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7 things you should spend money on

Here's what you should splurge on. If you have ever compromised on quality to get a good deal, you will want to read this. more

5 outrageously expensive celebrity parties

The rich and famous know how to party in style - and can afford to do so at a whim. more

How to save money without even trying

Here's everything you need to know about Tax Free Savings. more

Are you too old to start your own business?

Three South African entrepreneurs who got a late start prove that being old should not be a setback. more

I’m so sick of wanting all the things!

Most of us compare our own happiness to that of others. And Facebook and Instagram are seriously not helping this ever-nagging FOMO/ guilt feeling I get (especially on Saturdays when I’m vegging on the couch). more

We know this is super depressing, but you need to plan for your death

None of us knows when we will die, but we can be well prepared for that by choosing the right funeral cover. more

13 celebs who went from super rich to broke

Take note! Why handling your money properly is extremely important. more

5 romantic (and really expensive) gifts Kanye has given Kim

So, it's been a whole year since Kimye tied the knot - and it seems that they are going stronger than ever. Here we round up some of the most elaborate gifts Kanye has given Kim during their very public courtship. more

Are finances keeping you and your spouse from starting a family?

Delayed parenting could cause financial strain later in life. A financial expert shows you how to build a strong financial foundation before having children. more

10 celebs who’ve spent millions on insuring their body parts

Taylor Swift is not the only celeb who is making sure her assets are well covered. Here is a reminder of other celebs who spent millions insuring their bodies. more

Don’t spend a fortune on your wedding. Just don’t.

The wedding of your dreams costs you an arm, a leg and potentially your marriage. Something's got to give, and that's how much you spend on your big day. more

7 stinking rich princesses

A lot of royals have more money than most small countries do. Here, we look at the net worth of some of the world's richest princesses. more

Are hipsters really responsible for modern day slavery?

The average hipster lifestyle employs an estimated 27 slaves a day with their extreme purchase power. more

Don’t make these money mistakes in your 20s

We all make mistakes (and our first salaries) in our 20s. Here's how to avoid financial mistakes from a young age. more

5 lotto winners who (quickly) lost it all

After blowing all their winnings, these ‘winners’ ended up being even more poor than they were before hitting the jackpot. more

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