11 of the world’s richest heiresses (that are not Paris Hilton)

Young women whose parents prove that hard work pays off; and with those rewards come another generation of billionaires and millionaires. more

Know your rights when it comes to debt

Don't let debt collectors take advantage of you. Read this to learn about your rights regarding debt. more

Understanding your medical aid and what it covers

Are your medical expenses too high? Try decoding your medical aid terms and conditions and associated costs to make sure that it works for you. more

The richest people on the planet in 2015

Forbes just released their 2015 list of richest billionaires on the planet. We are totally jealous. more

Love hurts… your wallet

How do you show romantic love without breaking the bank? more

Why you need a trust and how to set one up

We often hear of trusts being spoken about in the financial world and the importance of having one. But when is it necessary to consider a trust and who should set one up? more

Is it more expensive to be a woman?

Pink tax is weighing us down, girls. more

10 celebs who’ve spent millions on insuring their body parts

Taylor Swift is not the only celeb who is making sure her assets are well covered. Here is a reminder of other celebs who spent millions insuring their bodies. more

Why Taylor Swift’s cat might owe her $40 million dollars

What Taylor Swift and some other celebrities spend on protecting their bodily assets. more

Stay in control of your budget no matter what the fuel price

But how? There’s a tool that ensures motorists know exactly how a fuel price hike or drop will affect their wallet. more

How Zuma's annual salary compares to other world leaders

We look at how world leaders' annual take-home earnings stack up. more

How I saved R2000 per month

Many of us love cooking, and we spend a lot of money to make great edibles because we think more is, well, more. This savvy blogger shows us how to be foodies without breaking the bank. more

5 of the world's youngest billionaires

So young, and so very rich. See who made the list. more

10 of the world’s richest presidents

Being president can be really daunting and stressful, but the wages make it worthwhile. more

10 of the richest reality TV stars

You might consider a career in reality TV after reading this. more

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