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The world's highest-paid models under 25

Find out what Kendall Jenner earns! more

5 of the most ridiculous celebrity lawsuits

Celebrities often get sued by people seeking fame and fortune. more

5 key things to know about a RA (Part 1)

Before you sign that contract, here are a few things you need to know when getting a Retirement Annuity plan. more

Over two thirds of South Africans look more at their phone than at their partner's face

Recent studies by iFix revealed how much time South Africans really spend on their phones and it's rather alarming. more

6 things to consider when buying your first property

A few crucial things you need to know before you make the big purchase. more

9 of the richest women in Africa

Meet Africa’s wealthiest and most influential business women. more

5 things you might not know about filing your tax return

With the deadline for tax returns approaching, we sought expert advice to help you get sorted in time and avoid potential penalties. more

5 of the best rags to riches stories ever

These stories are proof that your present does not define your future. more

ADVERTORIAL: Just how saving-savvy are you?

Had any idea that it’s now possible to invest your money and enjoy the proceeds tax-free? more

Jennifer Lawrence is 2015's highest paid actress at $52 mil per film

Check out this list of Hollywood’s most glamorous actresses who are also raking in the moola. more

5 things you may not want to hear about your RA (Part 2)

When it comes to taking out a RA, there are certain things you need to hear, even though it may pain you. more

5 totally legitimate ways people make money online

Make extra cash from the very comfort of your own bed. more

10 staggering celeb appearance fees

Ever wondered how much a celebrity gets paid for just appearing at an event? Here are a few stars who get paid for basically existing. more

13 celebs who went from super rich to broke

Fame isn't everything. This is why you shouldn't let money get to your head. more

My child’s father is a criminal

This reader needs your advice on how to deal with a lying, deceitful father, who refuses to pay child maintenance as ordered by the court. more

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