Your basic guide to budgeting

From "rainy days" to avoiding debt, there are many important reasons to save money and budget. A reliable financial expert shows us how. more

How to make sure you're investing your savings wisely

When it comes to managing your money, saving is just the first step. Careers & Money expert, Charné van der Walt, talks about how to invest your money wisely. more

Meet South Africa's richest women

From investments to family businesses, meet some of our country's wealthiest women. more

How to live the high life for less

Dinner out? Yes. Friends joining you? Absolutely. Here's how to make sure the bill doesn't give you the blues. more

The 6 worst things about E-filing

Earning a salary is great, but seeing part of that salary go to SARS is not so great. Anja van der Spuy considers the horribleness that is e-filing. more

ADVERTORIAL: The importance of business interruption cover for SME’s

Business insurance can provide protection that will ensure your business will survive, and even thrive, through the ups and downs. more

10 of Instagram's richest kids

These young (and filthy rich) Instagram local, seem to have a penchant for the finer things in life - and they don't mind showing it off. The pictures speak for themselves. more

10 of the richest female celebrities in the world

Have a look at some of the wealthiest and most influential women in the world. more

Women earn 15% less than men and it’s unconstitutional

The gender gap is prevalent for South African women, as sexism remains a challenge in the workplace. more

The richest people on the planet in 2015

We are totally jealous of the people on Forbes list of richest billionaires on the planet more

Why anyone can save (and invest) money

There are many small ways you can save and invest your money. These will add up and help with your financial stability. more

10 ways to save on your cellphone expenses

Do you feel that you are paying too much on your contract cellphone? We've got the solution. more

ADVERTORIAL: The man wants you in debt!

“The man” wins when you buy appliances on credit. He wants you in debt because then he owns you. more

Can you afford to have more than one child?

Can you afford as many children as you want? Here are a few financial facts to consider before starting a family. more

6 brilliant ways to make your salary last longer

Is there just too much month at the end of your money? Here are 6 ways to do more with your salary. more

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