10 ways to slash your food bill

Boost your health – and your pocket – by eating frugally. more

How to manage your money as a couple

Don't let financial problems be the cause of your break-up. Here is how you and your partner can manage money better. more

It’s a trap! Don’t fall for these common online scams

Don't be fooled! The most common online scams in South Africa, and how to avoid them. more

Online vs. ‘real’ shopping – what’s more expensive?

Times are hard, but there's no need to bankrupt yourself! Read on to find out the benefits of online shopping. more

Are your shopping habits making you poor?

Bad spending habits can easily lead to a big financial hole if you don’t look out for them carefully. more

Mayday, mayday when is payday?

Do we take our freedom for granted? Lili Radloff thinks we waste too much time on counting money and not enough on counting blessings. more

Will you have enough money when you retire?

Bad with money? Spending your entire salary each and every month? Here’s some great money advice for those of you who have neglected to make any future money plans. more

Good debt vs. bad debt

What is ‘good’ debt and ‘bad’ debt, and why is it important to distinguish between the two? more

Why are we so crap with money?

South Africans are notoriously bad with managing money. Most of us are in debt and hardly any of us save. more

4 Simple steps to create a budget

Don't despair! Creating a balanced budget is not as difficult as it seems. more

German woman lived without money for a year

For 365 days this journalist from Germany ate, drank and dressed without spending a cent. more

You only have six months left to start saving for the December holidays

Booking holidays late in the year often means paying more, making them a pricey affair. Our advice? Start planning now! more

How you can pay for your dream sabbatical

A sabbatical is a great way for you to refuel your engines or to take some time out to do the things you really love. Whatever your reasons, just make sure you're financially prepared before taking that bold step. more

How to boost your credit score – even in hard times

Even with interest rates on the rise, you can still manage your debt. Here's how: more

Easter bunnies, hot cross buns and pickled fish – they all cost money!

Don’t count your easter bunnies before they hatch. Here’s how to financially survive Easter. more

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