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Your finances don’t have to suffer this festive season. Here’s how to cut back and take charge. more

5 of the most expensive stores in the world

Most of us can only window-shop at these stores if we dare. more

What you should tip

This blogger breaks down the mystery and complication of tipping. more

How to know which medical scheme is best for you

Are you thinking about changing your medical scheme? This expert gives us a few key questions to ask when making that decision. more

10 cities with the most billionaires

There are more billionaires living in these cities than anywhere else in the world. more

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A blogger encourages us not to fear failure when it comes to our money. more

10 celebs who went from super rich to broke

Take note! Why handling your money properly is extremely important. more

10 ways to enjoy the festive season on a budget

1Life gives us a little heads up if you are feeling financially flummoxed in the face of the imminent festivities. more

5 celebrities who were born rich

These stars clearly had the fortune way before the fame. more

The richest Youtube stars

People are making more money on Youtube than ever before. Here are 4 of the most successful online entrepreneurs currently working the net... more

Beat your impulse buying addiction today

Is your impulsive buying putting you in debt? Here's how to kick the habit. more

Mining bosses top SA’s rich list

The Sunday Time’s Rich List, due to be published next week, shows three mining bosses are among the country’s 10 wealthiest people – despite a slowing economy and continued mining strikes. more

The sad tale of money won, money earned and sangrias lost

We win some, lose some and even earn some. This blogger talks saving, tax and the value of money. more

7 bad money habits your kids may be learning from you

Head of advice processes at Sanlam Personal Finance sets out potential mistakes you may be passing on to your children. more

The 10 wealthiest celeb teens

These teens earnings are enough to make you wish you did more than playing hop scotch when you were younger. more

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