10 of the richest female celebrities in the world

Have a look at some of the wealthiest and most influential women in the world. more

South Africa's richest women

From investments to family businesses, meet some of our country's wealthiest women. more

Why money is a lot like food

Just like eating too much red velvet cake, spending money on our favourite things can be a guilty pleasure. It's hard to go on a diet, but it's possible. more

Meet the world's richest women

These women have more money than we could ever dream of. more

10 ways to slash your food bill

Boost your health – and your pocket – by eating frugally. more

Good debt vs. bad debt

What is ‘good’ debt and ‘bad’ debt, and why is it important to distinguish between the two? more

Can money ever equate happiness?

This blogger questions the logic of work and motivation as we know it. more

11 of the world’s richest heiresses (that are not Paris Hilton)

Young women whose parents prove that hard work pays off; and with those rewards come another generation of billionaires and millionaires. more

How I saved R2000 per month

Many of us love cooking, and we spend a lot of money to make great edibles because we think more is, well, more. This savvy blogger shows us how to be foodies without breaking the bank. more

Meet 10 of Instagram's richest kids

These young and filthy rich, seem to have a penchant for the finer things in life; and they don't mind showing it off. The pictures speak for themselves. more

The trouble with small hidden expenses

We all enjoy the little pleasures in life, like that freshly made gourmet sandwich or that creamy artisan coffee. So, aren't those things worth spending R50 on? more

Imagine a life without money

We don't have to be controlled by our finances. Here's how this is possible. more

Delete your!

Money makes the world go round, it can also seem quite a burden when you struggle with your finances and end up getting into a debt situation. more

Will you have enough money when you retire?

Bad with money? Spending your entire salary each and every month? Here’s some great money advice for those of you who have neglected to make any future money plans. more

Why are we so crap with money?

South Africans are notoriously bad with managing money. Most of us are in debt and hardly any of us save. more

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