriend someone. more

Watch 2014's most popular animal video

Proof that dogs are more popular than cats on Youtube. more

Snap one second of your life every single day

With all the many moments we experience daily - how will we ever remember them all? Director Cesar Kuriyama shoots one second of video every day as part of an ongoing project to collect all the special bits of his life. more

Exciting news for the African Internet landscape

ZAdotCities are new city top level domains that give you a local identity in the global internet space. more

Student caught trying to run a sex scam through Gumtree

UCT is investigating a matter where a student was using a Gumtree ad in order to solicit nude photos from models. more

Should pubic hair be censored?

Instagram deactivates account because of visible pubes. more

Lobola goes digital with new app

Ever wondered what your bride price would be? Now, there's an app to 'calculate' that. more

17 incredibly weird, funny and cringe-worthy Tinder messages

This reads like a 'What not to do on Tinder' manual. Here are just a few texts that will make you want to deactivate your online dating profile. more

20 of the best beauty moments captured on Instagram

A roundup of the best beauty posts that will have you double tapping. more

Stunning #selfies taken by Miss World winners

Last night our very own Rolene Strauss was crowned Miss World. Get a peek inside her and former Miss World winners' Instagram worlds. more

Stop looking at your phones!

A great lesson on table manners from yesteryear... more

Too naughty for Instagram?

Click through these provocative instagram posts that have resulted in banned accounts for some. more

Victim of internet hate?

It's easy for people to judge and attack others while safely hidden behind their computer and a fake internet account, says Suzette Leal. more

“You can live here free... IF you’ll be my girlfriend!”

This Gumtree ad says you can live in a beautiful Sandton apartment filled with luxuries all free of charge! There's just one catch... more

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