Easter bunnies, hot cross buns and pickled fish – they all cost money!

Don’t count your easter bunnies before they hatch. Here’s how to financially survive Easter. more

How to take control of your debt

Stop being ashamed of your situation, and take charge of your debt crisis with debt counselling. more

7 money mistakes you're probably making right now...

Or have made in the past. You be the judge. more

Money worries? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

This reader claims he doesn't have time to worry about money. Here's how he makes sure that never becomes a problem. more

Why is everyone trying to take my money?

This reader says planning for retirement isn't easy when it feels like everyone wants something from you. more

Legal lessons celebrities had to learn the hard way

Try not to make the same mistakes these celebrities made when it came to setting up their will and estate. more

Help! I'm a grown up!

Growing up sucks, well sometimes. This reader tells us why, at times, she wishes she was still a little girl. more

What are you doing to take care of your domestic worker?

Looking after your domestic worker's best interests is about more than just the wages. more

Do you really need that shiny new handbag? Why instant gratification is financially killing you

Instant gratification is human nature, but do you know how much it's costing you? more

We all deserve cheap data!

The right to cheap data and mobile technology needs to be addressed in South Africa. more

Is your ADSL service provider ripping you off?

A new trend is emerging in the ADSL arena, every second Internet Service Provider (ISP) is claiming to offer the fastest, most affordable ADSL. more

Medical aid ripping you off?

Getting quality medical aid at an affordable price is important for many people. But is it attainable? more

Let's not joke around. Budgeting is hard!

It's scary and difficult, but it's so important, says this reader. more

Money trouble? Forget budgets. This is the trick that worked for me!

This reader shares his advice on how to keep track of the money you spend in response to Lili Radloff's newsletter. more

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