What should I look out for when buying a new laptop?

This reader wants to buy a new laptop, but isn't very tech savvy. Have any advice for her? more

15 things we hate about Twitter #sorrynotsorry

Trolls, spam bots and retweeting compliments are just some of the things that gets our blood boiling on Twitter. In fact, we have a whole list. more

WATCH: The craziest youtubers ever!

We share a list of our all-time favourite YouTube videos. Giggles are guaranteed! more

Cutest videos of 2013

The year was filled with a mix of emotion, tears, joy and aaww moments. We compiled a list of our cutest videos. Take a look. more

BBM on android – what’s the point?

So BBM for Android and IOS is FINALLY here and I must say, besides a few small glitches, I’m impressed. more

Where are the women?

The backlash and mistreatment of women in male-dominated areas is not merely a concern of equality, but of creativity in general. more

How NOT to #Hashtag

Since the hashtag’s introduction to Facebook, they’ve become just another way for you to sound like a dweeb on the internet. more

Girls are meant to be pretty not smart

This commercial highlights how negative stereotypes can threaten a girl’s academic performance. more

Have we forgotten about the missing Nigerian girls since it stopped trending?

Hashtags create quite the hype on social networks such as Twitter. Do we retweet and hashtag because we agree with the contents of the message or is it all just for show? more

Have you been a victim of internet hate?

It's easy for people to judge and attack others while safely hidden behind their computer and a fake internet account, says Suzette Leal. more

Is Google making us stupid and lazy?

Are our critical thinking skills being lost to smartphones and computers? Does today’s generation think less and Google more? more

Here's everything that happened in 2013

Yep, everything you need to know about the year 2013 is in this clip. Well at least according to Google. It has everything from newsmakers, celeb moments and the world's biggest events. more

Apps we wish we had

Ever thought "I wish I had an app for that?" - well, here's a totes hilarz list of apps that we really, really want. more

How to be a complete idiot on Facebook

Top tips to being a total fool on your fave social media site more

ANC Twitter campaign backfires

The ANC tried to reclaim a campaign started by the DA. Then Twitter users hit back. more

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